I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

32. Escape

“Fern, can you use magic?”

I had almost forgotten to ask her about that.

I gritted my teeth, regretting that I only remembered about it at the last minute.

Fern replied from behind me, puzzled.

“S, sure…? My attribute is, ‘Light’. But I have never once practiced it, so…”

“That’s fine! Brighten this room at once!”

“U, understood!”

Fern said and began chanting magic. Her voice was quivering.

The one who first noticed was the whistling man.

He mustn’t get in the way—I created an icicle to protect Fern.


At the same time, my icicle struck the ground near the man’s feet. He shrieked and jumped back immediately.

It seemed that this man’s physical ability was low. I concluded it from his reaction speed.

Meanwhile, Fern, who finished chanting, raised her hand—


Albeit trembling, her tone was steady. The magic activated.

Immediately, my sight was enveloped in radiance—I had to squint my eyes.

The big man and the whistling man, who didn’t expect that, screamed.

“My eyes, my eyes—!!”

—now is our chance!

I raised one hand, closed my eyes, and imagined that previous sensation.

Vioris was the one who taught me so.

Whenever I wanted to activate my magic, all I had to do was imagine what I hate!

What I hate… I immediately pictured Schmia and His Highness.

But Schmia was detained, and my hate for His Highness had been reduced to that of slight irritation.

Something like a lump felt stuck in my chest.

Still, I casted my spell.

“παγώνω(freeze) παγάκι(ice)!χιονονιφάδα(snowflake)!”

I was worried it wouldn’t work because I no longer felt that previous sensation…

…but it seemed that I had nothing to worry about.

After I finished chanting, I heard the two men shouting. “Uwaaaah—!?” “C, cold—!?”

It seemed that I had succeeded.

The light converged.

Because I was momentarily blinded, my other senses were heightened. The temperature of the room had clearly dropped. If this continued on, the children would freeze.

I looked around after the light had completely gone.

The children had shielded their eyes—some of them had fainted.

It might had been because of the light’s intensity.

my mistake…

I approached the small prison, feeling remorse all the way.

The men were frozen from their chests below. Their eyes were wide open.

Moreover, as a bonus, I added an extra layer of icicles. If they moved without caution, they would get hurt.

I heard the men making noise.

“Oi, if you think you can get away after doing this to us…”

“Be quiet, or the next icicle will be stuck in your throat.”


I said, imitating a threat—no, I was threatening them.

The men were silenced. The whistling man was looking everywhere, while the big one was pale.

I no longer paid them any attention and turned to Fern.

“Since I’ve frozen the cells, they might collapse with a single kick. Fern, let’s free the children.”

“Y, yes!”

Fern and I worked together to kick the prison down and broke the bars.

I thought the children would be frightened, but their eyes stayed bleak—

—was I too late?

I thought so, but I was sure they could still manage.

I took the children out of prison, hugging each one of them to warm their cold bodies.

The children were twenty in total.

I gave my cloak to the one girl whom was severely injured. In fact, she was already unconscious.

What do I do with these men, now?

If they were to be left alone, I was sure the same thing would happen again in the future.

What should I do?

Think, think…!

This was Talia. It would be dangerous to uncover a crime that was purposefully hidden.

Other than that, I was a woman and they were men.

If I took them hostage, it would only spell danger for me. What if they launched a surprise attack before I could finish chanting magic?

“…let’s leave.”

Worry later, escape now.

The actual solution wouldn’t be reached if we stayed here.

I didn’t know when those black robed men would return. We didn’t have much time.

I turned around and was shocked to find that Fern was right behind me.

“Fern? Why are you so close?”

“Eh, uhm, I apologize, Tiarize.”

Fern apologized, but still, she stayed close. I felt uncomfortable, and soon, wariness began to settle in.

She smiled sadly and apologized to me again.

“…Forgive me.”

Then, she closed her eyes and muttered.

“φωτιά(fire) καύση(combustion) σπινθήρας(spark)”


///Fern: “SHIT!!! She isn’t dumb enough to go back to her own room after being told so by a clearly bad guy!?!?!? OK I SHALL FINISH HER MYSELF!”

…seriously tho, is this how people do plot twist nowaday? Introduce a new character, give about one peculiar clue that may as well be missed because its, um, one, make em’ intermingle with the main chara a little, then BAM, ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, that’s what author did to Amilia, and also Schmia…? In Amilia’s case, there’s literally no build-up. A few chapters back, she’s literally saying, “everyone who breaks their engagement for whatever reason is a reincarnator!” and I’m sorry, that’s a generalization that is too hard to stand with.

In Schmia’s case… even though the Author did tell us it’s a fantasy world, she never gave us clue about the magic being more than just elemental. And it’s also only now that we learn about Tiarize’s attribute being good at support… (what, but, eh?! So if you coat, let’s say, a fire-elemental sword with ice, the fire will burn hotter!?) ” infer from the story and conclude it yourself”–how am I supposed to do that when the rule of this world is basically withholded by the Author? Yes, withhold, I’am seeing a pattern, here.

///BAM ON YOUR FACE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

///Author-san then starts to infodump us about the rule of the world that supposedly existed since the start but she only tell us now so we won’t foresaw her twist beforehand.

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