I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

76. The Witch that Goes to the Castle Ball (3)

“Huh—is it okay for you to say that right now?”

The one who finally breaks the silence is a man—

—it’s none other than Yashm himself, the host of the ball, and also the second prince to the Kingdom of Marjan.

He approaches Roze, who becomes surrounded by people, with a dashing gait.

Harij immediately bows, while Roze keeps staring at Yashm, standing upright.

“Thank you for coming today, ‘Witch of the Lake’—no, Mrs. Azm.

Everyone screams again.

Roze has a stunned expression.

“I’m not in a position to be called that, yet.”

“Then, Future Mrs. Azm.”

“I thought you invited me as a witch today?”

Roze says, without dissatisfaction.

According to Harij, it seems that Roze was specially invited to the ball as a witch. Although such a thing is unprecedented, in the first place, it’s unheard of for a witch to marry a knight in.

Yashm, who’s also Harij’s master, invited Roze as a witch—which is the same as the royalty approving of the witch.

Roze isn’t particularly interested in attending the ball, but Harij differs. Since it seems to be very important for Harij, Roze has no choice but to attend. She uses the buffet as an incentive.

“Have you become accustomed to the world of people?”

“It’s the people that aren’t used to witches.”

“Because witches are akin to dragons and phoenixes. Everyone knows about them, but hesitate to approach one. Use Harij as a cane.”

“I decided to stand beside Harij. I still haven’t decided to stand by your side yet, Prince.”

With a loud voice that could be heard by the surrounding aristocrats, Roze says nonchalantly.

“If you want some potions, please go to the lake.”

Towards Roze’s uncouth reply, Yashm utters;

“My, isn’t your wife stern?”

“Her strictness is one of the reasons why she’s a very helpful person.”

Perhaps because they’re in public, the most Yashm can afford is a backhanded compliment.

…the moment Yashm hears of Harij’s wholehearted reply, goosebumps emerge on his neck.

“Harij-san, stop, please.”

Roze shakes her head as she pulls Harij’s sleeves. Harij bitterly contains his following words within his chest.

Yashm talks to Roze again after his goosebumps have subsided.

“Then, let’s take care of the infamous rumor concerning the Witch of the Lake’s Secret Potion. As a friend of your husband, will you give me some flexibility?”

“I shall charge you the exact full price, down to the last single digit. As for your ‘request’, I don’t have any obligation to adhere to it—I’m a witch.”

Roze suddenly realizes the reason why Yashm invited Roze to the ball today—and allowed her to participate as a witch.

According to him, it’s a form of apology for the other day.

But, it’s still fresh in her own memory, how she was imprisoned in that tower like a sinner.

The royalty at the top of the kingdom don’t give witches special treatment.

As such, the word of a member of the royal family and his support would be a pretty powerful backing for Roze, who will be standing next to Harij in the future.

“I guess there’s no other way then—how about this? In exchange, how about a dance?”


Roze can’t comprehend what he just said—it’s as if she has heard a foreign language.

Dance? Who? With whom?

Immediately, Yashm extends his hand—Roze gazes at Yashm’s palm.

Today is the first time she has ever seen a ball filled with dancing people.

She has never imagined she would be dancing with others.

Everyone around her anticipates her next movement with absolute contempt.

Roze takes a step back to escape, then pushes the back of Harij with a jerk.

“Alright, Harij-san, good luck.”


Roze screams inwardly as the coldness in Harij’s gaze drops below zero. She’s quivering in her robe—

even when making such stare, he’s so cool!

“If, if you grant me this, later, during the pledge at our ceremony, I shall do my best…—”

Harij’s eyebrows furrow deeply—he immediately understands what Roze is referring to;

That time when Roze knelt and cried, about being unable to kiss during the ceremony.

“—you’re saying the truth, right?”

“Yes, a witch doesn’t make false promise.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

…Roze may have made a bad promise.

Roze chews her lips—but no matter how bad of a promise it is, it’s still way better than taking the prince’s hand.

Harij takes Yashm’s hand—if one were to describe Harij’s appearance as of now; yes, a demon.

Yashm’s face is immediately soaked with cold sweat.

“Y-you’re kidding me.”

Harij says nothing towards Yashm’s rudeness.

From the buzz, a little, meek, music begins to echo.

Both Yashm and Harij look up to the heavens. It’s as if the music is signaling the end of something.

Both of them must’ve thought they never want to hear that song again.

The noises turn into an outright screaming.

In the middle of the hall, Harij looks like a shell of who he used to be, and that he has just received a death sentence—

—as Harij takes a posture, they begin to follow the rhythm.

“Well, that’s that, this is this…”

Roze peels of her stiff gaze from the two dancing friends.

She picks up a glass that’s been left on the table.

Someone had left it there.

Then, Roze points it at the chandelier—she can see small bubbles floating inside.

After secretly taking out a small bottle from her robe, Roze hides and pours the contents into the glass.

At that moment, Yashm and Harij return.

Apparently, they finished the dance abruptly after one song.

No one talks to them. No one touches the topic. Everyone pretends not to be looking.

“Your bride is a mess!”

Yashm, who has just fulfilled his duty, spits at Harij.

This time, Harij doesn’t defend Roze, either.

“Thank you for your hard work, here you go.”


Yashm receives the glass with a smirk, then take a quick gulp—


Perhaps he feels something. Yashm quickly pulls his lips from the glass, but he has already downed all the content.

Yashm’s hand, as he places the glass on the table, is shaking.

Harij, who notices the condition of his master, looks at Roze.

Roze is staring straight at Yashm.

—Yashm stares back at Roze.

“You, what did you just—”

Roze lifts both corners of her lips. It’s rare for her to show a smile in public.

Then, she gently inches her lips closer to Yashm’s ear, as the man clenches his teeth.

She answers with a fleeting, almost inaudible, voice.

“—‘The Witch’s Love Potion’.

Yashm is angry.

He raises his hand towards the guards who are approaching, sensing the incident. Those knights halt.

His face is so pale, it’s pitiful.

Roze gently puts the small vial inside Yashm’s hand.

“It’s alright—the rumors say it’s ineffective, right?”

Lulu made another ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ for Roze.

When Roze first met Lulu, it fell and was buried under a pitfall of leaves—

—Roze actually looked for it.

Yashm notices the small vial in his hand, and gazes at Roze speechlessly.

Yashm’s eyes are bloody and his breathing rough.

His heart must be pounding like crazy. Now he has no choice but to start searching for the owner of the glass of champagne that was left there and picked up by Roze.

Still in a low voice, Roze whispers—

“—I haven’t forgotten what you did.”

Roze has always been that kind of person.

Whether Yashm gives an apology, changes his attitude towards the witch, or invites her to the ball—Roze is still angry.

Her stomach, which is tightened with a corset, still throbbed.

The marks left after Jones punched her at that lake still have yet to disappear—

—especially because Roze is really thin, and her bones can easily be felt.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Even if the witches and the people live in a different worlds, that is a principle that exists in every world;

The memories won’t disappear, nor will they get sick—

—the only effect of that potion is; for someone to fall in love with other person from the bottom of their heart.

The witch grins as she leaves the pale-faced prince.

“I can’t wait to see who you fall in love with. I will sincerely pray for that person to be a pretty girl.”


“Thank you for coming today, ‘Witch of the Lake’—no, Mrs. Azm.


“I guess there’s no other way then—how about this? In exchange, how about a dance?”

I was actually ready to half-forgive Yashm after he called Roze ‘Mrs. Azm’ until I read this–WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOUR <del datetime=”2021-11-04T08:21:02+00:00″>censored </del>IS WORTH THIS MUCH!!?!?!?

and SQUEEEEEEEEE, QUEEN ROZE DOESN’T NEED US, THE THOT PATROL, TO PROTECT HERSELF AND EXACT REVENGE UPON YASHM!!!! ALL HAIL QUEEN ROZE!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!! Like I won’t be surprised if tomorrow those flock of noble ladies start worshipping the witch for making their ship sail…

“I can’t wait to see who you fall in love with. I will sincerely pray for that person to be a pretty girl.”

While we earnestly pray it isn’t!

**E/n: what if that glass belongs to a man??

***T/N: Then that’s the end of one ship, but also the start of a new one!

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