The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

57. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (5)

Jill stood up, leaving Zeke and Camila to the safety of their surroundings, and treated Hadith’s wounds.

It seemed that Hadith chose to teleport to one of his hideouts from when he was being pushed to the frontier in the past. She was told that it was a secluded place on a hillside near the Rakia Mountains.

“If we walk a little, there will be a big town. But a highway was made to bypass this mountain, as such, no one will approach us. There’s a dragon’s nest nearby.”

“A dragon’s nest?”

Jill could no longer feel or hear Rave. It was the same with Hadith who could no longer use the divine sword.

However, Rave seemed to be inside Hadith and able to talk through Hadith since Hadith was frowning and replying to someone.

“It’s a place often used by dragons to raise their children. They are often found in the hillsides near the Rakia Mountains. Rave said we must never approach it or we would be killed without questions asked. To make a magical barrier without the use of magic, dragon eggs and scales are needed.”

“Even if the one who approaches is you, the Emperor?”

“Maybe it would be okay if it’s me—huh? Rave said without him, it’s useless?”

Perhaps annoyed, Hadith shrugged. He seemed to be trying to conceal the pain of the wound on his head. Jill pressed a cloth damped with antiseptic solution against Hadith’s temple.

“Being the hideout of Your Majesty, this place has all kinds of tools.”

Un. Although after a few days, it won’t be enough for us to sustain ourselves. I never thought this place would be used as an escape destination.”

“—how about your magical power?”

“I can hardly use it. Hhow about you?”

Jill dipped the cloth soaked in blood into clean water she had drawn from the well. The water was cold. She stirred it, but there was no sign of her magic warming it.

“No good, it isn’t reverting back. …Even if it’s called the technique of sealing magical power, my power shouldn’t have been depleted for more than several hours… Not to mention, for this to happen to not only me, but also Your Majesty…”

“The weapon that my uncle used was a medium for reinforcing magic. It looked just like a normal sword—where did it come from?”

“There’s only one kingdom that can infuse such powerful magic into a weapon—”

Kratos, the magical powerhouse.

Jill sighed when she recalled the name of her homeland.

As I thought, we’re already facing the Royal Family of Rave…

Even though she was prepared, she wasn’t alert.

“It’s certainly powerful, but not permanent. Rave said it will disappear eventually.”

“Really?! When will the effect disappear!?”

“About a year for complete recovery?”

“That’s too long!”

In front of the stunned Jill, Hadith lit a candle on the shabby table.

“However, in four months, I think I will recover enough to be able to conjure my sacred weapon. Even you will have some magical power at that point. If you were to forcefully release your magic, there may be a way to release it—however, if the seal was made using a strange art, instead, the effect may be prolonged. In any case, we need more information regarding that weapon and our current situation.”

What Hadith had said while organizing his thought was right.

“From the appearance of my uncle, it’s safe to conclude that we’ve lost our backing. If we move poorly, it would be akin to jumping straight into a trap. Now, let’s take a look.”

“But… even though Your Majesty is the Emperor…”

“My uncle’s actions are within expectations. It isn’t easy to know what’s happening inside Veilburg, but it would also prove difficult for this to be the result of Marquis Veil’s discretion.”

“—I’m terribly sorry, Your Majesty.”

Hadith stopped talking and blinked—but Jill could no longer see his face.

“Had I been more careful, Your Majesty’s magic wouldn’t have been sealed…”

“That’s not true, Jill. The magic was originally aimed at me. Your decision and action towards the barrier were accurate.”

“But… because Your Majesty saved me… your magic…”

Suddenly, her head was pulled, and she received a kiss on top of her head.

She was surprised, and her mouth, which was lamenting, stopped.

“I’ve made you experience terrible feelings… I’m sorry for my lack of strength…”

“Eh, Your Majesty, you didn’t do anything wrong—uhhyaaa!?”

She shuddered when he blew into her ear.

Hadith laughed mischievously with playful eyes.

“If Jill continues to blame herself, then I too, shall continue comforting her.”

“I, I understand! I won’t say such things anymore!”

“This time, the blame is on me because I overlooked things.”

Jill raised her face to stare at Hadith as her face cooled down.

Due to the setting sun, only dim light came from the glassless window. Only the candlelight on the table illuminated the side of Hadith’s face, whom was gazing into the distance.

Perhaps because of that, Hadith’s beautiful outline became hazy and he looked awfully terrible.

“…Your Majesty, are you upset?”

“‘Why did this happen?’—is what I am wondering. A stain appeared amidst my journey to coolly escort you.”

The edges of his lips were slightly raised.

Jill, who sat on Hadith’s lap, stretched her back and pulled both his cheeks. No matter how beautiful he looked, if she did that, the handsome visage would collapse.

Wha har yu dhoin?

“To me, Your Majesty is eternally cool. Thanks to Your Majesty, I only suffered a scratch.”

After seeing Hadith’s face returning to normal, Jill realized she had made a mistake in her words. She had forgotten something more important than a mere praise—

“—Thank you, Your Majesty, for your help! I will do my best to help Your Majesty next time!”

“…Why are you so cool…”

“No one ever said that about me before—isn’t Your Majesty the one who’s cool?”

When she lifted her face, that moment, she was gently kissed on her forehead.

She knew it was a kiss of gratitude, as such, she wasn’t flustered. Rather, it felt ticklish—she laughed. Perhaps dissatisfied with that, Hadith crooked his mouth.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Your Majesty looks like a child.”

“The child is you… moreover, if you dare treat me like a child, would it be fine for me to treat you like a child, too?”

The gesture of pressing their forehead together like that was childish—but the luster on his golden eyes increased. Jill fervently shook her head.

“I was mistaken! Your Majesty is a proper adult!”

“I want to quit being an adult…”

“Don’t say that you want to quit, Your Majesty can do it!”

“That’s right, Your Majesty, do your best, and release Captain this instant.”

“When can we go inside~?”

Because of the voices coming from behind, Jill and Hadith separated themselves from each other.

“If you’re watching, can you at least say so!? Peeping is a shameful behavior!”

Hadith turned away, while Jill got angry first. She felt frightened, then panicked. It seemed that if it was only the two of them, he was fine, but he found being seen by others embarrassing…

…a little excited by her new discovery, afterwards, with the addition of Zeke and Camila, they started gathering information together.


She shuddered when he blew into her ear.

Hadith laughed mischievously with playful eyes.

“If Jill continues to blame herself, then I too, shall continue comforting her.”

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