The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

21.2 The Prince and the Fairy

“If you say so.”

His wife stared and smiled at him. She was so beautiful, her purplish navy-blue hair flowing down, whilst her eyes were indigo. As if producing their own light, her eyes were the exact replica of the night light.

Fid, his spouse, only showed her true form for a short period of time when his parents-in-law were away.

“All I did was point out the stupidity of that prince and the former king of this kingdom. It’s you humans who’re attracted to us. By breaching the contract, they thought they were acting out their own justice. But somewhere along the way, they sought salvation through our power. Because my race didn’t try to solve it, that tragedy happened.”

If they didn’t want to lose the favor of the King of the Night, then they shouldn’t have covered up the truth in the first place, no matter how cruel it was.

The tragedy of Gilasfi and the purge of Fashitar happened because the royal family allowed their people to forget the truth.

“…Indeed. Because both my Father and Brother were sure the King of the Night wouldn’t give them any help, they tried to solve it by themselves.”

Then, the two of them neglected the first and foremost thing.

In that case, the Duke of Gilasfi should’ve been wary of the possibility of being purged. Despite so, the fact that the people had started to consider them as a threat was completely concealed from them.

The church faction became truly concerned over them, who were completely devout to those who shouldn’t have existed. The church then concealed every single one of their movements, as if gently isolating those who they thought were suffering from a mental illness.

“Yes, their arrogance is very much alike to that of their predecessor—that magician. I wonder why we aren’t allowed to just eliminate those foolish humans.”

“…I agree, they’re foolish. Even though it all happened due to their inability to do anything, they instead blamed the King of the Night for not saving the Gilasfi, bearing such unreasonable anger in their heart.”

‘Because if the non-humans truly exist, that’s what they would do.’—such was their expectation.

Now, all that was left was the feeling of shame for their own greed. They expected for them to use their miracle like power to destroy evil and protect the righteous.

“At that time, the church faction was the most powerful force in the kingdom. That tragedy can’t be undone, but if they had at least accepted the status quo with the Gilasfi, they would’ve come up with a more solid plan. Or at the very least, Ricardo shouldn’t have taking the lead all by himself. Whether he or his brothers would have been killed as a result, he shouldn’t have commanded something as outrageous as a massacre.”

“That’s right. If it’s Ricardo, or the former king, that’s the only decision they would arrive to. Sometimes, stupidity can’t be measured by age. Due to their own defenselessness and beliefs, they became foolish. Thus, the Gilasfi were involved in something truly unfortunate.”

Mother, uncle, and the church members cleverly concealed the fact that they considered the Gilasfi a threat. Only my father and older brother knew. As for the church, only the highest of the authority were aware of it.

If his father and brother hadn’t downplayed the situation, kept it to themselves, or at least inform the Duke of Gilasfi—that alone might had resulted in something different.

Over a long period of time, the had church finally built enough power to destroy the Gilasfi who they condemned as being an evil disaster, one that had been exposed to taboo scriptures.

Be it Jillreid, the princesses, his mother, and even the marquis, including Marietta—his daughter, or the prime minister, they had spent much of their time in the church. They were thus brought up as swords that someday would reap the Gilasfi.

But it all started due to the royal family, who first dismayed the non-human beings, and then denied them—turning them into ‘fairy tales’. The church faction become the strongest in our kingdom because those fools just can’t get over themselves…

Therefore, it was also considered a sin that no one—including himself—couldn’t foresee the tragedy that awaited them.

Thinking that way, he felt uncomfortable. Jillreid subsequently squeezed his fingertips tightly.

Noticing, Fid gently touched his hand.

“Don’t grieve like that. They spared you, and that child also didn’t hate you.”


“For that child who will become the spouse of the King, you’re considered a remnant of what she has loved before she left that kingdom. In a way, the only things that remain is what she loved—it’s Diarashe’s salvation. So you mustn’t blame yourself. Of course, that way of thinking in itself is also selfish and proud.”

Fid added with a smile, it helped him relax.

“Indeed. Selfish and proud. The reason I survived is because they allowed it. I couldn’t do anything—I didn’t do anything.’

“Even so, that’s alright. You should be happy when you want to be happy. Humans are weak, greedy, and so on. We fairies too, are like that—as long as we’re happy, we don’t care about anything else.”

To those who’ve lived for a long time, the reason why the church’s power become so immense isn’t particularly because of the royal family…

Fid laughed and said that it was the sin of the entire royal family except the Gilasfi, and also of the people who, like the royal family, abandoned their responsibility to pass on the knowledge of the original sin.

Speaking of which, he was also part of the royal family. Ddespite so, his wife only laughed it off, saying he was but a child at that time, but didn’t care that his younger brother was even smaller.

She was that kind of being.

She could easily laugh it off because he was special to her. Fid was a fairy, and the King of the Night who spared Jillreid was a spirit who hadn’t only saved Diarashe, but also thought of him as a usable piece.

Under those circumstance, their thoughts and ethics regarding Jillreid shouldn’t be the same as that of humans.

No matter how pure or righteous they are, their protection and affections aren’t something they bestow upon everyone equally. All of that, including forgiveness, can only be given to those they need.

Despite so, he was alright with that.

It was up to Jillreid to decide what to do from now on, and he just found it unbearable to accept such amnesty.

Again, because they were different creatures.

The people of Fashitar who breached the contract first, had to be good to their rulers until they died.

Perhaps Fashitar had finally learned that was what it meant to strike a deal with an outsider.

I was forgiven because there was development in my mindset from being involved with Fid. Even after Fid has chose me, he wouldn’t have forgiven me if I wasn’t worth it. I must never forget that the love Fid fought hard for and generously gave me was what saved me.

Covering his hand with her own, Fid’s eyes gleamed.

No matter how old and brutal she was, that fairy loved Jillreid.

The depth of her love was also innocent, it made the living being called a man miserable.

Above all, what made Jillreid understood that was the incident involving the Countess—the young lady who had became a vessel for Fid.

***T/N: No matter how much Ricardo suffered after that purging, I have no sympathy for ppl whose preliminary action towards a conflict is straight up massacre.

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