Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

10.1 From Today, the Address is Uncertain

Welcoming Tistye on her return to Lacie was a small letter of compliment and ridicule.

“Like we’ve said it, the role of the First Empress of Verscia was never intended for you to begin with!”

“Not to mention, you were meant to be a consolation price for their previous emperor, right? Don’t tell me, you honestly thought His Majesty cared for you?”

“…Disgusting eyes and hair color as usual. After this, go somewhere where we can’t see you, okay?”

While the king passed the letter of tribute to her parent, her older sisters could be heard whispering.

But Tistye remained resolute and bowed before leaving the place.

As a matter of course, the secluded tower had been prepared for her return. During Tistye’s absence, it seemed that the place had been left unattended—the rugs and curtains were dusty. When she opened the window, a damp wind—which was typical of Southern kingdoms, blew in.

…Although short, it was a very pleasant time.

Tistye gently stared at her left hand. A bright green stone shined on her ring finger.

Actually, she wondered if she should’ve just left the ring behind—

—however, she felt that along with leaving it, she would also lose her memories with Gaizel. Therefore, she couldn’t let it go.

To be loved by His Majesty, I… am happy.

She softly touched the jewel which reflected the light. Gaizel’s face, who moodily said, “Don’t take it off as you please” occupied Tistye’s mind—as if it were yesterday.

Few men preferred women who had once been married.

Not to mention, one whom was formerly married to the Emperor of the almighty Kingdom of Verscia. That, combined with the fact that no one in Lacie found her appearance pleasing, made Tistye sure that she would spend the remainder of her life in that bleak room.

Nevertheless, Tistye didn’t regret any of her decisions.

With that, it was plain as day that the princess of Yenzie would become the First Empress. Surely, she would then support Gaizel.

Just by believing so, Tistye felt that she would be able to overcome all the sadness that would come in the future.


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