Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

1. The Life of a Newlywed is Full of ups and Downs

It had been a month since Tistye was brought to Verscia.


“Yes. What is it, Lord Gaizel?”

“You didn’t do anything unnecessary, right?”

The faces of the servants lined up side by side near the wall were enveloped by shadow.

Tistye, at the end of the long table, nodded after hearing Gaizel’s words from the other side.

He was holding a coffee cup while his gaze locked on her.

His eyes were sharp and terrifying as usual.

However, the voice of his heart, which came a little bit later than usual, was as such;

[“—I wonder if the meaning of my words is conveyed properly to her… I intend to instruct her to not cause any inconvenience, since there may be a lot of things she needs to get acclimated to—she came from Lacie, after all. I wish for her to do anything she wants, but without causing any trouble.”]

“Y, yes! I’m alright!”

For a moment, Tistye panicked—she thought she was being suspected of trying to raise a rebellion against the kingdom! But, after hearing the voice of his heart, Tistye finally understood, the heart of the problem was his too extreme word choice.

When Tistye replied with a smile, Gaizel briefly said, ‘Good, then’, before sipping from his cup yet again.

After breakfast, she headed to the entrance hall as usual to see Gaizel off.

Gaizel’s cloak-wearing apperance was truly graceful—he was the very depiction of ‘Emperor of Ice’. Braided leather boots with high collared fur as a means to resist cold. Both feet extending below the cloak were long, while his waist was adorned with a long sword engraved with silver.


“Ah, uhm, I just thought that your attire suits you very well…”


[“—Stop! Stop it! To say something like that so suddenly, what do you expect me to do!? Do you want to kill me with your cuteness?! …Now that I think about it, can someone die from cuteness? Also, come to think of it, we haven’t had our honeymoon yet… is it okay to keep delaying it? What’s wrong with me taking a rest? Alright, I’ve decided, I will message that Randi guy—”]

“I, I am sorry! Please, do your best at work!”

Tistye hurriedly interrupted the voice of his heart.

If the Emperor suddenly took an inexplicable break, it would be a great burden to that guy, Randi—moreover, it all started because of something I whimsically said! Feeling responsible, Tistye desperately sent out Gaizel.

On the other hand, there was a deep wrinkle between Gaizel’s eyebrows. After reaching the front door, he turned around, before turning back again—his face was as if he had swallowed something bitter.

At a glance, Gaizel seemed to have been thrown into a bad mood due to Tistye’s words…

…in reality, it was due to an intense emotional conflict.

When Tistye felt relieved, thinking everything had passed, for some reason, Gaizel turned around yet again.

He was gently staring at her face, as his lips parted slightly—

“—…uh, …”


“…I’ll be back.”

Before Tistye could process what he was saying, Gaizel had already turned around and left.

However, the moment the front door closed behind him, like an echo, the dim voice that was Gaizel’s feelings reached Tistye.

[“—No, I just can’t call her name, even though it’s already been a month… why!? Tistye—that’s her name, it’s as simple as that, but why can’t I say it!? Why can’t I!? …How pathetic of me.”]

Towards those words, Tistye finally opened her eyes, determined.

Speaking of which, indeed, he hasn’t called me by my name yet…

Recalling the situation from before, Tistye tried to use that as a basis to imagine a scene where Gaizel called her name—

—would he say it with a smile, or with a slightly annoyed face as usual?

In any case, it would totally be heart fluttering to hear her name—‘Tistye’—from his mouth.

Tistye’s cheeks turned red.

After sending out Gaizel, she went to her lessons as usual.

Since Verscia had many nations, it was essential to learn each language.

As an empress, there was no shortage of things to learn regarding the history, culture, and etiquette of that kingdom.

After finishing the afternoon dance lesson, Tistye unraveled her hair while wiping her sweat.

As expected, it’s hard to maintain the same posture all the time.

Despite her kingdom being small, Tistye was still royalty. Therefore, she was learning the form of dance.

In the future, when she attends social gatherings with the Emperor, she will be seen as the ‘First Empress’ and dance with His Majesty—that was why, she absolutely mustn’t show a half-baked performance.

She was helped to change into another dress and was led to the mirror stand.

Tistye stared at the maid carefully combing her flowing hair—

—then, Tistye felt the maid stumble and accidentally pull a lock of her hair.

“I, I’m so sorry!”

Immediately, the maid bowed her head deeply.

A little surprised, Tistye smiled and shook her head. The young girl must had been called Lizzy.

“Lizzy, it’s alright. It doesn’t hurt, my hair does often get tangled up. Forgive me…”

“T-the Empress mustn’t apologize to others easily! What do I do, if your hair got damaged, then I—!”

“I, I’m fine, there’s no need for you to be that scared…”

“No! His Majesty will surely… oh no, what should I do…”

Tistye was even more puzzled by the unusual appearance of Lizzy.

The maid had turned pale—it was as if she had just committed a grave sin. Her appearance disturbed Tistye.

However, Tistye soon came to a conclusion that it was more important to calm the distraught Lizzy.

…I’m sorry, just for a little bit…

Tistye lightly raised her left hand to ‘heart’ Lizzy’s feelings. She bent her fingers slightly to fine tune her hearting. Finally, after some adjustment, she managed to heart Lizzy, even if faintly.

—Her ‘hearting’ had succeeded.

[“—I, I was directly told by His Majesty to never be rude to the Empress! I’m sorry Father, Mother, for I may not be able to go home… I don’t know what kind of punishment awaits me…”]

Lizzy’s trembling voice made Tistye certain of the maid’s feelings—

—soon, she lowered her hand, turned around, and held Lizzy’s hand.

At that point, Lizzy was almost in tears.

“It’s alright, I won’t say anything to His Majesty.”

“…! B, but…”

“If it’s just to this extent. I’m not angry, so rest assured.”

But the maid’s trembling wouldn’t stop.

Maybe because Tistye’s hands were terribly hot…

“…Are you that scared of His Majesty?”


“Forgive me, I know you can’t answer that kind of question…”

Tistye tried her utmost to reassure Lizzy, but to no avail. As such, she had no other choice but to call another servant to comfort her. Not to forget, Tistye said to her once again—“—I’m really alright.”

After having her hair fixed, she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Even at his own residence, Lord Gaizel is truly dreaded…

There were many terrifying stories circulating around Gaizel, the Emperor of Ice.

He had killed thousands of soldiers overnight, knocked down a myriad of flying arrows with a single sword—

—it wasn’t an exaggeration to say, Tistye expected to meet the Devil himself when she headed to that place.

However, after hearing the voice of his heart, she started doubting those rumors.

It was true that his facial expression and tone were more often than not cold, but Tistye wasn’t as scared because she could also hear his true feelings at the same time.

I think Lord Gaizel isn’t as bad as the rumors make him to be…

But, if Tistye tried to share that view with others, surely, no one would believe her.

What was more, her reasoning was as feeble as it could get—‘‘‘The voice of his heart.’’’

What do I do… Tistye sighed alone.


///me after reading the title: oh, what kind of problem are they having? Is it because of ‘that’? Or ‘that’?–

[“—No, I just can’t call her name, even though it’s already been a month… why!? Tistye—that’s her name, it’s as simple as that, but why can’t I say it!? Why can’t I!? …How pathetic of me.”]





One more thing, Your Majesty–

who is this RANDI GUY you keep mentioning!? He’s almost always there in your heart!!!! What’s that!!! Is he Tistye’s true rival in love?!?

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