I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

36. Third Go! (8)

The fact that Saint Mia and Earl Haven had been hauled in a large carriage intended for transporting luggage brought comfort to the memories of Ally’s nine decapitations.

However, she just couldn’t picture that bitch withdrawing after merely that.

Magic doesn’t last forever… the spirits of the four elements of nature, the apostles of darkness, and the angels of light performed magic at the cost of the magical power in the caster’s body… In other words, if she wants to keep someone under her charm for a long time, her magical power too, will continuously being drained. Even someone as great as Mia has to consider that.

The memories of her previous nine lives proved it.

There were many nobles in the Kingdom of Orlandia, but when it came to Mia’s standards, not only did they have to be good-looking, their statuses also had to be incomparably high and their wealth abundant. Thus, only a small number of men fulfilled her requirements.

The seduction magic wasn’t about difficulty—but more about her being the God’s beloved child. That was why she was able to perform heavy magic, because she was a saint. Even if Mia had seemingly inexhaustible magic, it was unlikely she would waste it.

As I thought, should I just reveal my past memories to Maximilian? That I am the daughter of the duke, Alicia? His fiancée whom has been executed by him nine times?

In one corner of Ally’s mind, there was such a concern. She was telling a series of stories to put Stila to sleep.

Ally had decided to become a bystander—and she still wanted be. She was already being deeply forgiving towards the current Maximilian, whom differed greatly from his former self.

I don’t know how to dispel Saint Mia’s fascination magic, but if the Muscle Special Squadron and I unite our minds and think about it, we might achieve some kind of breakthrough. Yeah! Let’s do that!

Her beloved Stila had entered the world of dreams while listening to the fun tales spun from Ally’s mouth.

After confirming that Stila was sound asleep, Ally stood up triumphantly—but unexpectedly, a bright pattern appeared on the carpet. At the same time, she felt a sharp pain, as if a knife had been pushed through her heart.


Ugh, Guhhaa—!!

Ally held her chest with both hands and curled up—



The screams of her friends reached her mind directly.

Takkun’s sharp claws descended in front of her. She could see Abel jumping out of the black dot.

The pain was so intense, she started seeing things—however, the pain went away as suddenly as when it came.

While being held up by Abel’s long arms, Ally twisted her head to the wall.

“Ally, are you alright?”

“Yes, forgive me for worrying you guys… for a moment, my heart hurts. It’s as if it was struck by thunder… but I am fine, now.”

“Your heart is cold, Master.”

Ally borrowed Abel’s shoulder as he moved her to the sofa. She appreciated the fact that Stila rarely woke up once she fell asleep.

“I wanted to confide my past memories to Maximilian. Of course, I plan to not tell him about how he had condemned Alicia. I just wanted to warn him about Saint Mia…”

“—and precisely at that moment, you suffered from pain?”

As he floated, Abel brought his hand to his mouth, staring down at Ally as if pondering something. Ally nodded.

“Perhaps this is some kind of “warning” from the Higher Existence… in other words, it must’ve come from the person called God.”

“So, God is basically warning Master to not speak about her past memories?”

Takkun descended to the low table in front of Ally, folded his wings, and looked up at Abel.

Abel showed a difficult look, before alternately staring at Ally and Takkun.

“This is a mere guess, but I wonder if the role given to Ally in this life—which is the 10th time for Ally—is to be a bystander. I’ve never met the God of this world, so I wouldn’t be able to get a confirmation.”

“In other words, Master must withhold the ‘key answers’ from those muscle guys?”

“I think so. Think about it like a certain exotic folktale about a monkey. This monkey wears a ring on his head which tightens when he does something wrong… I am not saying that Ally is a problem child like that monkey, but ‘something wrong’ would refer to her divulging about her past memories…”

Saying it a little bitterly, Abel held his right hand in front of Ally’s chest.

“Yes, there’s no problem with the movement of your heart. It doesn’t seem to be work of evil. However, I still feel the remaining trace of that Higher Existence, which descended only for a moment and can’t be interfered with.”

“Higher Existence… so, which side is God on? Is He on our side? Or is he Mia’s ally?

Yet another troublesome thing… Ally clutched her head.

Being instructed from above to remain a bystander, even if it was by God, she was still pissed.

Abel eyed her depressed look with slight agitation.

“I am sorry, I am still clueless, despite so, considering all the developments thus far… although God is being that is wrapped to something akin to a veil, the path to access the God of this world should be closer, now that we are ‘here’. I will return to the demon realm and look for it.”

“Then I shall further my training so I can protect my Master. If you’re about to die, you should be able to shrink to a pocket size.”

“Abel, Takkun… the two of you are too kind!”

It wasn’t something that she achieved on her own, but now she was starting to get confused by the role of a ‘bystander’ that was forced onto her.

***T/N: I swear, Abel got so much moments with Ally compared to Maximilian…

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