I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

72. The Witch’s Love Potion (6)

While staring at each other, the two of them freeze like statues.

“…What’s wrong?”

Worried about Roze, who’s flabbergasted, Harij asks.

Roze regains her senses and gaze at the Princess’ face.

Lulu’s appearance is much younger than her voice suggests.

From the way she talks, Roze thought she’s a little older. So it turns out that the Princess is about ten years old.

Just like Bilaura, she’s a very beautiful girl.

Beautiful, pearl-like, hair with bright green eyes framed by long eyelashes. Her petite, round, nose only adds to her charm. Her rose-colored cheeks look plump and fluffy.

Somehow, it all make sense now, why even Yashm can’t go against her.

If Lulu smiles and requests it, it’s unlikely she’ll be refused.

That’s what Roze thinks after seeing the girl in front of her.



The Princess is the same girl that had fallen into that pit back then.

Once her muddy, jumbled, hair is combed. Her muddy attire removed, and her dignity reclaimed—she can appear like that.

Lulu, who had been walking with dignity until a second ago, suddenly lifts her skirt and rushes to Roze with the speed of light.

“W, why would you be here, today—!? I, I could’ve arranged for an escort…!?”

She speakeds so fluently before, but now she talks like a toddler who just learned how to speak.

“Roze…? What’s the meaning of this? How did she know you’re a witch?”

Despite taking off her robe, which is what usually reveals her identity to others, the Princess recognizeds Roze in one glance. It means that her previous effort was in vain.


Roze is confused as to how to explain.

First things first, she shouldn’t speak about those letters. If Roze were the writer, she wouldn’t want anyone to know about them, either.

“You… you like witches that much…?”

Yashm, who has descended the tower in a hurry, regains his breath while speaking to Lulu.

“Well, obviously—!? I couldn’t see you again, thanks to my brother here, even though he has no right to do so!”

“You went to visit the Witch—!?”

“I should be the one asking that—!! Older Brother, you went to see the Witch without telling me—!? How sly—!! Do you not know how much I longed to see the Witch—?!”

In fact, Roze already knows of that story.

In the sixth letter, other than reiterations of her first meeting with the Witch and how much she adores the Witch, she told of such a story in four sentences.

She also told Roze that she likes the Witch due to having read books about witches ever since childhood. The letter said that there were many books about witches in her house.

Now Roze no longer has any doubt—of course she would belong to the Royal Family.

To live with a witch, someone first has to know about witches.

“—I’m aware! In fact, I’m well aware of that! You kept repeating the same thing over and over and over again, my ears almost fell off! I’m fed up with hearing your stories about witches!”

Apparently, Yashm’s dislike of witches is attributed to his sister, Lulu.

Must be painful to listen about something you’re not interested about over and over again…

“—m, more importantly! Witch-sama! Please take a look at the potion that I couldn’t show you before, please, just a glimpse—“

Lulu says with flushed cheeks as she reaches inside her dress’ collar, precisely, in towards her chest—it seems that the Fourth Princess no longer has any regards about manners.

Lulu pulls out a necklace, and what is connected to its chain is pulled out of her dress—

—Yashm, who’s quite close to Lulu, sees what she has taken out and widens his eyes.

“But that’s—!?”

Shortly after Yashm’s exclamation, Lulu pushes it to Roze.

“By all means, please take a look! I made a replica of Witch-sama’s potion, it’s the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’!”

Lulu’s voice is all too innocent.

What she has pulled out is a small vial.

A small vial that is precisely the same as the vial from before.

Yashm’s movement is fast. He takes Lulu’s hand and drags her into the tower with a lightning-like speed.

Harij, who understands his Master’s intentions, quickly slams the door after confirming there’s no other witness. He then locks it securely so no one can enter.


“Hya—!? What?!”

In response to her brother’s sudden action, Lulu is shocked.

Perhaps Yashm is always a gentle brother to Lulu.

Lulu is quite bewildered at her brother’s impatient face.

“Older Brother? What’s wrong? Your face looks terrible…”

“You, repeat it once again! What did you make—!?”

“Uh, a ‘Witch’s Love Potion’?”

Yashm snatches the vial from Lulu’s hand and gives it to Roze.

Roze looks at the vial with an inquiring face.

“Witch, is this the same as the previous one?”

“I shall make sure.”

Roze graciously receives the vial and opens the lid in the same way as before—

—there’s no mistake. Roze firmly nods.

“They are the same.”

Roze’s declaration almost crushes Yashm completely—

—his face is as blue as the sky, and whiter than clouds.

“Wh, what’s wrong, Older Brother?”

Lulu rushes to her brother who’s behaving strangely.

“You, why would you make such a thing…”

“When I was shown the actual potion, it was so mesmerizing… I wanted to make it, too…”

‘I want to imitate what I like. I want to make what I like.’

Those aren’t special feelings whatsoever—it’s an emotion that everyone has.

“Who, who the hell showeds you the ‘Witch’s Secret Potion’—!?”

“Who, you ask, this is going to be a secret between us, okay? It was Sister Bilaura.”


Yashm is even more shocked when his least expected name comes up. Now he can’t even lift his face properly.

“It’s because I like witches so much that she showed me… Sister Lala showed it, and said that it’s her magical charm. I’m so happy. After imitating it, there was this desire to show it to others… and when my friends saw it, they wanted it, too…”

The outcome can easily be guessed.

Because of its misleading name, those girls probably used the fake ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ to quell their own heart’s desires.

A potion inside a small, cute, vial made by a girl imitating the Witch she admired.

As a charm for young best friends, there’s nothing wrong about that.

“—this, this is no good. No good at all. Harij, this is no good!”

Yashm crouches down, clutching his head.

“Yeah, it isn’t.”

“Isn’t it—!? No way, so it turns out that the perpetrator came from my own family—the Royal Family—!?”

“—Yeah, which is why I absolutely won’t forgive you for condemning Roze.”

Hearing Harij’s exclamation, a sad, pitiful, voice leaks from Yashm.

Then, as a last resort, Yashm glances to Roze, asking for her pity.

Roze throws her gaze away.

***T/N: Prince Yasshole is now Yashamed. Well, looks like someone is blacklisted from the wedding.

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