I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

21. Second Go! (5)

Unable to deny the words of her Master, Stila, Ally reluctantly admitted that she was capable of using magic.

Instantly, the five men looked at her with pleading eyes—they looked exactly like abandoned puppies begging for help!

Although the magical power of the Muscle Special Squadron should had surpassed the sufficient amount necessary, it seemed that the elemental spirits didn’t respond to their… chanting.

Therefore, to use magic, they always resorted to brute force. That was the reason behind their posture.

On a side note, Ally couldn’t use light elemental magic—which in contrast, Saint Mia was good at. Perhaps, the reason was because the Angel of Light was absent—

then, to convince said Angel of Magic to bestow upon me healing magic, should I worship—no, should I prepare some sacrifices? There are five bodies currently available…

“Alright then, therefore, I shall ask the spirits myself. All of the spirits around me, I have a question for you guys. Why haven’t any of you immediately responded to the chanting of the Muscle Special Squad—I mean, the prince and his entourage?”

The spirits responded.

“—but I am scared.” “What if I get bitten?” “They will crush me!” “If I approach them, won’t they explode?”

—such varied, but reasonable answers came.

“It’s alright, you guys. They don’t bite, nor do will they crush you, or will you blow up—I will educate them responsibly, so please come out.”

Ally bowed to the spirits and Abel.

To keep going as the five men were now—that was thrusting their fists for an indefinite time, was too inefficient.

If they were really going to face Saint Mia, they wouldn’t last long without instantaneous spellcasting.

Ally continued to persuade the spirits—it felt as if she was already riding with her entire body, rather than one leg, on a ship she never intended to board.

The Muscle Special Squadron watched her with admiration.

To be exact, the reason I was chosen as Maximilian’s fiancée in my previous life was because his magical talent was poor. As such, the responsibility kind of fell on me to give birth to children with better magical prowess.

Baroness Ally had no intention of becoming a crown princess, thus, she better train Maximilian’s magical power as soon as possible.

The man had too many muscles, as such, with the right guidance, surely, the man would bloom into someone strong.

Ever since I came to the West Wing, my own training has been a little neglected—even though I have to keep practicing so I can acquire healing magic…!

At last, Ally’s persuasion worked. The spirits promised to help. Abel also agreed to dispatch second-class apostles of darkness.

“—by the way, what’s the position of the second-class apostle of darkness?”

“It’ll be one of my four great devas. The one that comes will depend on who has the least amount of work that day…”

“Waaaah! Thank you so much!”

Ally shouted, bowing over and over again like a grasshopper.

The eyes of Maximilian, which were directed at her, were hot and moist—

it’s simply too heavy.

Ally coughed to deflect the heaviness that was his line of sight, which clung to her.

“Thank you, Ally.”

“It’s still too early to say thank you, Your Highness. If you want me to become your magical advisor, I have two conditions for you. If the Muscle Special Squad—I mean, you and the others are unwilling to meet said conditions, then I won’t be able to fulfil my role as an advisor.”

“Two conditions?”

Ally showed one finger to the Muscle Special Squadron, whom were staring dubiously at her.

“First condition. Along with practicing magic, all of you must also practice to suppress both your fighting spirit and leaking magic! No matter how much you think about it, as long as those two aren’t suppressed, Your Highness will never be able to find his lifelong partner!”

Then, she raised the second finger.

“—second condition. I don’t know if it’s some kind of policy or plain identity, but I’d like you guys to take off those tight clothes and change into properly sized ones right away—!”

The men, who were too sweltering, widened their eyes all at once.


“It’ll be one of my four great devas. The one that comes will depend on who has the least amount of work that day…”

The way of the demon is surprisingly pragmatic…



*Ally: “//fluttering, rosy background// //in a meek voice// I, I will teach you magic–but under two conditions…!”

*Maximilian: “What is it…!?”

*Ally: “F, first, you must never fall in love with me!!!! Secondly, other than for training purpose, I forbid you from ever approaching me!!!!”

*Maximilian: ///thunder crackling sfx/// NANI?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!


*Ally: //some heavy guitar rock music bgm// DITCH THOSE FIGHTING SPIRITS AND PITIFUL CLOTHES RIGHT AWAY. GET ON MY LEVEL. ///thumbs down///

*all five of them: NANI!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Clearly, our Anego has her priorities.

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