The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

59. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (7)

“What do you mean? What should we do?”

Hadith sat opposite of her with his apron on. Jill clenched her fist.

“We should devise a strategy for recapturing the Imperial Capital! Your Majesty, it couldn’t be—for the past month, was all you did grow vegetables?!”

“Not just vegetables, strawberries are on the way.”

“That’s not what I mean! Camilla, Zeke! Don’t you have anything to say?!”

“Unexpectedly, living in the countryside is fun~”

“Fishing’s alright, too.”

Camila and Zeke had begun adapting to their current environment.

Perhaps feeling sorry for Jill, who desperately facepalmed, Zeke gave her a forkful of pork as he soothed her.

“It can’t be helped. Our enemy must have begun hunting us. There’s a chance we will be taken out if we leave this place.”

“Why would they do that—why are all of you staring at this me?”

The frowning Hadith had a beautiful, eye-catching, appearance—even if he was currently wearing an apron and a bandanna.

Certainly, if they stepped a foot outside of that area, they would be noticed instantly.

Regardless, Jill was upset.

“I know His Majesty mustn’t go outside. But at the very least, if it was only us…”

“Well, if we need to do something, we will do it—but what do we need to do?”

“…L, like, digging trenches in preparation for an enemy attack…”

“If we make such a thing~ on the contrary, won’t thing get messier~?”

Camila had a point. However, there was no reason to stay doing nothing as they were.

“Even so, it’s been almost a month!”

“It’s only a month. Our magical powers haven’t returned yet.”

Towards Hadith, who remarked proudly, Jill glared in annoyance.

“But didn’t Your Majesty say that it will take about half a year?”

Hadith suddenly averted his gaze. Jill leant forward.

“This can’t go on! Your Majesty is the Emperor! Won’t it be seen as strange if the Emperor doesn’t return to the Imperial Capital after not only returning from Kratos, but also staying in Veilburg for almost three months!?”

“Eh… is that so? This isn’t good? But isn’t everything fine as it is? I don’t have any particular reason to go back… it’s such a hassle… my current life is fun…”

Hadith mumbled while poking a potato with his fork. Jill slammed her palm against the table.

Your Majesty.”


Hadith stretched his back. Jill asked, staring at him.

“Back in Veilburg, you were actually devising a plan to retake the Imperial Capital, right? In fact, even with the current situation, there’s a way to turn the tide of the battle, isn’t there?”

“…My wife is being scary…”

“Don’t try to avoid the question! —I picked up something because it was blown away by the wind.”

From her pocket, she took out a folded newspaper.

It was probably distributed in the foothills of the town. The newspaper which dated half a month ago contained a preliminary report that the leader of the Dragon Knights of Noitral had been appointed to do a search by the Imperial City.

“They were apparently dispatched to search for Your Majesty, right!? While we’re tending to crops, hunting, and eating delicious pot-au-feu, the search is getting closer and closer! What will you do if they find this place tomorrow!?”

“Worry about that when it happens. There’s nothing we can do about it right now.”

“That’s right~ we have no money, no contacts, no information, no equipment—”

“—we are also not getting paid.”

“—I understand.”

Hahahaha—Jill released gentle laughter while her gaze was cold with pressure.

Expressionlessly, Jill explained smoothly without waiting any longer.

“Then I’ll do everything alone. According to this newspaper, it seems that with the increase of Dragon Knights, they are also looking for Dragon Knight apprentices. As long as someone has the ability to pass the entrance exam, it seems that gender, age, and identity don’t matter. Tomorrow is the day for said exam—and I’ll be participating.”

“W, Jill, but you don’t have magic…”

“It’s alright. If it’s only muscular magic, I have enough.”

“…’Muscular magic’—what is that?”

“Magic as muscle strength.”

She stared coldly at the adults who were pulling their cheeks.

“Even without magic, I have my training. Even if I don’t have magical power, if it’s people of the same age group, I won’t lose. If anything, I want to also join the following course. That will earn me some money, contacts, and information, which aren’t all bad, hence why.”

“J, Jill, no need to be so angry…”

Instead of answering, she forcefully stabbed her fork into her potato.

“Don’t disagree with me, Your Majesty.”

“But, that’s dangerous…”

“Everything will be fine. Your Majesty shall prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner here as you wait.”

“But that’s—”

“—either that, or a divorce.

“I understand!”

Hadith hurriedly nodded.

The reason why she just couldn’t stay calm was because despite the fact that her magical power was blocked, her physical condition was good. Or was it because her life there was actually comfortable and the mental burden was light?

But those would soon be trivialities.

Soon, Jill would begin working again and her heart would be at ease.


“Eh… is that so? This isn’t good? But isn’t everything fine as it is? I don’t have any particular reason to go back… it’s such a hassle… my current life is fun…”

Hadith mumbled while poking a potato with his fork

The downfall of the former great tyrannical Emperor right there.

Jill is a bit mean here, shovin the topic divorce to the dinner table right there. I see. So this is what arc 2 is about! Papa Jill will strive to support her family and her wife, Hadith through blood, sweat, and tears!!!

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