The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

11.3 The Queen and The Fiancée

“My, well, I don’t mind.” The queen said after listening to Marietta.

Dia’s joy of finally being able to return to her peace was crushed—it seemed that the new fiancée had something to say.

Based on each other’s relation, she didn’t have a good premonition.

All Dia wanted to do now was stomp her foot against the ground.

She wanted to taste more of Dilvier’s black tea!

The garden, which was exposed to the pure light of the Evemeria’s morning, had already begun to change in hue due to the light intensity before she could enjoy it through the window.

For some reason, she couldn’t bear missing such a scenery more than being thrown out of the social circle.

Enduring the sadness and regret she couldn’t quite understand deep within her heart, Dia was terrified there was almost no space left to store said bitterness.

Concealing the fear, Dia confronted Marietta, who remained inside her room.

“…Lady Diarashe, this is the first time we’ve ever talked alone.”

As if a little embarrassed, Marietta stared at the back of the Queen, whom had left the room.

The escort of the current future queen was the same knight whom was always there when Ricardo visited Dia.

The knight, hearing that it was a private talk, waited outside the room.

Dia also signaled Dilvier to keep waiting in the next room.

The daughter of the marquis, whom slowly turned around, had a silvery hair like a drizzle on a calm day. Her pale green eyes were gorgeous and beautiful.

This woman, who had a strong smile and a sharp tongue, had always been the target of Dia’s envy even before she became Ricardo’s new fiancée.

“Indeed, only now the opportunity arises for us to speak alone like this… what you want to talk about, could it be… His Highness Ricardo?”

“Fufu, even until recently, Ricardo still speaks of you, his precious sister—as if you can’t be left alone. Even though to me, Lady Diarashe is such a strong woman.”

“I’m sure the height difference from the current me and when we first met was quite shocking. Now that I’ve grown up fine, I can manage just fine—but to him, I may be a child forever.”

Staring into Dia’s eyes, Marietta smiled softly.

The fresh green leaf-colored eyes, as if moist with rain, belonged to the person that knew the joy of living—

—which was quite different from Dia’s dim, pale, bluish-purple eyes.


A strange sense of incongruity was incited inside Dia when she thought such—

—surely, that was the color of her eyes.

Indeed, that was the color of her eyes—they shouldn’t be another color.

“That’s what he believes, I think. So, I always thought that Lady Diarashe was in love with Ricardo.”

“As of now, I don’t think so.”

“Yes, as I thought, you don’t think of Ricardo the way I do. He’s quite troublesome. Because of Lady Diarashe’s lovely smile, he’s soaring—he thinks you thought of him as a man.”

Although her smile conveyed concern, Marietta’s eyes gave a glimpse of rich love—love that could fill the entirety of both hands.

Even Dia herself thought that the person loved by such a woman would be happy.

She was a woman who had beautiful eyelashes, which when lifted, secreted off a vibe of someone who generously give her love.

The dress she wore seemed to be a winter dress. It had a light-hearted lemon color, and the embroidery of the winter rose bore the same color as her irises—

—as if hinting to the fresh joy that woman would be experiencing from now on.

Still, because it was also elegant, the tailor who made that dress must be skillful.

Then, Marietta swiftly blinked her eyes.

“Lady Diarashe, I won’t regret it. To know you, and to be able to converse with you, I am honored. I will never forget what I understand, and endure it.”


What did she mean by all that?

There was only one explanation.

“Lady Marietta, I think you deserve happiness, and deserve to stand beside His Highness. I don’t want you to regret it. But, if our circumstance had been different, I would have wanted to talk to you about many more things.”

“I cut off your future.”

Marietta’s mellow eyes told Dia once and for all, that she indeed understood that Dia would be killed sooner or later.

The fact that Marietta could still stare straight into her eyes like that proved that she was indeed the perfect match to stand beside the first prince.

“…You might be.”

“—while understanding so, I still yearn for Ricardo. My one childhood friend—my only beloved person, I want to release him from the evil shackle that is you …I want to say this without fear of misunderstanding.”

“That… could you be referring to the origin of this kingdom?”

“Yes, an ancient, heavy, and sad thing. Because of such an origin, the people of our kingdom have been in poverty and hunger to protect the rich forest. No matter how good you and you family are, you’re the thorns that would destroy the kingdom—that is for certain.”

“I’m still the daughter of Gillasfi, therefore, I can’t agree with you. But please, you don’t need to mince your words anymore. Lady Marietta, I can’t change who I am. Therefore, you might be amazed at the amount of disagreeable words you might receive from me.”

After Dia said so, Marietta stared at her—her once teary, troubled, gaze vanished without a trace.

“…I want to thank you and apologize. But in the end, I’m only satisfying myself. Lady Diarashe, forgive me for saying such a terrible thing… please, be at ease. This kingdom will become richer from now on. The deep forest obscured this kingdom, making it a place where the sun doesn’t shine. I can promise you one thing for sure—from now on, I will be the one who supports His Highness, whom you’ve supported for the past thirteen years.”

Suddenly, Marietta was in higher position.

Although she was still just a fiancée, she was a woman determined to become queen.

After the long engagement with Dia, the engagement period between the first prince of Fashitar and the marquis’ daughter Marietta had been shortened—they were due to get married six months later.

However, said marquis’ daughter was now bowing deeply to Dia.

If it was Marietta’s way of bullying, Dia had no choice but to accept it quietly.

In the end, Marietta supported killing Dia, while Dia never gave up exacting revenge for her family.

During such mutual preparations, they were given an opportunity to face each other like that.

When she lifted her face, Marietta’s smile was unwavering.

Marietta was done mourning for Dia. The woman had completely erased all traces of Dia within herself.

Therefore, Dia also returned her bow, and saw the fiancée of the first prince off. Afterwards, she too, forgot about her.

“Finally, has she gone home?”

“…What type of tea is this?”

“It’s black tea flavored with night dew and night fog. Since you must be tired, I’ve added rose jam.”

“My! The rose jam is twinkling…”

“Yes, because it contains night dew. The genealogy of the night is good for calming yourself.”

“…Yes, thank you.”

After opening the window a little, Dilvier managed to lower the curtain a bit, allowing Dia to see the outside scenery and appreciate the snowy festive garden.

“Is this jam from the kingdom of fairies?”

“No, it was handmade by Noin.”

“…the jam…”

“Yes, he has that kind of hobby.”

“As I thought, am I going to get cursed?”

“Doesn’t seem so. However, the explanation will be given by the person himself. I hope that the preparation for that time will be completed as soon as possible… but, this land of redemption called Fashitar, there are things that are dangerous in a magical sense… please wait a little longer.”

Dia had the fairy prepare breakfast for her as she quietly passed the festival morning.

There was no gift in the end, but it could be said that after having a tea with a magical jam and a beautiful fairy servant, she acquired something that was as great as Evemeria itself.

***T/N: …No word could express my hate for Marietta–hence why I have especially prepared an infographic to visually aid you guys to know the depth of my hatred for the bitch:

Basically she came in just to thank Dia for being such a good stepping stone and a tool to keep other women off Ricardo until she can assume the role herself AND BITCH AINT SUBTLE ABOUT IT–


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