Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

33. Fountain

Shigenobu: “Did you level up?”
Yukinari: “Ah… um the expansion ability is…”

Should I tell the truth here? How should put a twist… on my point transfer? I’ll test it first. 

The visual range has been set!

Then, two lists of other places appear. When I check the set locations, I can see this spot from a different angle. What a strange sensation.

It’s like that, as though I’m using the camera on a smartphone. This is no doubt an ability of a similar standard to Meguru-san’s clairvoyance. Meguru-san got hers at Lv 5 and I got this at Lv 10… That said, point transfer isn’t that bad of an ability.

What should I tell them? What will be the most useful ability for them? Telling them the truth of my point convergence I gained at Lv 5 would have been a problem… should I be straight with them this time?

Yukinari: “Visual transfer… it’s like an ability that lets me see far off, pre-set locations.”
Shigenobu: “An ability that’s the same as Meguru-san’s clairvoyance.”
Yukinari: “Yeah, with this, as long as the target doesn’t move, I’ll be able to transfer an item into it from a distance.”
Shigenobu: “Nice!”
Yukinari: “Yeah.”

Up until now, I could only kill mamono caught in traps through guessing. Meguru-san was able to use her clairvoyance and throw items through her material transport to defeat enemies, and though it was delayed, it was still useful. From now on, my attacks will be more accurate. That is when Hagisawa raises his hand. 

Hagisawa: “Hanebashi.”
Yukinari: “Hm? What is it?”
Hagisawa: “Is it possible to pull things to yourself from far away?”
Shigenobu: “What do you mean?”

Shigenobu asks Hagisawa.

Hagisawa: “Well, Hanebashi’s transfer can’t grab items from far away, right? I was wondering if that was because those places were too far away to see.”

Ah, I see. It’s true that that’s a possibility, isn’t it?

Hagisawa: “How about trying it out? For example, try registering the workshop as a location and call out some tools?”
Yukinari: “Yeah. It won’t take very long, so let’s take a break as we wait to go back.”
Hagisawa: “Got it.”

With that, we head back workshop for a bit and I set it as a location. …maybe I can use this while in Japan as well? I don’t like it… I don’t want to see what it’s like when I’m gone and forgotten. Well, I’ll do it if it’s possible.

Anyway, while we’re taking a temporary break at the workshop, I hear Minori-san’s restful breathing.

“For now, we don’t have any large injuries… so there’s no need to wake her up, right?”
“Yeah, no problem.”
Hagisawa: “Doing this will get us less experience, but there’s no substitute for life.”

We all nod at Hagisawa’s words. We’re not fighting because we want to die. We’re fighting to protect our situation. We can’t improve our situation at the cost of Minori-san’s health.

Yukinari: “Alright, I’ve finished with the registration. Now to see if I can bring anything out.”

I lean the bone sword against a desk in Shigenobu’s workshop and we leave. Then, at the destination, I utilize visual transfer and determine where it should appear with one eye.

Yukinari: “…oh? An hourglass appeared.”’

Five minutes later… the bone sword appeared at my feet.

Hagisawa: “Woah! That means that by using traps, Hanebashi can take down mamono and raise his Lv even during the day.”
Shigenobu: “That’s right. And if it’s an enemy that isn’t moving, aiming will be easy.”
Yukinari: “If they move, wouldn’t letting Meguru-san handle them be better? I’ll bring back the whatever is thrown.”

I’m doubtful that it’ll work out that well, but even if it fails, being able to call things is a great power. Although this tactic requires patience, it’s not a bad move. Calling out heavy objects is seriously hard, so I’ll have to be careful. 

Yukinari: “Well, now that we know about my expansion ability, Shigenobu and Hagisawa are up.”
Shigenobu: “I’m looking forward to it.”
Hagisawa: “For sure!”

With that settled, we hunt for three hours while in a good mood. 

“This is tough. There’s a lot of them and they’re all pretty strong.”
Yukinari: “Yeah…it’s a relief that we can return and take a break… oh?”

There…I can hear the sound of water. When I look in the direction of the sound, I can see a sliver of light.

Yukinari: “What’s that?”
“We have no choice but to go and see.”
“That reminds me, although this place we’ve been wandering around seems safe, have we entered an unexplored area?”

It’s possible. The sense of direction tends to get thrown into disorder at night. Did we not notice because we’ve been fighting? I thought we’d be okay walking around since I ordered a compass recently…

“Let’s proceed with caution.”

We head in the direction of the sound. As we do so…


A spring about 10 meters wide is there. Spring water well ups and flows out as a stream… or something? The bottom of the spring gives off a faint glow as firefly-like lights rise. What a fantastic sight. Although if those firefly-like lights are actually mamono, things could get dangerous…

After some careful scrutiny, they don’t seem to be enemies. No mamono names appear either. 

Hagisawa: “Amazing, I want to show this sight to Minori-san too.”

We nod at Hagisawa’s words. We should bring her later.

Shigenbou: “It’s not well water, but it seems drinkable.”
Hagisawa: “Let me take me a look.”

Hagisawa collects some water and confirms it.

Hagisawa: “Hey. Sakaeda, Hanebashi, look at this.”
Yukinari: “Hm?”

I look at the water Hagisawa is examining.

Mamono-Warding Holy Water | Effect: Wards Mamono, Magic Recovery | Point Value: 50

Holy spring water with magical effects and is disliked by monsters. Sprinkling some on our bodies will let us avoid weak mamono for a while. It will not work in the middle of combat.

Shigenobu: “Hoo… maybe we couldn’t find this before because our Lv was too low?”
Yukinari: “Could be.”
Hagisawa: “Holy water? Surely it should be used in something like a sacred weapon?”
Shigenobu: “Are there weapons like that?”
Yukinari: “Yeah, according to Taniizumi and the others, it should be effective against dark and undead mamono. I’m positive Taniizumi and the others mentioned… was it holy water for detoxification? Most likely, this is a landmark they use for magical power recovery.”

Hagisawa: “…If that’s the case, then my role will drop even further.”

Hagisawa murmurs a grumble.

Thinking about it, has the barrier ability guy also been drinking this? I don’t know how much it will recover, but I don’t want to drink water until my belly bursts. 

Yukinari: “Should I register this location? If needed, I could transfer water from here?”
Hagisawa: “Hanebashi is convenient at times like this. Since it has a high performance, I can use it to make tools too.”
Shigenobu: “I don’t know what I’d use it for though…”
Hagisawa: “It can also be used as a material for making sacred weapons. You might need it in the future. Also, it seems that weapons quenched in it have their quality improved.”

So that’s also possible? If so, securing good water is important. 

Yukinari: “With that said, there’s a stream here.  Maybe we can find a river if we follow it.”
Meguru: “Yeah. Maybe we’ll even find a village? Even so…how wonderful.”

Meguru-san is raptured by the firefly-like lights as she chases after them. Yep, I feel like my heart is somehow being purified. 

Hagisawa: “It looks like an oasis, but it’ll probably wither by tomorrow.”

…Hey, Hagisawa, read the mood. 

Yukinari: “That would suck. Should we collect a lot?”
Hagisawa: “Alright, Hanebashi, get me a cup or a water bottle.”

I call the tableware from Shigenobu’s workshop, fill it with water, and send it back. Well, with this, we’ve more or less secured some.

“Since mamono avoid the water, isn’t this a safe zone?”
“It may be limited to weak monsters. It might be dangerous if you overstayed and a powerful monster came?”
“Ah…that’s true.”

As such, although we were reluctant, we followed the stream… The journey was great, although it then flowed into a rocky place where it entered a hole like crack. What bad luck…

“Seeing that they’re rocks, they should be mine-able.”
Shigenobu: “Ah, the pickaxe that Yukinari ordered will be useful here.”

I hand the small pickaxe from the mountaineering section over to Shigenobu. He cracks open the rock wall with the pickaxe and checks inside.

Shigenobu: “Fire crystal, water crystal… iron ore… Oof, I can’t find any good material. That rare ore that I talked about before.”
“Would that be in a place like this?”
Shigenobu: “That’s possible. The place where Tanizumi and his group supposedly went to a long time ago also had high purity…”
“Won’t it become easier to obtain if you have the right skill?”
Shigenobu: “Maybe, that would be a good trend.”

Like that, we defeat mamono while mapping the area. Eventually, Shigenobu and Hagisawa go up a Lv. It’s practically at the same time. 

Shigenobu: “I Lv’d up. I somehow managed to reach Lv 10.”

Shigenobu mutters as he checks his status.

Hagisawa: “Same here.”
“Tell us what you got.”

Shigenobu’s eyes shine as announces his new ability. 

Shigenobu: “It seems to be strengthening. Apparently, I can now strengthen equipment using specific materials and points.”


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
Kitchen knife, boxing gloves, wallaby coin

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify

E/N: I tried making the names bold whenever I could tell whoever was speaking. I’m not sure if it helps or not. Let me know.

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