I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

36. Killed

Because of the explosion, my rapier rolled towards me and I instantly grasped it.

I felt relieved—I missed training using this rapier.

I suddenly wanted to see Vioris—nostalgic feelings ransacked my heart.

“Follow my lead.”

A boy stood up. His body was really thin—as if entirely made of bones. However, determination shone from his eyes. I nodded. There was no time to be feeling nostalgic!

“So, you’re familiar with this place?”

“Well, yes, because I’m about to be sold off.”

“Lead the way, then.”

The boy nodded deeply and ran towards the door.

Someone must had noticed the escaped children—instantly, a wind blade flew towards that boy.

My reaction was delayed, and all I could possibly think of was to rush towards him and shield his body—

—but, flame swallowed the wind blade. Due to the blazing fire, I couldn’t see, but I was sure it was Fern.

I rushed ahead, thanking Fern in my heart.

I was biting my lips too hard, the taste of bitter blood spread in my mouth.

After I left the room, I could see a corridor—this building was akin to a government office.

The boy walked down the stairs in the immediate vicinity without being noticed.

I, while holding the fainted girl, waited for the children to finish going down the stairs. I decided to be their cover.

It wasn’t a long distance. Immediately after going towards the door, the entrance of the building could be seen. I met the man who guarded the door.

The man seemed surprised because the entire building was shaking—he was wondering whether or not he should escape. However, when he noticed us, he showed vigilance—

this is probably my last spell.

I casted a spell while holding the girl in my arm.

“ παγάκι(Freeze)!”

After I chanted, my spell activated and ice spread from the man’s feet to his neck. The man was surprised, and couldn’t move.

There was no time to waste.

If I stayed there, reinforcements might come. I didn’t even take any time to adjust my magic.

“Let’s go now!”

I said to the boy who was stunned at the sight of my magic. He then quickly opened the door.

The frozen man made a fuss.

“What are you doing?! Don’t think you can do as you please, you will be killed soon!!”

I thrust my rapier towards his neck, my voice came out cold—colder than I expected.

“If you make any noise, your neck will fly. If you don’t want to suffer that fate, keep your mouth shut.”

For a moment, it was as if the man had ceased breathing entirely.

Alright, now all was settled.

I felt dizzy due to my magic being depleted, but I mustn’t stagger here.

I steadied myself, waiting for the last child to escape. Finally, I escaped from the building, holding the girl.

Outside was a dazzling blue sky—I thought it was ironic.

The boy who left the building first stared at me, unsure where to go.

I immediately approached him.

“Is there a church nearby?”

“Church? Why?”

“You guys may be accepted there. If there are no strange rumors about the church, let us all head there.”

He grew silent, before nodding softly.

The other children’s eyes had begun to shine, too.

With so many children, I was surprised they weren’t making any noise. Then, I realized that it might be because they were previously kidnapped and felt sorry about them.

The boy, showing no hesitation, went towards the back of the building.

There’s a mountain—?

Then, for the first time, I was reminded of the fact that this was no longer the Kingdom of Haulfa. I gasped.

Then, a loud sound resounded—the building had collapsed.

I confirmed the fact that indeed, earlier, we had just emerged from that building.

I bit my lips again, clenched my fist, and went into the mountain.

I thought the boy had black hair, but it turned out that it was reddish brown, instead.

His hair, illuminated by the blue sky, was slightly red, and also slightly brown. Perhaps it appeared black due to being coated in blood and soot.

I wanted to reach the church as soon as possible… I truly hoped they would take in the children.

The entire road there was surprisingly safe—no one had followed us.

We then arrived safely at the church.

The Father was kind and warmly welcomed us. I explained the situation to him—

—when he asked for my name, I answered, “Fern.”

Tia was good, but what if they immediately recognize me as someone of Haulfa?

I mustn’t let the fact that I, the Crown Prince’s fiancée, was missing to leak out.

The Father seemed like a kind person, but I wondered if that kindness of his would extent to outsiders.

Therefore, just in case, I gave Fern’s name instead of mine.

In doing so, I wanted to atone, even if a little.

Be it indirectly or not, I had used her as a decoy.

I escaped at the expense of her life. I had abandoned her—it was the same as killing her.

It frustrated me deeply.

I mustn’t forget this remorse of mine—hence, I chose to be called Fern. It was painful.

Because I was the one who murdered her.

***T/N: Yeah, I failed to catch feelings for Fern’s death.

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