I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

1. First Go!

Once someone saw the figure of the Saint of Light, they wouldn’t think of anything but her.

Upholding the rumor, many engagement-breaking incidents occurred recently among the high-ranking aristocrats of the Kingdom of Hollandia.

Mia, the Saint of Light, came from another world.

Her beauty was like an angel’s and her healing power divine.

Suffice to say, all the ladies of the social circle were displeased by her strong womanly charm.

“—Duchess Alicia Grants, do you have any last words?”

Towards Prince Maximilian’s words, Alicia behaved with dignity.


No matter how much of an unparalleled beauty Mia was or how much she resembled the Goddess, to the point of being called the Goddess’ reincarnation—surely, there would be those that wouldn’t fall prey to her charm.

At the very least, not the Crown Prince. After all, he was a prince, he could’ve put up some resistance against Mia’s charm, right?

Alicia believed so—Alicia tried to believe so.

“You’ve attempted to assassinate the Saint of Light, Mia. Prior to that, you were bullying her. Someone like you doesn’t deserve mercy.”

She already knew how useless it was to argue.

After all, Alicia’s father, Duke Grants, and also her brother, Albert—were completely infatuated with Mia.

Even though she was convicted by such outrageous claim, no one would help her.

Alicia also had a magic shackle and collar attached to her. She was wearing cotton rags and was pulled by a rope to climb to the execution site.

Next to Maximilian, Saint Mia trembled in apparent fear.

People all extended their hands towards Mia who fell from another world.

Mia became an adopted daughter of the Earl family. Her appearance in the social circle was akin to a comet.

Afterwards, Mia made countless high-ranking aristocrats fall high over heels for her, one after another.

Alicia would have to admit that she indeed harbored a grudge against that holy woman who had finally managed to win even the Crown Prince’s heart—

—but, to all the Gods above her, Alicia swore she had never bullied the holy woman, nor even attempted to assassinate her.

“—prepare the execution!”

Maximilian declared out loud.

The soldier grabbed her by the shoulder and led Alicia to the decapitation table.

The moment Alicia’s engagement with the crown prince was decided, she truly felt pleased. She wanted to lead a fulfilling life alongside him.

Alicia never said it—but she did favor Maximilian.

She even promised to herself—I will be a worthy partner for him—one that is suitable to stand by his side!—

and she made sure to give her damnedest.

But all is wasted! Because of someone who hailed from another world, my own world collapsed!

Purse your lips and keep looking forward.

She told herself to be strong, that she mustn’t lose sight of herself until the moment she died—

for I am the prideful daughter of a Duke.

…If, If I’m reborn, I’m fine with being a blade of grass or a piece of wood, even a stone is fine.

I want to be reborn without a heart.

She could see Maximilian, and the sort of scary face he was making.

That wasn’t the way someone would look at their former fiancée, but at the despicable sight of filth.

The moment Mia distorted her mouth in repugnance, a sharp blade struck Alicia’s neck.

The last thing Alicia saw was of Maximilian gently comforting Mia, who covered her face with both hands as she burst into tears.

Then, the 18-year-old short life of the duke’s daughter Alicia Grants came to an end.

—however, the lady who was so fed-up with being reincarnated as yet another Duke’s daughter was reborn into a poor baron family.

“Alright, alright, as I thought, Ally’s stories are always fun to listen to. Even though you’ve never once seen a duke, you can describe their lifestyle with such a great amount of detail. It feels so real.”

“Right? Okay, Jean, time to go to bed. Since yesterday, your fever hasn’t dropped.”

17-year-old Ally smiled and gently stroked the cheek of her sickly younger brother, Jean.

“I’m tired of sleeping.”

Jean, ten-years-old, puffed his cheeks.

“Come now, if you say that, there will be no dinner for you. Keep in mind that today, I’ve procured a beef shank from Mr. Masudai, the butcher.”

“What!? Really!? That’s great!! Dinner will absolutely taste great!”

Ally hurriedly tried to seize her little brother who was jumping around in a raggedy pajama.

A different life, a different environment, a different name, plus a dear little brother—

—That was everything she received after reincarnating for the tenth time.

Jean was sick, as such, it would be troublesome if he exerted himself—but honestly, he was so cute!

Once he grew up, surely, his constitution would also become sturdier. Above all, he was the poor baron’s eldest son. As such, he would never be prey of ‘Saint Mia’, because not only was he poor, he also had to take care of fields like a peasant.

Jean thinks all my stories up now were fairy tales, but they’re actually true.

In my past nine lives, that holy woman Mia always fell from another world.

But Ally was Alicia no longer. It shouldn’t matter if Mia fell or not.

After all, she was but the member of a Baron family. She wouldn’t be invited to gorgeous balls and other grand events.

Her scholarly father, who would always bury himself in books every day, was an anomaly to the aristocratic society.

Even if Ally attempted to make her social debut at the age of 17 as per society rules, she didn’t have the necessary budget to tailor a dress.

Didn’t matter, though. For Ally had decided to live leisurely in her territory while nursing her younger brother.

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