I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

22. Second Go! (6)

“…I thought this kind of attire suited me. After all, everyone keeps giving us second glances—no, third glances—I mean, fourth glances whenever we passed by.”

“Rather than because your clothing looks nice, they were probably checking to make sure that ‘that’s really the Crown Prince?’

Ally interjected to Maximilian’s words.

To be quite honest—fifth glances—that was the amount of times Ally glanced at him whenever he passed by her in the palace.

Chris, the genius, opened his mouth in astonishment.

“The moment I returned from the mountain, I visited Linda right away. She cried in admiration—‘—how much did you practice?! For your clothes to be this worn out!’ She eventually fainted, though—was it because of the fighting spirit overflowing from this body…?”

“No, actually, she wasn’t praising you—and obviously, she fainted because of your fighting spirit.”

“No way!”

Chris closed his mouth with his hand.

Ally’s shoulders heaved as she exhaled, watching the four muscle devas buzzing all at once.

Back when she was still Alicia, her four friends were slender, sheltered, noble ladies.

In her past nine lives, even though they were supposed to take part in the bullying (not) of the duke’s daughter, they were instead timid, gentle, and kindhearted. They also sincerely loved their fiancés.

“Quite a serious predicament we have here. I have the thick, valiant, and resilient Ally, whom is resistant to fighting—but all of your fiancées are delicate. If you can’t even escort them in a satisfactory manner when the social season begins, the ‘Society to Avert the Crisis of Our Kingdom’ won’t survive.”

“—can you stop casually degrading other people using your measurement unit? I did say I will be the magical advisor, but I said nothing about being your partner for the social season!”

Ignoring Ally’s complaints, Maximilian closed his eyes and entered his own realm.

“I need to learn to suppress this fighting spirit as soon as possible… At the bottom of my stomach, my fighting spirit is fluttering, but it’s required of me to attain the seemingly defenseless form, which is as calm as the tranquil surface of a lake.”

“Your Highness… could it be, you’re implying for us to do the thing we’ve been doing after our departure to the mountains—which was to learn to immerse yourself in contemplation while under the trees—in other words, meditating!?” The representative, Geoffrey, asked.

Maximilian nodded. “Umu.”

“It seems that we have no choice but to depart to that mountain again.”

“—but that doesn’t make any sense! If you want to pray or meditate, then do it before God! Why the need to depart straight for the mountain!?”

Ally couldn’t help but retort—afterwards, she became scared to death as she sat and closed her eyes.

“Rest assured, Ally. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. This fighting spirit, which envelops my entire body, will transform into graceful tranquility! So, wait for me!”

Maximilian put Stila on the floor as he stood up—


He flapped his cloak behind him.

She didn’t say anything because it was too troublesome—but it was as she thought. She made sure to keep a note in her mind that their habit of wearing cloaks indoors should be corrected.

“Wherever you go, we’ll be by your side, Your Highness! Let’s take a proper look at ourselves again, get acquainted with the nature of heaven and earth, and acquire the tranquil form! Let’s go, everyone!”


The four muscle devas, whom were excluding hot their auras everywhere the eyes could see, exclaimed—


However, instead of disappearing in an instant, they lined up in a vertical line and exited the door politely.

***T/N: In Maximilian’s mind, he and Ally is already a thing, it seems.

She didn’t say anything because it was too troublesome—but it was as she thought. She made sure to keep a note in her mind that their habit of wearing cloaks indoors should be corrected.

It seems that the magical training would start from like, the very basic, which is returning them to civil men once again.

Duh, obviously they would exit politely? They aren’t savages, here… like that’s the only aristocratic trait that was left in them before everything–everything, is overridden by muscles.

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