I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

19. Second Go! (3)

“Alright, starting from now, we shall commence the 502nd meeting of the ‘Society to Avert the Crisis of Our Kingdom’!”


Maximilian proclaimed loudly, and the four muscle devas responded with enthusiasm—

no, shouldn’t you guys be saying ‘yes’, or ‘alright’, or anything along those lines instead…?

Ally pondered so as she stretched her back.

Since those guys seemed to have mastered all kinds of martial arts from all over the world within those two years of seclusion in the mountains, the topic of that meeting might be to discuss learning new type of martial arts hailing from foreign lands…

…and, 502nd meeting, he said??? It seems that they hold these meetings once a week—through simple calculation, they have been doing this kind of thing since about the age of nine!?

Ally’s first meeting ended with the Muscle Special Squadron introducing themselves—none of them knew Ally had memories of her previous lives.

At first, she found the development welcoming, but it didn’t end well—

—because, after introducing herself, they suddenly barraged her with boastings of their muscles.

They seemed to judge everything through a muscle vantage point. As such, Ally couldn’t help but wonder what those men consider as the ‘Crisis of Our Kingdom’…

“—Alright, I have a question.”

Deciding to march forward, Ally raised her hand straight up.

Geoffrey, the representative of the four muscle devas, nodded.

“Well then, Ally, please.”

“Thank you very much. I would like to get straight to the point. What is this crisis of the kingdom that Your Highness fears?”

After two weeks of contact, she could conclude that Maximilian had no memory of his past life—

—she was actually hoping that the crisis they kept on mentioning was ‘Saint Mia’. If that was true, then she would be the slightest bit happy.

Umu. A sharp question, indeed.”

Maximilian nodded like a falcon—

honestly, that’s just a basic question.

Ally also realized that nod of his resembled the Maximilian of her previous lives… just stop, already.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Maximilian’s gaze turned distant.

“Ever since I was nine years old, I keep having the same dream. In that dream, I was this unbelievably pathetic person…”

…This will be long—Ally thought.

Also, to be quite honest, in term of strength, even a certain Demon King she knew paled in comparison to the current Maximilian—of course, she refrained from saying that.

“Soon, a ‘threat’ will befall this kingdom. It can even be called a calamity. I don’t know what it precisely is, but said threat will engulf this entire kingdom—then, the destruction of the kingdom will be inevitable.”

“—ah, the story’s over already?”

The story was surprisingly short.

From Maximilian’s mouth, leaked ‘gununu…!’ and the white porcelain cup shattered in his hand.

At the same time, the cup in each of the four muscle devas’s hands also broke.

While thinking about how she must order yet another replacement of cups, the words ‘threat’ and ‘calamity’ kept appearing in Ally’s mind—could it be, he’s really referring to Saint Mia!?

“…In my dream, I was at the mercy of said threat—and so were all my four entourage. At this rate, if we don’t do anything to intercept said threat, there’s this vague sense of clarity inside me that all of us will lose something truly precious all over again…”

In Maximilian’s stead, whom was currently covering his face with his hands, the meathead Martin opened his mouth.

“We all experienced similar dreams at the same age… I’ve had the same dream repeatedly since the age of nine, just like His Highness. Because we were ashamed of our hopelessly weak selves, we decided to train to gain enough magical power to counter said threat.

Stephen also spoke up.

“The training was tough, painful, and there were times I actually believed I would die—but in the end, we managed to overcome it and obtained a steel-like bodies.”

The genius Chris nodded.

“That’s right—the us of today no longer fear said threat. Because we’ve left our weak-selves behind; those weak-selves, who couldn’t overcome that mysterious force which bewitched us out of our minds…!”

Despite Ally being the secretary, Chris still retained his old habit of writing things down.

True to Ally’s worry, the pen in his hand shattered into pieces.

Maximilian took a breath.

“At the end of the battle, there will be only one champion in this kingdom! No matter what kind of threat comes, my spirit and body are unbreakable! Victory is our only goal!”


The intensity of the Muscle Special Squadron reached maximum level, and the fighting spirit leaking from their bodies colluded into one, transforming into a gigantic shock wave.

For the first the time since forever, Ally actually felt an ounce of sympathy towards the woman she hated the most—



–on a serious note though, I support their Thot-hunting mission, but as of Ally x Max romance, I can’t exactly say I am supporting them yet. I worry about Ally who keep getting flashbacks cuz she saw the same dude who got her head chop-chopped in her previous lives.

“At the end of the battle, there will be only one champion in this kingdom! No matter what kind of threat comes, my spirit and body are unbreakable! Victory is our only goal!”

W-which classical shounen anime/ manga has this exact line… I remember this vaguely… which is it…

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