The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

49. I Can’t be a Cute Girl (Sufia De Veil)

“ME, as Lord Hadith’s partner—!?”

“Yes, can I request that of you? I think it’s just appropriate for you to show up in behalf of Marquis Veil.”

“But, is Lady Jill alright with that?” Sufia glanced at Jill who stood beside Hadith.

Before leaving Veilburg, they would like to hold a ball in the castle by inviting everyone from the vicinity. Hadith, whom had acquired Veilburg by appropriating the previous Lord’s territory, would be the organizer. No one objected to this proposal.

—but, shouldn’t Hadith’s partner be Jill!? Even the Dragon God had recognized her as Hadith’s other half.

Jill smiled to the appalled Sufia.

“In fact, I’m the one who requested for Lady Sufia. It’s okay isn’t it, Your Majesty?”

“Yes. I want to support your wish.”

“B, but still, if Lady Jill isn’t present… what, why? Is Lady Jill not good at dancing, or, you dislike party—!?”

“No, before anything else, there’s something really important we must address—there’s too much of a difference in height between His Majesty and I. It’s kind of impossible to dance with him.”

Hearing the unexpected reason, Sufia’s eyes grew large as she measured the two.

Jill placed her palm on top of her head, which only measured up to Hadith’s waist.

It was as she said—it would be difficult to dance with him even with the help of high-heeled shoes. If they insisted upon doing it, the dance would surely came out clunky.

After patting Jill’s head, Hadith turned to Sufia.

“It would also spell trouble if the organizer himself doesn’t participate in the dance. That’s why I want to ask this of you.”

“T, then, during the ball, what would Lady Jill do?”

Hadith smiled. He may be a very intelligent person—yet still, he was still unfamiliar with love. He might not know how Jill would feel if she saw Sufia and Hadith dancing.

As long as she didn’t confirm this, there was no way she would undertake the request.

Jill was the one who answered Sufia’s question.

“I managed to apply to become His Majesty’s escort.”

“I already told you that is no good. It’s better for you to stay home. What if someone comes up to you during the ball and asked the reason you let me dance with Lady Sufia?”

“I know that, but who will protect you then, Your Majesty—!?”

“Be honest with me, you’re just eyeing for the dishes that will be served during the ball.”

Jill stopped talking. She was averting her gaze.

“T, that’s not true, you know?”

“I’ll ask the Veilburg chefs to prepare the dishes. Therefore, if you stay home, I can make time to cook you a chocolate cake. How about that?”

“I’ll stay home!”

“—therefore, I request this of you, Lady Sufia.”

Sufia smiled at Hadith who managed to coax Jill.

When it was about food, it was as if the two were of the same age.

Lady Jill, even though your usual self is much more mature…

With that sort of outcome, Jill was spared the fate of having to watch Sufia and Hadith dance. Maybe, for the kid-Jill, chocolate cake was more precious than anything else.

Sufia shrugged and nodded—there was nothing to be concerned of anymore.

“I understand, I’ll be in your care.”

“I’m relieved to hear that. After my return to the Imperial City, surely, there will be more parties waiting to be held. You may be asked to do this again in the future. Of course, if you find a new Marquis Veil, that won’t be a problem anymore.”

“Yes, until then, I shall do my all to support Lord Hadith and Lady Jill.”

Sufia bowed, and assumed it was better for her to be requested rather than other women.

She still felt a slight sadness because Hadith asked her hand merely because she was a substitute, but she was confident said feeling would vanish in no time.

Sufia was happy to see Hadith who now could laugh happily alongside Jill.

If there’s anything to be concerned with, it’s whether or not Lady Jill’s age is appropriate for what awaits her…

That was, becoming the Emperor’s bride. It was inevitable that she would be involved in rivalry with other women in the future. Jill was cute, but still, Sufia was worried.

For a little longer, Sufia wanted Jill to stay as a carefree child who was satisfied with getting chocolate cake.

After bowing down, Sufia stiffened when she noticed the kind of face Jill was making.

Beneath her curtain of hair, Jill wasn’t smiling.

Jill was staring at her feet, smiling bitterly at her petite body. She then grabbed the hem of Hadith’s cloak.

“Your Majesty—wait for me, okay? I will grow up soon.”

Hadith, who shifted his gaze, could only see Jill’s smile and not her previous expression.

But soon, he joyfully picked Jill up and held her. Their eye levels now matched with each other.

The sight of their foreheads almost touching reminded Sufia of little chicks huddling together.

“I will wait for you. But if you grow up too soon, I won’t be able to hold you like this anymore, which is saddening…”

“Well… bear with it?”

“—Lady Jill.” Towards Sufia who involuntarily called her, Jill turned her gaze.

Hadith was an adult, while Jill was smart enough to know how to behave so she could stand beside him properly. She was always calm, acting like a grown-up, and laughed only when it was necessary. Camila and Zeke would surely attest to such, Hadith may think the same, too—

—but, Sufia’s perspective had changed.

Jill is the one who chose me for his partner. Perhaps because she’s assured when it’s me. Because I’m no longer in the way.

Jill too, who had fall in love with Hadith, was no longer, and could never be a cute little girl anymore.

Sufia smiled. Someday, Jill would surely realize the meaning of Sufia’s gentle, mature, smile.

“Well then, let’s do our best with embroidery and poetry reading again, today. Skill in dancing is also important!”

Jill’s reluctance was apparent, but after sneaking a glance at Hadith, she agreed.

Sufia knew of Jill’s determination—

I have to do this so no one else can snatch him away in the future.

I have to become someone who is the most worthy to stand beside him!


Jill too, who had fall in love with Hadith, was no longer, and could never be a cute little girl anymore.

Because she would inevitably be part of royal love rivalry to monopolize the Emperor’s love? I think that shouldn’t be a problem… after all, she has married another future King once, and retained her self righteousness. Court treachery and plot–those are also of no problem to Jill, who can grasp Marquis Veil’s intent. Hahaha, Sufia is the only one who suspect nothing about Jill. To her, Jill is merely 10 yo.

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