The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 6.2 Discarding Angelica (Part 3)

“Thanks, Jane, just leave it there.”


After placing the dress in the corner of the room, Jane took her leave.

Angelica hurried changed her attire and fixed her hair.

“Have a safe trip.”


That day, she had an appointment in the afternoon.

At a café in the royal capital, she was going to meet her best friend, Sharina, and her mentor, Riol.

They were planning on a consolation party after that duel with that former prince, Leonardo. Things had finally settled down.

“Please come to the café near the academy!”


Even though she planned to separate and discard some of her books on a whim, actually doing so took more time than she thought.

Angelica rushed through the corridor and jumped inside the carriage that was already waiting for her outside.

“I’ll be back in the evening, so please pick me up.”

“Understood. Then, Milady, please enjoy yourself.”

Angelica turned her heels as she alighted off the carriage near the café. Not to forget, she waved towards the carriage driver as he departed.

“Oh no, I’m a little late…”

When she looked threw the large glass store window, she saw familiar strawberry blonde hair and also black hair in one of the seats lined next to the window. It seemed that both of them arrived first.

However, upon noticing something, Angelica halted her steps—

“—how nostalgic, isn’t it, Riol!? Our first date was here, in this café!”

“Rather than date, weren’t we just running from That at that time…”

She couldn’t actually hear them talk, but merely from their expressions alone, Angelica could already grasp the contents of their conversation.

Sharina was leaning towards Riol, her profile was beaming.

Riol himself looked a little stunned.

However, that uptight attitude of his was probably just a cover for his bashfulness. There was a slight tint of vermillion on his cheek.

Even though Angelica was really close to them, and was staring at them from beyond the glass window, neither of two were aware of Angelica’s arrival.

Angelica gave up getting noticed and stepped inside the café.

“Sorry for the wait, Shari, Riol-kun!”

“Oh, Ange! I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Good afternoon, Miss Kirklight.”

As if Angelica had just arrived a second ago, the two turned their faces towards her—

in fact, I’ve been standing outside since a few minutes ago…

“Ah, I feel like eating a lot of sweets today~”

“Is that so? Then why don’t we order various desserts from this café and compare the tastes? Right, Riol, Riol! Your favorite matcha cake is also available!”

“Then I’ll take that.”

After scanning the menu, Sharina immediately turned towards Riol—her profile was as cheerful as always.


The scene in the novel that Angelica had just read overlapped with the scene in front of her—

—Raspberryna sat next to Rime, and the way she gazed at him…

…it was as if he was the only person in the world.

“Matcha cake sure is rare. Your handmade matcha cookies are also rare, too, by the way.”

The story of Raspberryna and Rime was just a bonus following the main story, but that bonus had several advantages for the readers.

“The manager here seems to be an acquaintance of Astraea. Astraea was the one who taught him how to make matcha confectionaries. In fact, my matcha cookies were also the result of his teaching.”

“To found such a connection in such an unexpected place…”

“—therefore, this cake should have the same flavor as the cake in my house. So, Riol, if you like, you can come visit my house. Or, we can just get married and I shall learn from Astraea to recreate the same taste for you every day.”

“Now don’t connect this topic to such an unexpected topic.”

There were three advantages for a reader when it came to the rival characters finding love;

One, it would eliminate the fear that the rival character would fall in love with the heroine again. Two, they could play an active role that was the heroine’s friend. Three, a romance with a totally different pattern than the main couple’s could be written.

There was actually a hidden advantage following those three. It was just as Cranbellica had said—

“Well, to me, Prince Lemonado is the best, though!”

Cranbellica’s reaction towards Raspberryna, whom was crazy about Rime, was a nod to Angelica from back then.

The heroine had captured the best man in the novel, while the former love rival had to be satisfied with a much inferior man.

Of course, it wasn’t directly stated in the novel. But in general, the readers’ minds were alike.

As they compared the main couple—which consisted of the heroine and the best man—with the side couple, which consisted of former love rivals, they acquired sense of superiority.

It didn’t mean those readers had bad personalities, after all, in the end, those couples were the products of fiction.

Angelica from back then shared the same feeling of superiority.

The heroine got to be with the prince that every lady in the kingdom yearned for, while her former love rival only got this awkward, not to mention, dull boy.

But, that impression, as of now…

“…You and Rime are the best couple, Raspberryna…”

“Huh? Ange? Did you say something? What happened to the raspberry cake?”

Angelica murmured, her focus wasn’t quite on the menu in front of her.

Sharina’s fluffy, strawberry blonde, hair shook as she turned around and tilted her head in confusion.

***T/N: My 12 yo shoujo reading mentality is being harshly exposed by the author…

“—therefore, this cake should have the same flavor as the cake in my house. So, Riol, if you like, you can come visit my house. Or, we can just get married and I shall learn from Astraea to recreate the same taste for you every day.”

For Sharina, it’s “either you come meet my family or marry me!” with no in-betweens.

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