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77.1 The Witch’s Wedding

rin… gon.

—rin… gon.

The blessing sounds of bells ring across the royal capital.

White pigeons flap their wings across the sky, announcing happiness and peace.

From the wall adorned with a large stained glass, the sun shines brightly.

The stained glass illuminated by the sun reflects a beautiful pattern on the floor and wall.

The giant statue illuminated by stained glass is a statue of the god who controls love.

A man and a woman in dazzling appearances begin to walk, stepping upon the lit-floor, painted by the light.

The bride wears a black wedding dress.

The people gathered at the ceremony stare at the bride with surprised expressions.

Her bell-shaped skirt has multiple pleat layers. Each hem has frills, giving it a soft impression.

The shawl worn over her shoulder is wide enough to cover her back completely.

The shawl with the tassels of gold thread seems soft, as if it would melt.

The veil of the thin gown worn by the bride is also black.

The fabric gives off a mysterious luster of dark blue depending on the amount of light, giving the witch a mysterious aura.

Each time the witch steps forward, there’s a long wave of light and applause.

The jewels on her chest and the golden beads scattered on the dress reflect the light of the stained glass. It’s a beautiful dress—resembling the image of a night sky flashing with stars.

The groom also wears a defining attire. It’s a knight’s attire with gorgeous ornaments.

The emblem that decorates his chest gleams brightly. He wears a bright blue cloak over his shoulder and a luxurious ceremonial sword on his waist.

The bride, dressed in a beautiful wedding dress, heads for the altar while being guided by the knightly groom.

When the bride and groom reach the altar, the applause gradually stops.

The priest, who’s waiting at the altar, stares at their faces and nods greatly.

“The groom, Harij Azm.”

The solemn ceremony starts by addressing the name of the groom.

“Do you swear to God that you will share in both sorrow and joy, and believe in each other until death do you part?”

“I swear.”

Towards the priest’ vow, Harij answers earnestly.

Harij’s voice echoes through every corner of the cathedral.

“The bride, Roze.”

The bride, whose name is called by the priest and view is covered by the veil, looks up.

“Will you share in both sorrow and joy together with him?”

Roze realizes she’s being asked the same thing as Harij.

She glances at Harij who stands beside her.

Harij looks straight ahead without returning Roze’s gaze.

Roze had already reached her peak of happiness when she saw Harij in his knight attire.

Roze was so impressed by his handsomeness, she cried a little before entering the venue.

When Roze thanked Harij for the way he dressed, Harij was stupefied—“—you were looking forward to it that much?”

He’s as handsome as ever.

Harij glances at Roze.

Roze notices she has fallen for Harij all over again.

His stare tells her to keep looking straight ahead.

Then, Roze joins both her hand, as if in prayer, and answers the priest with a serious face.

In a majestic building she has never stepped in before, Roze is trembling.

However, after seeing the mesmerizing appearance of Harij, she’s flooded with relief and is able to recover.

Roze turns forward again.

That magnificent building and those seemingly-imposing attendees are nothing more than figurines for Harij and Roze’s marriage.

The essence of the wedding, the most important thing—are Roze’s feelings.

I’m truly going to vow to marry this man…

Even now, she still has those overwhelming feelings.

She was actually scared for that day.

However, when said day finally arrived, joy is what filled Roze instead.

“Until death, will you believe in each other…”

Roze, the bride, realizes she has been looking towards the sky—to the point that the priest is trying to get her attention back.

Roze answers in a somewhat clumsy voice.

In fact, the priest guessed right, Roze had lost her attention.

Noticing that Roze was paying attention to him again, the priest then asks a simple question to get a clear answer—

“—do you swear to God?”

Roze is a witch.

No witch worships God—such a thing is obvious.

Roze has no faith towards God, as such, she can’t swear under His name.

After all, she’s a witch—and a witch doesn’t lie.

Roze slowly opens her mouth, trying to reply.

The cathedral quiets down.

The bride who doesn’t return the vow for some time now causes a commotion among the attendees.

Roze moves her head gently and looks at Harij.

Harij stares straight at Roze—


Hearing Roze’s reply, everyone exhales in relief.

Without a care towards the atmosphere of her surroundings, Roze continues, still staring at Harij.

“I swear to you, Harij-san, for you, I’ll even give up my life.”

The witch pledges quietly.

If she tries to imitate the human tradition and swears under God’s name, then the pledge wouldn’t come from her heart.

That’s why, Roze swears under Harij’s name instead. That way, the words that come out will be as honest as they can be.

Harij, who performs the ceremony in a courteous manner, suddenly raises his hand—his fingers perfectly align.

“I’m sorry, could you wait a minute?”

“Of course.”

The priest, who knows of their love, nods.

Thanking the priest, Harij then rubs his fingers between his eyebrows—it’s as if he’s enduring severe pain.

Showing such a courageous front until now, it’s as if the actual Harij is quivering under the tension—what’s happening?

Roze is taken aback as she stares at such a Harij.

Unlike Roze, who doesn’t know what’s going on, the priest seems to have a whole different level of understanding towards what’s happening.

At that time, a mysterious sound arrives from the audiences.

Wondering what it is, Roze turns towards the audience.

Then, under the cover of the veil, her eyes widen in surprise—

—Tien, who’s unusually dressed up, is crumpled on the floor, crying.

He then receives a handkerchief from the person standing beside him. Wiping his runny nose, he mutters, “I am sowwy…”

Roze feels her throat clamping up.

It’s the first she has ever seen Tien cry.

Never would she have thought that a man who always smiled and laughed would cry upon seeing Roze who is now a bride.

The memories of Tien, who talked to her about precisely that moment, flashes sharply in her mind.

There were times Tien made her cry—but more often than not, it was Roze who has always given him a hard time and something to worry about.

Roze wonders, other than Tien, who would’ve treated her, a witch, as friendly as him?

Why is Tien crying at my wedding!?

Roze tightly purses her lips—if she doesn’t do so, tears would spill from the corners of her eyes and she would ruin the make-up Mona did for her.

Ahem—the priest clears his throat.

Roze wonders if it’s truly God’s guidance.

Thanks to him, her line of thought is altered, and she can swallow the tears that once threatened to leak out.

However, in the next moment, God turns His back towards her again—

“—then, the kiss of oath.”

***T/N: This is it guys… the final chapter of second arc…


—Tien, who’s unusually dressed up, is crumpled on the floor, crying.

He then receives a handkerchief from the person standing beside him. Wiping his runny nose, he mutters, “I am sowwy…”


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