I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

16. First Go! (16)

Maximilian was staring at Ally—his gaze was terrible! Ally turned away. Eventually, the Muscle Overlord opened his mouth.

“…You managed to read my next action… Hmm, what an interesting woman.”

If the one who said those line was the previous, normal, First Prince, then, perhaps, her heartbeat might have quicken—however, as of now, her chest was swarmed by dread…

The only thing that flashed within Ally’s mind was—“he and my former fiancé are the same person?”

—if there’s a noble lady who could withstand the sizzling aura this man emanates, then quickly come forward! I want to see you!

“Still, Stila seems to be quite fond of you. As her brother, I shall offer you my gratitude. You’ve protected Stila well, even if it has only been for a week—your name, what was it again?”

“Eh? Uhm, my name is Ally Crunea…”

“‘Ally’, huh? What a good name, and for some reason, it also feels nostalgic.”

Maximilian narrowed his eyes as he repeated her name once again, ‘Ally…’.

The way he smiled, it was as if he were standing before his prey …she totally couldn’t share his joy at all.

“Ally, what is your title?”

“Ah, I came from a baron family…”

“Baron family? Well, it’s fine as long as you’re an aristocrat. Ally, you should come to the West Wing as well—the place where I shall live with Stila from now on.”

“Huh!? N, no, I absolutely can’t do that. The maid who works in the vicinity of the crown prince should at least be above the rank of viscount…”

Ally hugged Stila and shook her head, expressing her adamant refusal.

The closest man standing behind Maximilian stepped forward with a reassuring smile.

“His Highness Crown Prince, Maximilian, who has just returned after his two year period of training in the mountain, is in the process of recruiting servants to work in the West Wing of the royal palace—for some reason, he doesn’t have even a single hand who is a woman.”

Well, that’s only natural—Ally remarked in her heart.

Ally studied the man in front of her from top to bottom.

Geoffrey Levis, the second son of the Prime Minister, whom was also a duke. As the duke’s son, it was already decided that Geoffrey would succeed his family. His current title was that of a count.

Geoffrey’s blond hair shouldn’t only be fair, but also flowing down his shoulders—now it’s standing up grandly as if it’s a sentient being!?

He also had a cold and nasty personality, not only that, there should also be glasses perched on top of his nose—which he would often push up the bridge of said nose—

okay so where did you drop those glasses!? Those glasses were basically your identity, man, so where did you drop them!?

“Using our connections, we managed to gather some maids, but they are all old women—if a young woman like you were to join the West Wing’s maids, wouldn’t that be a gorgeous addition?”

Martin Bryce, the third son of the knight leader, also stepped forward.

From the beginning, that guy looked like a stupid muscle idiot, but now that he had inched even closer to her, the size of his muscles had basically doubled!

Overall, it was too disturbing of an image, her eyes were ready to fall off.

“His Highness is very heartbroken by Lady Stila’s current predicament. In terms of an educational environment, this palace is too inappropriate for a princess.”

Stephen Cole, the marquis’ only son, smiled.

That man always had a very docile and sensible attitude. Due to the thinness of his presence, he was always the man who shouldered the role of gathering information from the social circle. Too bad, it seemed that he would have to abandon said role now that his muscle mass was that conspicuous.

“The West Wing of the royal palace was built afterwards. Therefore, you needn’t worry, because it isn’t connected to the place of His Majesty the King and Queen. We shall protect Lady Stila with our lives!”

Chris Olson, a renowned-genius baron, put his hand on his chest as a form of salute.

The man used to write a lot, and his hands were not only pure white, but also thin like fish—

—now, his fingers were thick and stiff, she worried about the safety of the pen those hands would clench…

“Hey, Ally, let’s move there together? I love my brother, but I love Ally more! Let’s be together, always!”

Stila, while still within Ally’s arms, lifted her face and peered into Ally’s eyes—

—as if she could refuse when stared at with such glittering eyes!

***T/N: My waist… my waist…. I had a giggling fit at every description the muscle pack get… basically, they were all muscles with names, now… 

—if there’s a noble lady who could withstand the sizzling aura this man emanates, then quickly come forward! I want to see you!

Phoenixir, I CHOOSE YOU!

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