I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

68. The Witch’s Love Potion (2)

By the time Roze regained her consciousness, she was already imprisoned inside that tower.

In a tower that will forever stand tall, all she can do is look at the sky.

“Since a Witch isn’t bound by the rules of the people, legally restraining me is not possible.”

Witches are different from people. Witches also don’t belong to the kingdom, therefore, the rules of said kingdom won’t apply to them.

Witches have been an independent race ever since ancient times. They live in a world different from human.

Even if they’ve harmed people, the rule of the people still won’t apply to them.

“Ah, you’re right. That’s quite an annoying premise. But, for you to suddenly bring up the Witch’s promise—is it because you have something to hide? In truth, you’re actually reluctant about the marriage, right? You actually want to be locked in here so that your engagement with that knight will be ruined. Quite a fine plan you have there.”

Somehow, Yashm comes to an outrageous scenario.

Roze’s eyes go wide at his baselessness—

—that’s the funniest thing she has ever heard!

“It seems that you’ve sold this to nobles under the pretense that it’s a love potion. Witch, just admit it, what kind of poison is it? What’s your motive? Why would you indiscriminately harm people? I will not leave from this place until you confess.”

“I have told you many times, already, I didn’t do it.”

“I see, why do you purposefully target only nobles? Is it love that drove you to forget your pride as a witch entirely?”

Yashm jeers at Roze, who tries to maintain her calm façade.

Some of the victims of that potion are Harij’s former engagement candidates.

…Even though that guy always makes it clear he doesn’t consider her a human, it seems that he recognizes her as a woman.

Roze feels like laughing.

In the unlikely event Roze got drunk on jealousy, she still wouldn’t let anybody drink inferior goods.

Instead, she would give those ladies Love Potions that have already been mixed with another man’s body fluid.

“I did nothing of the sort.”

“Enough with your pretenses.”

Roze is a witch, and a witch doesn’t lie.

However, there’s no way for that man to know such a thing.

Because they could only tell the truth, witches prefer to talk in a vague manner. Such an attitude, from the perspective of a human, might look awfully shady.

Humans believes only in humans.

Maybe it really was impossible after all, for me to co-exist with humans…

How many times have such thought pierced her heart, already?

“You’re very suspicious of the Witch’s words, huh.”

“It’s because all this time, when I’m faced with or hear the word, ‘Witch’, I never stopped thinking this—they are shameless liars.”

I see, he locked me here because he hates me, doesn’t he?

Speaking objectively, isn’t a man who can easily imprison a person with just one word without using tedious magic much more frightening?

They keep saying witches are scary, witches are scary, when bowing to the Royal Family is mandatory to those people.

Humans are selfish.

“Until now, six nobles have fallen with symptoms that seems to be caused by the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’. Strictly speaking, you aren’t bound by rules, but we just can’t let you behave as you please, can we? Also don’t expect Harij’s help.”

Roze snorts—she needn’t to be told of such a thing.

She also doesn’t expect for Harij to help her.

In the first place, she thinks of it as natural for Harij to not come help her.

It is Yashm who has confined Roze there.

Yashm is both the target of Harij’s escort, and his Master.

He has sworn fealty to his Master, not to protect his fiancée.

“—Oi, oi! Witch, are you listening—!?”

Near the entrance, Yashm is being noisy, but Roze completely ignores him.

Whether it’s because he dislikes the Witch, or because he’s afraid of getting cursed, he never gets close to her. He calls her from the doorway.

Roze, sitting in a chair by the window, rubs her apple using her robe, and chews it.

A yellow hole opens in the red apple.

what if Harij were also here?

Just by thinking that, Roze trembles all over.

To Roze, for him to suspect her of making evil potions in order to indiscriminately harm aristocrats is scarier than when she was about to be killed by that thief from before.

For him to be disappointed in her—

—that’s more painful than anything.

Harij surely has good expectations about Roze. After all, out of his own accord, he tries to believe in the witch Roze, who calls herself the, ‘Good Witch’.

She bites the apple. She keeps chewing, pretending she isn’t at all affected.

What are you afraid of, “curses”?—in her mind, Roze still ridicules Yashm, who wouldn’t leave the doorway.

As of late, there also hadn’t been any customers requesting her ‘Witch’s Secret Potion’.

She doesn’t think she can escape from the tower on her own, or defeat both Yashm and Jones using her bare hands.

It’s obvious she won’t be able to leave that tower until the suspicion is cleared.

It’s really hard to prove her innocence.

It’s also very hurtful for her, hearing all his distrustful words.

I’m sure he didn’t trust in me since the beginning.

After all, his distrust isn’t something that would just sprout over a short period of time.

Since her Grandmother’s death—

Ever since that day she overheard those people laughing—

—those words would keep repeating themselves in her mind,

“Wouldn’t it be better if the Witch died?”

The words would disappear, and return. They would sink, and float. Silently, they drift inside Roze’s heart.

For Roze, who has lived in solitude, there’s nothing she can do about the stigma regarding witches.

Both the townspeople and mansion’s inhabitants decided to believe in witches because of Harij’s words.

The Witch’s—Roze’s words would never reach anyone.


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