I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

75. The Witch that Goes to the Castle Ball (2)

Needless to say, Roze was invited to the royal ball with Harij today.

Apparently, it’s an apology for the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ incident that caused a lot of trouble the other day.

Roze doesn’t know why the apology had to be a royal ball invitation—but Harij seemed to be delighted by it. Not to mention, there are delicious sweets—therefore, even if reluctant, Roze still attended.

Roze came with the purpose of enjoying the buffet.

She definitely wants to mow down all the sweets on the table—it’s because that is Roze’s first time seeing so many sweets lined up like that.

However, as expected, even her mere appearance caused a commotion in the venue.

She personally felt how great everyone’s fear towards the witch was.

The ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ has become a hot topic since then.

—and not in a good sense.

People spread rumor that the witch’s love potion doesn’t serve its intended purpose—or, in other words, is unreliable.

Although no one is brave enough to come forward and accuse Roze, Harij reports that such rumors are indeed circulating.

Roze can overlook the bad reputation of witches.

Albeit it sometimes tears her heart to pieces, it also serves as an armor that protects witches from others.

However, for Roze who puts absolute pride in the ‘Witch’s secret potion’ she makes, a rumor that devalues potions are something she obviously can’t ignore.

But, Roze decides to relent.

It’s because it’s her responsibility—especially after taking a disciple.

The fact that all six victims took the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ hasn’t been made public.

In the first place, the potion only shows its symptoms a few hours after taking the drug. Ttherefore, no one but the victim knows the exact problem.

Furthermore, Luu’s name doesn’t appear at all in the case.

Luu is doing self-introspection for a short period of time and has withdrawn from the public eye under the pretense that she’s sick.

As soon as the self-introspection period is finished, Roze is going to teach Luu the way of witches.

Of course, first and foremost before potion-making, it’s necessary to explain the secret of the witches.

Whether Luu will live as a witch from now on, or conceal the identity and live as per usual—her body is that of a witch.

Because she’s young, she may be living an honest, lie-free, life. But from now on, more situations will arise where she won’t be able to keep said attitude.

As an ancestor and a teacher, Roze is responsible for teaching Lulu.

Roze, who’s thinking such, looks at the trolley riding through the waves of people and feels relieved.

Then, she pulls Harij’s sleeves. Her eyes gleam.


“What is it?”

“That table has been refilled with new kinds of sweets!”

“…Do you want to go there?”


Harij, whose hand is now free, seems stunned.

Roze begins to dash.



After being seized by Harij, Roze turns around.

Harij has a serious face as he sticks out his elbow.

“What is it, Harij-san?”

“Give me your hand.”


what does he want with my hand?

She can only imagine bad scenarios…

Roze scans her surroundings.

She notices some of the people who are chatting have their hands hooked to the elbows of the men.

To Roze, that sense of distance requires courage.

Harij takes the plate and glass from Roze’s hands and hands them to the waiter in a natural way.

“…your hand.”


Prompted by Harij once again, Roze reluctantly hooks his arm with her hand.

They’re so close, Roze finds herself unable to raise her head when they walk.

With a bitter look, Roze steps forward as to not let him see the obvious redness of her face.

Harij’s stride isn’t too wide nor too narrow—in short, it’s perfect.

He’s probably used to escorting women.

With shame, embarrassment, and regret, Roze’s mind is on the verge of short-circuiting.

Roze doesn’t realize she’s exposed to the unfriendly gazes of some women.

Soon after, a malicious whisper, intentionally said high enough to reach Roze’s ear, can be heard.

“Lord Harij is hooking arms with that Witch…”

“Wait a minute, is she really a witch? According to rumors, shouldn’t she be 200 years old?”

“Could it be magic? She’s probably using magic to preserve her youth, right?”

“I also heard that as of recent, the quality of the ‘Witch’s Secret Potion’ has dropped.”

“Who cares about that? Here’s the real question—why is that witch here? Why is she beside Lord Harij?”

“Even though Lord Azm already has Lord Yashm…”

“She doesn’t belong here.”

Some of the statements are hard for her to comprehend, but it seems that even when facing one of the scariest things in the kingdom, the gossip between women will always flare up.

They must’ve forgotten the fact that they were screaming in terror just a moment ago from her entering.

…it seems that a maiden in love can prevail through her fear of witches…

Because of Roze’s love for Harij, she is brave enough to extract the liver of a fire-rat intoxicated by the ultrasound of a collar-wrapped bat. Because of love, she becomes fearless, too.

“Is it true that Lord Azm is getting married?”

“No, no way… with that person!?”

“No, I don’t want that… you’re lying…”

“That Witch used her stinking love potion to seduce him!”

“—that’s right.”

Roze pauses to answer the conversation she heard.

They never though the Witch would reply.

The women tremble as their eyes widen, but Roze opens her mouth regardless.

This is a good opportunity—she thinks.

“However, the ‘Witch’s Secret Potion’ won’t serve it’s intended purpose if it isn’t used according to the prescription. Please be sure to inquire with the witch herself over how to use it and what the correct dosage is when you purchase it.”


The noble ladies make strange face.

Roze hits the nail to prevent the same incident from occurring again, but she doesn’t know how effective it would be—nevertheless, at least she tried.

Actually, it seems that the Witch’s words have more effects that Roze thinks, as some people look away and slowly disperse.

They may get the point.

For example, they might be reflecting upon how the low-priced ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ doesn’t work.

Harij stares down at Roze, who stares at those fleeing aristocrats, with a bitter expression.

Roze notices the glance, and swallows her saliva—she has an unpleasant premonition.

“Wh, what is it?”

“Didn’t I tell you this before? I had fallen for you long before I even took that Love Potion.”

The surroundings start getting noisy again.

Like the sound of leaves rustling amidst a heavy storm, like a dog rushing into a flock of sheep—everyone was making a commotion.

After the surprise passes, all that was left is silence.

Everyone widens their eyes in astonishment, but then quickly divert them away as if they had seen something that shouldn’t be seen, and quickly left.

How is Roze supposed to respond to the straight ball he just pitched at her?

She never expected it—

—Roze is left gaping like a fish swimming in a lake.


“Lord Harij is hooking arms with that Witch…”

///A THOT slayed using Thot-Slayer Blade!

“Wait a minute, is she really a witch? According to rumors, shouldn’t she be 200 years old?”

///Another THOT slayed using Thot-Slayer Blade!

“Could it be magic? She’s probably using magic to preserve her youth, right?”

///Yet another THOT fell prey to Thot-Slayer Blade!

“Even though Lord Azm already has Lord Yashm…”

–Eh. Uhm. ///Thot-Slayer Blade is not responding.

“Didn’t I tell you this before? I had fallen for you long before I even took that Love Potion.”


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