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Extra 4.2 Discarding Angelica (Part 1)

“You and His Highness live in different worlds! It’s not too late, yet! So, step back quietly!”

The other day, an all-school student exchange party was held by the Tropicarn Academy.

Due to Cranbellica being Prince Lemonado’s partner from beginning to end of the party, she had attracted major attention as the new fiancée candidate. Even though up to that point, the most promising fiancée candidate had been Orengene.

To be worthy of being Lemonado’s lover, she had to polish herself every day. She had to practice dancing while also making time to go on dates with Lemonado—basically, she was truly busy. That was when the cold, bitter, words of a boy rebuked her.

The name of that boy was Rime Green. He was of the same rank as Cranbellica—a baron. He was both rational and serious, and had been a friend Cranbellica’s since childhood.

“What do you mean, ‘it’s not too late, yet’? My love for Lemonado has finally come true! There’s no way I would want to go back to that time when we still didn’t know each other! I’ve finally realized—your upbringing and status don’t matter! No matter what anyone else says, this feeling in my heart will never change!”

“…Tch! You only say that because you still aren’t aware of reality, yet! I said all this for your sake, I don’t want you to be unhappy, so please… I beg of you…”

“Unhappy? But he is my happiness, and I am his happiness! The only saddest tragedy in the world is for us to be torn apart! You’re my childhood friend, why can’t you understand me!?”


“Worry not, Rime Green, I’m on your side. It’s Cranbellica who didn’t understand. It isn’t so easy to become a queen…”

Is this merely a coincidence?

For some reason, among the many heroic romance novels in Angelica’s collection of, that tomboy noble lady novel was too close to home. The events occurred in a similar manner to everything that lead to Angelica being disillusioned about the Crown Prince.

Because of that, she couldn’t help but picture the actual people who were involved in the uproar, and her mental damage was doubled.

If her best friend, Sharina, had the same personality as this Cranbellica, wouldn’t things have followed the same development as the novel?

Angelica got a little scared.

“On the other hand, isn’t Rime Green surprisingly decent? Cranbellica, wouldn’t it be better for you to be with Rime Green, instead?”

Rime Green tried to dissuade Cranbellica, who was in love, through the use of cold words and advised her to give up on His Highness.

He was a clumsy and gentle boy who had always loved Cranbellica since he was very young. Hence why, he was worried this love of hers would end up hurting her.

Eventually though, in the end, he would admit his defeat after seeing Prince Lemonado rescue Cranbellica. Prince Lemonado would later condemn his former fiancée candidates and stop them from further bullying Cranbellica. Finally, Rime was convinced of Lemonado’s love and withdraw from the rivalry, supporting their true love.

When Angelica read that sequel for the first time, she was fangirling madly over Lemonado’s flashy condemnation event. She cared not about Rime Green, thinking of him merely as a support character.

However, after reading it now, Rime Green was a man who had a 100 times more common sense, and was 100 times better than Lemonado overall.

Cranbellica, do you have holes for eyes?!

By the way, Rime Green was a bit similar to Riol…

Well, the real person was a little more reliable, and also cool—nope, I said nothing. I never said anything.

She shouted into her bed, screaming incomprehensible excuses.

Her face was slightly red due to her excessive screaming and vigorous exercise in a short time, she was sure of it!

“Mi, Milady—? What’s wrong—?”

At that moment, the voice of her maid, Jane, could be heard along with knocking on the door.

Since her master was making a clamor in her room on the morning of a holiday and occasionally making strange noises, her fear was understandable.

“No, nothing, I’m fine! Oh, right, I’m going to donate some books to the orphanage next time, so please prepare a beautiful box and ribbon!”

“I, I understand…”

The maid probably suspected something, but decided not to pursue it because in the end, her master was safe.

Indeed, the servants of the Kirklight were very attentive.

“What should I do now…”

It would be better if she started tidying up her books for real that time, because soon, Jane would come with all the arrangements.

All the scattered books were put into the wooden box. They were all her romance novels, taken from the bookshelf.

Now, all that was left to be put in was Cranbellica’s sequel.

“I think it’s okay to indulge myself a little bit more. Now Rime Green is out of the spotlight, though…”

If she wasn’t wrong, in the third volume, the princess of a neighboring kingdom, Raspberryna, visited as a matchmaking partner of Prince Lemonado. She caused a lot of problems for both Cranbellica and Rime.

Angelica started searching for the next volume of the popular series in her bookshelf.

*Author’s Note: Discarded Angelica (Danshari Angelica), could be shortened to Danshalica!

It will be Riol’s and Sharina’s turn after this, so please be patient ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

***T/N: Riol Glen… Rime Green… oh god… and both lime and lemon came from citrus family… ORENGENE THO. I’m dying again… guess as to who Raspberryna is ;)))) the hint is all there.

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