The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

50. First Gift Request

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“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, can I keep this—!?”

Having said that, his cute bride ran from the opposite end of the hallway.

The first thing Hadith did was crouch down to match her eye level.

Jill presented something she had carefully enveloped in both hands to Hadith—

—it was a chick.

The cute yellow creature nestled into Jill’s little palm as she exclaimed.

Speaking of which, today, merchants were visiting the castle to peddle before heading to the Imperial City. Jill could’ve bought new dresses, jewelry, and other trinkets—but instead, she chose that.

“Jill, it’s going to grow bigger, you know~”

“Yes, and impossible to bring to the Imperial Palace.”

The knights chasing after Jill were sighing with bitter smiles.

Jill shook her head.

“I’ll raise it properly! I won’t let it become a hindrance!”

“But still~”

“As long as His Majesty agrees, all is good, right!? Your Majesty, please, I want to take care of it, just like anyone would a dog or a cat!”

Jill appealed to Hadith with a mix of anxiety and expectation.

He felt dizzy—she was simply too cute.

As if he could refuse, anyway. At any rate, Hadith’s cutest bride in the world, who always acted like a proper adult, rarely expressed her selfishness.

Moreover, isn’t this her first request to me ever!?

He wanted to jump.

Jill’s knights were probably also attracted to said rare moment of childishness—

—they both waited for Hadith’s decision.

After clearing his throat, Hadith replied with,

“Well, there’s nothing I can do. Or rather, taking care of a pet is also a good way to learn.”

Jill’s face shone.

“Really!? Later, you mustn’t take back your words, okay, Your Majesty!?”

“But you have to keep your promise—you must raise it properly.”

“I know! Thank you, Your Majesty! I love you!”

Jill suddenly screamed—

no, it’s too cute, help.

Even Rave, inside Hadith’s body, laughed out loud.

“Oi, aren’t you too compliant to your wife?”

You’re too noisy, Rave!! Isn’t she cute!? She even told me she loved me!!

Cute Jill and the cute chick. Everything was really cute! What a heartwarming sight! The world was wonderful today—I don’t need to do a politics of fear today, either!

“Oi, don’t tell me taking care of your pet is going to be part of my job as your knight from now on. That’s a goddamn chicken, you know, a chicken.”

“Good luck~”

“So you’re just going to push all the work to me? Okama, you work hard too.”

“Well then, I’ll have to learn how to raise it properly! To the library I go!”

“Before that, how about you name it first?”

Towards Hadith’s proposal, Jill turned around, before gazing at the chick. She smiled.

“Alright, Steak!”

The place froze in an instant.

The one who finally spoke awkwardly was Camila.

“No-no matter how much you think about it, Jill-chan, that’s the name of a food…”

“Too straightforward? Stew, then!”

“No, that’s not the problem, Captain, why would you name it as if it’s food…”

“Then… Sauté?”

—it became a cooking method.

It felt like the shiny yellow creature in Jill’s hands was shaking—was it because of chills?!

“I hope you get bigger soon!”

Jill smiled innocently. Her cuteness was consistent.

“Thank you again, Your Majesty! Sauté, from now on, I shall raise you properly!”

“I, I see, so, so you’ve decided that you’re going to name it Sauté?”

“It’s as if I’m dreaming! To be able to raise my own pet! Someday, I want my own cow and pig too!”

for what?

As the adults grew meek, Jill turned on her heels with the chick in her hands.

Did I just hear the chick chirping in terror, or was it just my imagination?


In the completely frozen atmosphere, Zeke suddenly scratched his back.

“For the time being… how about we let it escape without her knowing it?”

“There’s that idea too~” Camila clapped her hands and nodded. “Well, yes, let’s just do that! You usually don’t raise chickens in the Imperial Palace, either—or cows, or pigs… it’s not a ranch!”

“Y, you’re right!”

Since Hadith nodded, it meant that they’d gotten permission from the Emperor.

Surely, Zeke and Camila will succeed at this.

However, Jill exerted her utmost ability to protect her pet as if it was her own child—in the end, every single one of Camila and Zeke’s attempts failed.

Even the Dragon God Rave was beaten—it was no longer possible for Sautee to escape.

—no way, am I the one who’s going to sauté it?

There was no longer any need to ask that question.

Hadith would watch the chick grow into a literal chicken Sauté, slowly but surely.

*Author’s Note: Please look forward to Sauté’s next appearance.

***T/N: From this, we can conclude that Jill and Hadith indeed suited each other.

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