I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

30. Kingdom of Talia


I couldn’t refuse.

I could hear a voice calling my name from behind me, tinged with fear.

“…Lady Tiarize…”

If I adhered to their command, I would surely be in danger. I wouldn’t be able to return to this place.

I hesitated, but soon opened my mouth.

The man on my right warned the others, thinking I was about to chant a spell. He was the first to throw another iron stake.

“Lady Tiarize, please run!”

At that moment, Fern shouted.

As soon as I turned around, I saw the man was trying to gag her using a piece of cloth. The volume of her voice must had surprised them.

He pushed a piece of cloth into her mouth to keep her silent. But even after she was gagged, her gaze towards me remained determined.

…I didn’t know what to expect if I escaped from there.

The man said he would kill Fern if I run.

—yet she still told me to run?

“…I shall follow you.”

I raised my hands to indicate no resistance. The man in front of me stared at my hands before murmuring.

“σκοτάδι(darkness) κατακλινεσθαι(engulf).”

As soon as he finished chanting, my field of vision grew hazy—

it must have been some kind of sleeping spell.

My vision was dark. Towards the forced slumber, I relinquished my consciousness.

My attributes were ice and water, which were actually more advanced than other attributes. My attributes, if honed properly, could supplement the magic of other attributes.

Ice and water could be manipulated freely to cover the weak points of other attributes.

But still, said attributes couldn’t hold a candle to the royal family. Their magic was monster level. It was not for ordinary folks to catch up to.

Immediately before losing consciousness, I recalled His Highness, who possessed an incredible amount of magic and used to make me smile back then…

…that said, I also hadn’t answered His Highness’ question.

“Hey, Tia, do you love me?”

If I knew this would happen, I should had just answered back then.

But how should I answer that?

After all, I still couldn’t comprehend my own feelings.

When I woke up, it was in a dim room with a rotten stench.

“Where is this…?”

My voice was shriller than I thought. Apparently, I was lying in a bed. The bed felt solid, it was also small.

This was how a commoner’s bed probably felt.

where am I?

How long was I asleep? When I sat up, the bed creaked. At the same time, the wooden door opened.

“Lady Tiarize…! You’re finally awake…!”

Fern, the girl with light blue hair, came in.

When I looked at her face, I remembered what transpired almost instantly.

That was right, I was taken away by those suspicious men in black robes…

where is this?

Looking at Fern, she brought a bucket filled with water and a towel.

…what do you want to do?

“Lady Fern, what is this place?”

My mouth was dry hence, my voice was raspy.

Fern squeezed the towel after immersing it in a bucket of water.

What was she doing? She was a Countess, right?

“…Lady Tiarize, we’re currently in Talia.”

“The Kingdom of Talia…?”

Fern set the bucket aside and stood at the bedside. Her expression was haggard.

“First, let’s wipe your body. I’ll bring your meal.”

“Ah, eh, but…”

I couldn’t comprehend anything at all.

Talia was one of the kingdoms located to the West of Haulfa Kingdom. It was a mid-sized kingdom. Its previous king was infamous for being foolish, causing friction within the kingdom. For a period of time, everyone was aiming for his neck. In the end, he gave up the throne to the crown prince and things had calmed down.

I couldn’t hide my embarrassment of being in a kingdom that I had only learned about in class.

Why would they take us here of all the places?

Fern wiped the sweat on my forehead using the towel. Only now did I realize that the water was actually warm.

“Did you know that Talia is a human-trafficking kingdom?”


I gasped.


About two hundred years ago, such a thing was banned in Haulfa Kingdom.

It was literally the act of selling people for money. I had never heard off such things happening in Talia…

In the first place, human-trafficking had been banned almost everywhere in the continent because it was an unacceptable crime. Talia shouldn’t have been exempted from that?

“…Talia is secretly carrying out human-trafficking, and through said business, has been funding its government.”


“This venue is where the trafficking takes place. Looks like we were brought to help with their illegal trafficking…”

While talking, Fern’s face turned blue.

I, myself, blanked. My heart raced. I didn’t know what to do or what I should do. However, one thing was certain—

—I wasn’t in Haulfa, the kingdom where I was born and raised, but in another kingdom…

It wouldn’t be easy to return to my kingdom.

I was dizzy.

I wanted all of this to be a dream.

I wanted to be an adventurer, but I also didn’t want to start my journey when I was still as unskillful as this!? Everything was really unexpected.

Until just before, Fern and I were talking; Kevin guided me to the hall…

…those nostalgic feelings shredded my heart.

There was also the possibility that returning home was a mere pipe dream.

…We were both noble ladies with nothing but each other, whom were stranded on a foreign land.

“Lady Tiarize, everything’s going to be alright. I’m sure we can return!”

Fern encouraged me. When I looked at her, she was visibly pale, but she still tried to smile.

why can you laugh at such a time?

Is she trying to be optimistic?

No, I was sure she was trying to not disturb me. Quite lively, she was.

I thought she was but a sheltered noble lady, but maybe she was stronger than I thought.

By the way, she had indeed told me to run when we were surrounded…

I talked to Fern, starting to calm down, and even managed to laugh a bit…

“How do you know that? We might not be able to return, you know…”

“My Mother always told me: ‘Everything is possible as long as you believe.’”

…therefore, she really is just being hopeful…

Judging from her face, it didn’t seem like she had any kind of precise solution either.

I exhaled and looked around. As long as I believe, huh?

But what was I supposed to believe in this kind of situation?

I wondered if I could return to Haulfa Kingdom…

Thinking about that only disturbed me more, as such, I decided to take a breather and be optimistic—

I’m going home! I’m going home and then I’m going to break off my engagement—then, an adventurer I shall be!

I mustn’t despair just because of this. I had a strong weapon, namely ice magic! If I could take advantage of this, then surely, the chance to escape would arise!

It may be steep, but I felt a little calmer after setting my goal—that was, to return home.

***T/N: When I read this part:

I, myself, blanked.

The good ol’ 2 gb ram PC owner side of me went, “oh GOD here we go again. Tia.exe has crashed again…” Thank God it wasn’t for long.

In the first place, human-trafficking had been banned almost everywhere in the continent because it was an unacceptable crime. Talia shouldn’t have been exempted from that?

Then what about Schmia and the murder(s) she supposedly committed? I’m sure murder is banned EVERYWHERE in the world… Schmia shouldn’t have been exempted from that? 

My point is, Tia, you above all people should’ve known even if a rule existed to ban it, certain people/ group will always be there to break said rule. But hey, maybe Author is just trying to show us how truly sheltered she is, despite she supposedly going to downtown frequently and even catching some of their slangs. Maybe it’s the aristocrat-vip-only area of the slums.

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