I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

33. Escape (2)

W-what did she just chant?


I suddenly realized its meaning—the word, characterized by “φωτιά”, meant…


I immediately countered with my own magic. In an instant, water poured down from the ceiling.

Since it was out of reflex, I couldn’t adjust it.

Both Fern and I were soaked—however, that mattered not right now—

—Fern had used an offensive spell on me!

I managed to negate it using water, but I was sure that was a fireball spell.

If it had hit me directly, I would have been burnt to death.

In an instant, I distanced myself from her. I kept an eye on Fern.

“Fern, what did you—“

“—don’t you think it’s strange, Lady Tiarize?”


“In the courtyard of a royal palace, a lone noble lady was wandering alone.”


I did think it was suspicious.

But, I thought that there was some reason for her dismay, for her sad expression…

…and I clung to that reason.

I did suspect her, but I didn’t want to doubt her who told me to run at the expense of her own life…

I swallowed before staring straight at her. It must had been quite a sharp gaze I mustered.

However, she only showed a hint of a smile.

“Tiarize, I can’t let you escape form this place.”

“…you were lying to me.”

“…Forgive me, Tiarize. But you shall meet your demise here.”

She uttered with her usual weak voice. Her expression was sad.

“—but why—!? Why would you do this kind of thing—!? Before, you even told me to escape—!! That word, which you staked your life to say, was a lie—!? Not only that, you even wiped my body with a towel despite your stature—!! During the time I was unconscious, you took care of me—!!”

By the end of my words, I found myself screaming.

Fern smiled sadly—as if there was nothing she could do about it.

I didn’t want to assume that Fern’s previous actions were all lies. After all, wasn’t I in a truly vulnerable state before? If she truly wanted to kill me, she would’ve already done the deed while I was still unconscious.

Of all the time, why would she confront me now?

All these unanswered questions frustrated me.

If we didn’t settle this fast, those black robed men would return.

I didn’t feel like fighting while protecting the children. There was also the fact that my magical power was limited. If I didn’t recover it to some extent, there was no way I could hold my ground.


When I called her, her face became bitterly distorted as she chanted—

“ ανάφλεξη(fuel)”

—when she was done, fire pillars rose everywhere.

At this rate, the entire building will catch fire—!!

The children screamed as they noticed what was going on. Even those men were too stunned to even try to break free. The smell of burning. The cries of the children—

—my head throbbed.

“Fern, you…! ύδωρ(water)!”

I screamed at once and created a muddy stream of water.

But, even though I had a magical prowess to some extent, this was the first time I had ever used said spell. In an instant, the room was flooded. The water reached my ankle.

Fern, immediately upon seeing it, followed with another spell.

“ έκρηξη(explosion)”

Fern finished chanting, but I only had a vague idea to what kind of spell it was.

I regretted it severely. I should’ve memorized the spells of other attributes. That would have proven useful in this kind of situation. If I knew what kind of spell it was, I would have been able to deal with it instantly, especially because that was the specialty of my attribute.

I mustn’t dwell on it. I must do something.

At the present, I could only wait until Fern finished casting her spell and see what happened. I was on the losing side.

Her magic activated—small explosions occurred here and there. I raised my hand and started chanting, moving it as if I was manipulating the water’s flow.

My magical power was unleashed, and the water bent unnaturally. The stream exploded and the explosions subsided. The children’s cries worsened.

“Stop, Fern! Tell me your reason!”

“Lady Tiarize wouldn’t understand, hence the pointlessness of explaining!”

Fern screamed back at me for the first time.

I also shouted before chanting another spell, which was partly because of the explosion and flood.

“Aren’t you the one who said as long as you believe, anything is possible—!? Or, was that another lie—!?”

Fern stiffened at my words.

Her light blue hair was soaked, it clung to her face. It was as if she was crying.

“That wasn’t a lie. Those words were true.”

“Then tell me why!”

“It’s the one who said those words to me who lied instead—! My Mother said that to me, but then, Father—the man she believed intricked her, and drove her out of the house—! Eventually, she had to become a whore—! She fell ill, then died—! Those words won’t save me—! I have to do everything in my power to save myself—!”


“You, the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who has only ever tasted the good parts of life, would never understand my circumstances—! Die, please die for me—!”

Fern said so, before laughing. Her face was wet with water, and a distorted smile floated there.

But, for some reason, it as if she was crying.

***T/N: …what’s, what’s this development… I’m lost… so, at first, they came to kill Tiarize? Then the leader changed his mind, and they decided to keep her? Then the actual leader, Fern, changed her mind, and decided to kill her? 

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