The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

10.4 The Decorative Trees and Evemeria

For some reason, Dilvier shook his head at Dia’s confession.

It was also time for the Babelclair Mass to end.

The courtyard of the Royal Palace would soon be filled with security knights, officials working at the Royal Palace, and other aristocrats and royalty.

Dia wondered if people would deem her as suspicious, walking with that man like this…

Fortunately, Dilvier recovered before someone passed by.

“…Just in case, why did you think he was a prince?”

“My father told me that he’s the relative of the person on the throne. Due to his appearance, I immediately concluded that he was a prince, however, is the truth different…?”

“Noin is the brother of the Spirit King of the Midnight.”

“Therefore, he wasn’t a prince back then?”

“Yes. There’s no such thing as a child who succeeds the throne in our world. Instead, there’s a rule that determines those who are in charge of our world in advance. Only those who measure up with that number will be chosen. Those who are deemed as unworthy will be derived when necessary. Those in charge of those roles are mainly demons, but some spirits have similar lineage—there’s also the genealogy of the night—you, as an inhabitant of this land, surely know of the Spirit of Death, yes?”

…no way.

When Dia talked to Noin about wanting to marry the Prince, did Noin perhaps misunderstand her?

From the perspective of Noin, it may seem as if she had decided to marry some prince out of nowhere and he couldn’t help but pity her.

Moreover, if he heard her making such a remark even after coming to the royal palace, it would be unavoidable for him to misunderstand that she harbored some extraordinary obsession towards Richardo.

“But, but I was sure, I overheard someone talking to Noin, referring to him as the King of Midnight’s child or something…”

“Ah, such an impression too, exists in our world. There’s an impression that everyone of the night genealogy are the children of the Midnight King.”

“…How misleading!”

Dia’s mouth could only hang open.

Due to her not knowing her mistake, did her father perhaps think she was in love with an actual prince?

Or maybe he merely thought of it as a childish crush, and she was calling the person she admired a prince?

“…I think it would be better if you convey this to the King immediately. After all, that man too, misunderstands.”

“…I don’t think so. Wouldn’t it be a bad omen if someone whom didn’t let go of a childhood promise blabbered about it after this long? That wouldn’t only be scary, but also unbearable. Please don’t tell Noin about this.”

“…A bBad omen?”

“Or, should it be called a ‘curse’, or a ‘hindrance’, instead? I don’t know what the correct term for it is in the spirit society…”

“You mean, how this action might be perceived?”

“I just noticed it recently, but isn’t it a bad thing for a human to be served by a spirit? I mean, Noin’s exquisite dishes are being enjoyed by such a pitiful being…”

Dilvier clutched his head.

No, it didn’t end at that extend.

He then fell to the snow covered ground, hugging both knees.

Again, Dia worried what might someone think if they saw her in that kind of situation.

Eventually, Dilvier rose slowly. His eyes were dark.

“—in short, you remember that you were married to him at the ball of the Kingdom of the Night?”

“…Oh, that moment when he told me that if I became his bride, he would treat me to delicious meals every day? But, isn’t that just something he mischievously said to please a little child? There’s no way he meant that, right?”

“All words have magic in them. Without human’s consent, we couldn’t proceed with the courtship.”

Dilvier said so, once and for all.

Dia shook her head silently.

“Please think twice… I was six at that time. Since Noin is a wonderfully nice man, there’s no way he was being serious when he said that. He was just being nice to the child me…”

“Ah, humans questions even such things. From our point of view, human age matters not. After all, humans grows in a blink of an eye to us. Especially for spirits. It’s not uncommon for a spirit to propose on spot, even if the other person is a baby, as long as their heart desires for said someone.”


“Lady Dia?”

Dia’s mind was still not functioning properly. As such, how was she supposed to process Dilvier’s words?

Towards her honesty, the fFairy smiled—she had no choice but to shake her head in a hurry.

Those words he previously said… those were actual courtship!?

She got nothing but shivers when she imagined him seriously asking for a six year old toddler’s hand in marriage.

Other than that, she envied the purity of her six year old self’s heart, who thought nothing about his supposed courtship.

Even if six year old Dia fell in love with Noin—or even if the current Dia fell in love with him again, there was a difference in rationality for Dia who was now sensible.

But the fact remained—it was too shocking.

“The truth is, human beings should be wary of eating the meals that spirits cooked for them, because the act of eating the meals given by them—…marriage, yes, for the spirits, it’s close to that. There are spirits who become obsessed with someone and obtained the person by using such a method in a deceptive way.”

Howa, I now hear the word ‘marriage’ loud and clear.”

What terrifying creatures they are! Dia remarked in her heart. She was even more put off now.

B-but, if those words of his were real, why is Noin trying to enjoy seeing my last moment before I die?

When she thought about that, Dia suddenly grew relieved.

It was something her father told her many times, and even young Dia was misled by it.

Noin believed she had a change of heart. She had moved on to the First Prince of Fashitar.

He also didn’t know the prince she was referring to was him, since he wasn’t one. He was instead the brother of the Spirit King of the Night Kingdom.

Indeed, in this world, just how many people are killed because of love?

Even in fairy tales, under the promise of love, how many people agreed to kill their enemies?

The non-humans would never forgive those who had broken their promises.

It was also to be noted, the spirit’s revenge was the most brutal and horrible.

***T/N: In my opinion, this misunderstanding is one of the most well-done and with solid foundation, with all the world building and how much emphasizes the Author scattered around all the chapters regarding the difference between human and nonhuman.

This misunderstanding just bring that difference to the spotlight all the more. They are just different entities in overall, what is normal to Dia isn’t to him, and so is the otherwise. They have different customs, traditions, outlook, position, rules–such that I just can’t deem this misunderstanding to be something that happened because of cliche. This misunderstanding is no longer something that happened out of sheer dumbness and mere plot contrivance.

Tl;dr : Yeah Noin’s a creepo but still a gazillion times better than Ricardo.

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