The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

46. The Veilburg’s Murder Suicide (End)

The Goddess seemed to have returned to Kratos after setting the city on fire.

Her current entity must had solely been made of magic. That was why, without her current body—which was the spear—she wouldn’t be able to maintain her form for long due to the Dragon God’s presence.

Still, Rave remained vigilant, frequently leaving Hadith to patrol around Veilburg.

Both the kingdom and its people were precious to Rave.

Hadith thought it was probably due to his nature as the dragon who protected and guided the people.

“—Your Majesty, are you listening—!?”

“Almost the entirety of Veilburg is burnt! Facing this state of devastation, how do you think the surviving people feel!?”

It was a meeting that discussed obvious things.

Towards the silent Hadith, the gathering princes interjected about the Veilburg’s disaster one after another.

“—and who do you think is the perpetrator, Marquis Veil?”

“—is it true that Lady Sufia was blinded by jealousy upon the sight of those young girls, proceeded to kill them all, and then committed suicide?”

“—what a thing!”

“—those girls were hired by Marquis Veil. Logically speaking, the motive for murder is there. However, the suspect is already dead because of suicide. Despite so, it’s not impossible for her to have lite the fire.”

“—if that’s so, then even death can’t absolve her of her sin! Even though the Emperor is safe, this counts as treason!”

Marquis Veil, who was unilaterally blamed, had a bitter face.

“Those who don’t have a firm grasp regarding the situation should just remain silent. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Finally, Hadith uttered his first question.

Sufia was dead before the fire started. Of course, only Hadith knew such. That peeping tom of a Goddess witnessed it and spilled the truth to him.

The moment he realized his tongue had slipped, Marquis Veil’s gaze wavered. But he quickly regained his composure.

“My daughter was being manipulated by someone.”

That was indeed fact. She was indeed manipulated—but only after she died.

If Marquis Veil had manipulated Sufia while she was still alive, she would’ve kill those girls and then committed suicide right in front of Hadith’s eyes. She was that kind of woman.

Ironically, Hadith chose to believe in the Goddess’ story.

“Not only that, even though the Northern Division was stationed, they were of no help during the fire.”

“That’s a lame excuse, Marquis Veil. Are you trying to shield your daughter?”

“What I’m trying to say is, everything that has happened is quite mysterious in nature. Almost… almost as if it were caused by some kind of curse!”

Due to Marquis Veil’s statement, the entire vicinity became quiet.

Hadith, who became the main focus, gently asked back.

“What does that mean? Did I do something?”

“That’s not what I was saying. But, isn’t Your Majesty surrounded by such rumors?”

No one could—or would—protect Hadith.

Marquis Veil stood up, his composure completely restored. He appealed with his hand on his chest.

“I have lost my daughter—my lifeblood! Even at this second, my heart is aching because of the loss I’ve suffered! But for my beloved daughter to not only murder those innocent children, but also set the town on fire and then hang herself—!? Inconceivable—!! I know her well, she isn’t that kind of girl—!!”

“…that’s right.”

She wasn’t that kind of girl.

She was but an ordinary lady.

She was but an ordinary lady who died to cover her father’s ass from the sins he had committed.

“Please, I want you to refrain from slandering my daughter! Have you seen the devastation in Veilburg? My family is one of the victims!”

Towards Marquis Veil, who had appealed with such dignity, everyone was rendered speechless.

It was Hadith who stood up instead.

This was his chance—Rave was currently away.

“I understand you well.”

“Your Majesty, then, let’s discuss about future support—“


The moment Hadith unsheathed his sword, Marquis Veil, whom was about to laugh, became frozen solid. Then, he incredulously stared at what had just fallen to the floor—

—his left arm.

“H, hiii!”

“Y, y, Your Majesty—!!”

One of the room’s inhabitants fell off his chair, while others visibly tried to escape the room.

Ignoring everything, Hadith smiled at Marquis Veil, who stared back and forth between his fallen left arm and Hadith.

His smile was both gentle and merciful.

“A, ah, my, my arm…”

“Well, armless or not, you’re going to die, so don’t mind that.”

“Hi, hyaaaa—!! You, you Cursed Emperor—!!”

Was it due to his confusion, or because he was a well-trained soldier?

Marquis Veil swung his saber at Hadith using his right arm.

Hadith laughed at his attempt and pierced his right shoulder to the wall.

“Just now, you attacked me, right? Thanks for making it actual treason, how time-saving. Now your family is no more.”

Lifting the edges of his lips, Hadith laughed.

“Both your precious wife and daughter—I’ll kill them.”

“That, that’s unforgiveable…”

“Dead people shouldn’t talk.”

It happened in a flash. Not even Marquis Veil could have foresaw it.

Even after his head was separated from his body, Marquis Veil’s eyes stayed open.

Hadith waved his sword in an attempt to shake off his filthy blood.

“Ah, now my attire is soiled. Prepare the bath.”

“Y, y, y, yes, I shall, soon…”

“After that, execute Marquis Veil’s entire family. I don’t care about their age or gender, kill them all. Don’t leave a single person alive.”

“But, that’s, no way… Your Majesty… then…”

“What, do you want to join them in the afterlife?”

When asked so, the man shook his head.

Hadith mumbled while pondering.

“Great answer. It would be better if you’re always up to the task because I’m expecting you to do more of this in the future—

—that way, I won’t need to kill you.”

Everyone kneeled, their foreheads rubbing the floor.

Such a sight brought a smile upon Hadith’s face.

I’m fine.

Aah, I want to find my bride soon.

He kept smiling.

He would become an emperor that wouldn’t make his parents cry—

—yes, that he shall be, in a future he believed wouldn’t exist.

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