The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

45. The Veilburg’s Murder Suicide (3)

The place where the Goddess appeared was a small, musty, dungeon. There was no sign of other people.

The torches placed at the key points were burning.

Their long shadows quietly swayed.

Sufia had a disturbing smile on her face.

“You came, all the way, to Kratos, just, to kill, me—how, happy, I am!”

“Yes, and it was quite unfortunate that we couldn’t meet during my stay. Even though I ran all over the place solely in the search of you.”

“That’s, because, I want, you, to yearn, and seek for me, more!”

The tone of the Goddess gradually became more fluid—she had adjusted to Sufia’s body.

“All women, are like that, you know?”

The actual Goddess wasn’t there. She was still sealed inside that holy spear kept by the Royal Family of Kratos. The Goddess couldn’t escape from there until she had found a suitable vessel.

The Goddess was female. As such, all women over the age of fourteen could be possessed by her. No one above fourteen years old was exempted from that, save for the Goddess’ true vessel.

But, this could also be considered a chance!

If he stabbed the Goddess with his sword while she was possessing a human female, the Goddess would lost her divinity and a vast amount of power.

The myth proved that she wouldn’t permanently disappear, but for the time being, it would render her immobile—until she found a new vessel and was revived.

Rave offered no objection.

Hadith also wasn’t hesitating in the slightest.

If losing Sufia meant six years of peace, her sacrifice wouldn’t be of much loss to him.

That was the only logical choice.

“What did you do this time?”

The Goddess was obviously wary of the same thing.

That was why Hadith kept her occupied—to not miss that one in a thousand chance.

Hadith knew what would please the Goddess most.

“All, for the sake, of meeting you.”

“Did you kill them while possessing Lady Sufia?”

Without contempt, Hadith begun ascertaining the fact.

Those little girls from before were thrown into this dungeon.

Marquis Veil likely blamed and imprisoned them for inciting Hadith’s disappointment.

They probably couldn’t even comprehend what mistake they had committed in the first place—and, without knowing the truth, they were slaughtered by the Goddess.

He felt sorry for the children—but that was it.

If he showed any sign of weakness for even an instant, the Goddess would jeer and destroy him.

‘You finally understand, right? Now, you know, right?’

‘—that only I can love you.”

That was all the Goddess had ever wanted to say.

“Now that I’ve known that you’re the cause of those dead bodies, I only have hatred for you.”

‘Sufia’ glanced at Hadith’s heavenly sword, before distorting her face in a laugh—

—quite a boisterous laugh it was!

Aah, aaaaah, my Beloved! I’ve grown to love you all the more! That’s very pure of you! Me? I am the one who killed them? No, no, no, you’re very mistaken. I haven’t done a thing!”

“Are you saying that Sufia did it? Don’t make me laugh, she isn’t that kind of woman.”

“You’re right! You’re exactly right! That’s why I want to punish her! How dare she forget her own place! I will remind her that you’re the Emperor! It’s because you came all the way to Kratos just to see me that I arranged a fun little surprise for you! I plan to use this child to do that—hey, hey, have you noticed anything strange!?”

After said laugh, Sufia’s neck bent at an unnatural angle.

Hadith narrowed his eyes—that was when he noticed it; a rope-like mark on her neck…

“This kid is already dead~”

He let out a gasp.

“She was strangled tight~ really, really, tight~ and with a rope, too~. At that time, she was like, real scared~ That was only obvious, though~! To be strangled by her own father like that~!”

“Her… own, father? You mean, Marquis Veil…?”

“Yep, how pitiful of her~! She witnessed it! She witnessed her own father punishing those children! You see, her father was locking those children in a cage! Then, he accidentally killed one of them—long story short, two died—yes, including this person! Riddle me this; what’s the similarity between their deaths? It’s that they both tried to escape! She failed because all she could afford to do was tremble! She couldn’t even muster a single step!

“Don’t listen to her!”

Hadith heard Rave spoke.

But the words of the Goddess always penetrated Hadith’s body like poison.

“Want to know what her Father said to her during her last moment?”

‘Do you think you can do as you please just because His Majesty the Emperor took a bit of interest in you?’

—‘You’re hiding something from me, aren’t you?’

—‘But, it’s all over now.’

—‘No, most importantly—‘

riddle me this, again. Can you guess what she was feeling during her last moments? To be strangled by her own parent like that?”

‘—since the beginning, you shouldn’t have been born.’

“Pitiful~ how pitiful, right~? That’s why I, out of benevolence, wanted to inform you of this girl’s death. After all, even if just a little, you’re interested in her, right? Now~ about this little fun surprise of mine, she’s actually included, you know! I hung her like a piñata, then swung her around! That father of hers actually screamed and ran away when he saw it, isn’t that great~!?”

From Sufia’s eyes, which couldn’t see anything any longer, tears spilled.

Was it Sufia? Or was it the Goddess laughing to the brink of tears?

Hadith gripped his blessed sword.

“Thankfully, you came. I’m so thankful for that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know the truth, right? I’m the Goddess of Love. Naturally, I have to respond to her love. I have to get revenge for her.”


“Ah~ now you’re the pitiful one, even though I just toyed with your heart a little. Aren’t you a cruel man, to show me that kind of gaze? Do you finally understand? You can’t protect anything! The only one you can love is me! Only me!”


Hadith swung his sword ferociously, as if to cut that laugher into nothing.

However, the Goddess that laughed… was currently possessing Sufia.

When the Goddess laughed, Hadith only saw Sufia.

Then, like a puppet with its strings cut, Sufia fell to Hadith’s feet.

Even after the Goddess had escaped, Sufia’s pupils remained wide open.

Despite so, she would no longer talk to him.

She would no longer drink tea together with him or laugh with him.

“Ahahahaha, hwahahahaha, hahaha—!!! Poor you, but rest easy—? I’ll save you, only I can save you—!”

A haze surrounded Hadith. He swung his sword around, but the Goddess’ cackling didn’t stop.

“I will punish those who have hurt you, I’ll make this city a sea of fire, so don’t cry~!!”

“Hadith, get a hold of yourself, at this rate—!”

“…I know.”

In response to Rave’s beckoning, Hadith turned his gaze away from Sufia’s corpse.

Rave also glanced at Sufia for a moment, but said nothing more.

As he moved out, the fire was already spreading at an insane speed.

It might also be due to the strong wind. The city was dyed red all over to the sky.

The townsfolk desperately tried to extinguish the fire to no avail.

Because it was the Goddess’ fire. There was no way for humans to extinguish that kind of fire without magic.

“What do we do?”

“I have no choice but to counter it with your fire, Rave.”

The fire that dragon emitted also burn magic.

If it was the fire of the Dragon God, even the magic of the Goddess would be purified.

Hadith levitated himself to the sky and looked around, before touching Rave.

But Rave didn’t immediately transform as per Hadith’s wish.

“Is this okay?”

“What is?”

“Everyone will think you’re the one who burned the city.”

What Hadith was about to cast was the Flame of Purification. It was the opposite of the Goddess’ fire—the Flame of Immolation. Nevertheless, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

But that was but a trivial matter to Hadith.

“It’s nothing compared to the stigma that will stick to Lady Sufia from now on.”

“You… are right.”

With a sad face, Rave agreed. At the same time, he transformed completely.

“Just don’t overdo it, okay?”

His golden eyes were wide open. The blade of his sword increased in brightness, growing larger and larger before it deformed. It glowed red, as if drenched in blood, and with a single swipe, it spread like a whip with a roar.

Smoke soared from the slash.

The townsfolk who noticed the attack from above screamed and ran away.

“W-what’s that!?”

“N, no way, it’s the Cursed Emperor!”

“The Emperor is burning the town!”

Regardless, Hadith turned his back and swung his sword at the castle. The flame emitted from Hadith’s sword purified and counteracted the Goddess’ flame. Of course, no one was aware of such.

Amidst confusion, the residents flee.

Surely, they would survive. Then, they would make the statement that a dragon was spotted, trying to turn the entire city into ashes.

But, that too, was also a trivial matter.

Compared to the deceased Sufia—

Compared to those deceased children who died just because of a misunderstanding—

Compared to those people who were burnt to death—


“Rave, let’s quickly get rid of this flame.”

Everything is alright.

He could still muster a laugh, after all.

“I’m the Dragon Emperor. I have to protect my people.”

With a gentle tone, Rave let out a relieved sound.



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