I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

38. Being an Adventurer is Truly Fun

“—Tia has been found!?”

Williant exclaimed to the news. He stood up, and the chair made a loud noise.

Kevin softly shook his head.

“I’m just saying that it’s a possibility.”

“That alone is fine. Where is she?”

One month had already passed since then. To the public, Williant disguised the disappearance of his fiancée as recuperating from to illness. But soon, said deception would be rendered useless.

However, even if so, no bad rumors could be tied to their engagement due to Tia always behaving in a manner appropriate as his fiancée.

Even so, there were many that aimed for the position of said fiancée because he was the Crown Prince of Haulfa, a great kingdom.

The good thing about the absent of Tiarize to the public eye was, “The Crown Prince is so concerned about her, he can’t even work properly.” Others even whispered. “He misses her dearly.”

Even if Tiarize truly didn’t flee, the fact remained that she wasn’t there in this kingdom.

It was difficult to upkeep the deception.

Kevin handed the report to Williant. Williant read the several documents at once, his eyes sharp.

Until now, reports concerning the possible whereabouts of Tiarize had been varied. Possibly, those documents too, might not be referring to the actual Tiarize.

But, even a small amount of information was fine, since the entire search had already become akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

He wished it would be Tiarize.

“It’s in the town called Mival, in the Kingdom of Talia.”

“Talia… such a place…”

“According to a report sent by the spy, it seems to be the testimony of a man. The man seems to work in an illegal organization and was tasked by a woman to kidnap her. The kidnapped woman had silver-haired, red-eyed, and was severely injured because she escaped using magic.”

“Silver-haired… and red-eyed…”

It wasn’t difficult to disguise one’s appearance. In fact, Williant often did so, too. He would using one to visit the downtown.

There was no way to be certain that this woman was Tiarize, but it was worth looking into.

“You said she used magic, what kind of magic?”

“It’s a bit ambiguous, fire, or light? The information is quite complicated.”

In that world, the ability to use multiple elements of magic was limited. Williant was one of those special people. He was a genius magician who could use any attribute. Williant exhaled and leaned on his chair. Outside, it had begun snowing. Winter was approaching in full swing.

“Tiarize can only use water and ice… therefore, this woman can’t possibly be Tiarize.”

“That’s likely to be so. What’s your next step, Your Highness?”

“To be honest, it feels like we’re grasping. I’ll dispatch another spy to gather more info, no… come to think of it, I have some public affairs scheduled in Talia next week…”

“Should we still sent the spy, anyway?”

“Yes, arrange me to meet the spy. Relay this message to him.”


Kevin reluctantly bowed and compiled the report. Williant also dipped his pen into the ink stand to reorganize his thought. But he just couldn’t concentrate.

It had already been a month. The more he thought about Tiarize, the more difficult it felt for him.

Are you still alive? Or…

He exhaled for a long time. He mustn’t indulge in such thoughts.

He wanted to believe in Tiarize. Otherwise, he would be crushed by frustration, anxiety, and fear. Williant believed and hoped for Tiarize for the sake of himself. Day and night, he was struggling to locate Tiarize, doing everything he could.

Tiarize, I want to hear your voice, just a word is enough—otherwise, I might break…

Williant shook his head and drove away the thought.

It was really painful, for someone he loved dearly to be missing, her fate unknown…

He had to concentrate on his work. Even so, his condition had worsened recently. At that rate, if Williant didn’t stay strong, he wouldn’t be able to run his kingdom.

Exhaling, Williant turned over to the next page of his document.

—on the other hand, it never occurred to Tiarize that Williant would desperately be seeking her.

She was enjoying her new life as an adventurer.

She was only anxious at first.

After joining the guild, her life became more fun and lively. It was beyond her expectations.

Tiarize knew her appearance was different from that kingdom’s inhabitants, as such, she changed her appearance.

Her hair was the color of milk tea, and her prominent red eyes that were were changed to match the color of her hair.

However, to save on her magic, whenever she returned to the church, she would dispel it.

She especially took a remote alley so no one could see her undergoing the transformation.

She was anxious at first, but after becoming a member of the guild, seeing her rank climb and partaking on more difficult quests became her biggest joys. At first, she only earned a small amount of money which quickly vanished because of food expenses. But after a month, she was able to save money.

In a week, she could get out of the church.

Tiarize sighed—her journey was still long. Even if some money had accumulated, it was still not enough to return to Haulfa.

But, to be honest, her life as an adventurer was becoming fun.

***T/N: I wonder why I got an impression that the Author is eager to skip this arc. Or at least the world building part. If she were to put the word ‘fun’ in the title, then repeat it enough times in the chapter, we will totally take her words for it, yea? “Show, don’t tell.” Who am I kidding, who use such a rule nowaday amirite.

come to think of it, I have some public affairs scheduled in Talia next week…”

Will: i ll save you asap, Love…. How does next week sound?

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