I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

5. First Go! (5)

“Might you be Lady Stila?”

Ally spoke humbly to a girl that was dressed in a frock too shabby for a princess.

The girl’s small eyes opened dimly. She was quite small for a ten-year-old—in fact, she was even smaller than Jean!

The somewhat hollow and concerningly slender girl nodded.

—okay, this is just too muuuuch—!!! No matter how you look at it, this kid’s being abused—!!!

When she was Alicia, the duke’s daughter, she never directly saw people in need.

However, since she was now Baroness Ally, she could quite well comprehend the girl’s hardship.

One thing was certain, that little girl had an even harder life than even Ally’s—the poor baron’s daughter.

“Please forgive my rudeness, Lady Stila. But when was the last time you had a meal? Or a bath? How many employees are there in this palace?”

Ally loosened her bag and knelt down, holding Stila up.

The dazed girl’s mouth began to move.

“Umm, three days ago… I think… A bath, I seem to have received one a week ago… the servants… none, it seems…”

“I sincerely hope those servants went straight to heaven, then. Before that, I also pray that the negligence of the various members of the royal family to be exposed.”

Ally stood up, embracing the small, light-weighted girl, who was far below the average height and weight of a ten-year-old.

“I’m Ally, and starting from today, I shall serve Lady Stila! I shall prepare you an easy-to-eat porridge right away, wait for me, okay?”

With the stamina and leg strength she had trained through field work since the age of six, Ally jumped into the corridor while holding Stila.

It was already winter, but not a single room in that place had a fireplace.

She laid Stila on an old sofa inside a living room that was too sad for a princess to live in. She also took out her own cloak from inside her bag and draped it over Stila.

Then, she ventured around the mansion with legs that were said to be the fastest in her territory and collected all the draperies and curtains, putting them on top of Stila’s body.

“Okay, Princess, I shall leave you for a bit because I need to chop firewood outside. I’m confident in my loud voice. I’ll sing a song from outside, please wait a little longer!”

“You’ll sing for me…? I’m happy…”

The fragile Stila smiled—it was cute.

Ally tightened her lips—tears were shed. She rushed out of the window to save time.

—they can call me disgraceful, vulgar, and whatnot— but Lady Stila’s life is far more important than anything else!

Since it was a palace, there was a warehouse. However, in the place where firewood should have been stored, there was none.

After chopping wood, it also has to be dried—

—it seems that I have no choice but to use magic.

While singing loudly, Ally cut down a tree with her sturdy arms. She shall mass-produce firewood using techniques she had learned through her hardship-ridden life.

But, she soon discovered that the wood she had chopped up was quite moist and couldn’t be used as it was.

“Holy Spirit of Wind, heed my command! Dry the firewood in front of me nicely!”

Ally shouted and thrusted her hands forward. The blue light emanating from her palms enveloped the firewood, emitting a cracking sound.

this spell is in Duchess Alicia’s league, and too powerful for a mere baroness. Aas such, I didn’t want to use it, but the situation demands it!

She levitated the wood using magic and then ignited them with fire elemental magic.

Ally jumped through the window again and stroked Stila’s cheek while asking if she had a kitchen.

“Sure, the kitchen, over there… but, stay here please? I’m lonely…”

“I will only be gone for a moment! My song will go on forever, so please wait!”

Ally ran to the kitchen, almost crushed by guilt.

At this rate, I have no choice but to use magic for everything!

To use magic, one didn’t only need physical strength, but also the mental fortitude.

Oftentimes for her, it was easier to not use magic at all.

But, it couldn’t be denied that using magic reduced the time consumption greatly.

“Holy Spirit of Water! Holy Spirit of Fire! Help me!”

Light was emitted from Ally’s hand, creating a swirl of water that cleaned the dirty pot. The furnace was ignited and water boiled in an instant.

“Dance, o Mighty Wind! Chop up the ingredients so it can be eaten right away!”

Since potatoes and wheat were in stock, Ally magically chopped them up and stuffed them into the pot.

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