The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

10.3 The Decorative Trees and Evemeria

“Hahaha. I just thought that I have to convey my gratitude to you. Although I can’t make your wish come true, I’m sure you’ll find your prince someday.”

“…My, prince—?”

“Huh? Have you forgotten? The prime minister told me, back then, when you’re still six year old, you vehemently rejected the notion of being engaged because you would only marry the prince you met at the ball. When I heard that story, I was so happy that my cute little cousin remembered that night.”

It was a completely unexpected response, and Dia fluttered her eyes.

Changing another’s childhood love story as you please!

Even if she had danced with Richardo somewhere in time, that memory didn’t remain in Dia’s head.

The only prince she recalled ever dancing with was the Prince of the Kingdom of the Night, who caught her about to steal the spirits’ food. However, instead of reporting her to the adults, he smiled and secretly prepared a feast that Dia could have.

“…I, during childhood, I often danced with Lord Richardo?”

“Huh? Could it be, your aforementioned prince wasn’t me?”

“Eh… is that a problem?”

Silence descended. For some reason, the wind was also quiet. The ornamental tree was wrapped in serenity.

The atmosphere was so awkward, Dia lowered her head, unsure what to do.

Richardo was tilting his head, pondering if Dia’s aforementioned prince was Jillreid instead.

It would be bad if the prince in the picture book became the topic, she had to steer the conversation into another direction. She also couldn’t retract her previous words.

Wait, wait, I’ve utterly forgotten of Dilvier’s existence!

To somehow salvage the situation, and end that conversation without leaving a bitter impression on the Clavis night, Richardo smiled as if troubled before excusing himself.

“…Lady Dia.”

“…Y, wait, Dilvier! You’re too close!”

When he called, Dia realized that Dilvier was right behind her. Their proximity was such that they would surely crash if she turned back.

For some reason, she was dragged.

“I feel like I heard something that contradicts the King’s story. Isn’t the man who has occupied your mind since you were a child the First Prince of this kingdom? Answer me, I’ve set up the sound barrier.”

“Huh…? Me, towards Lord Richardo?”

“Yes, the King said so to me. He said that even after your engagement with that man was broken, that man still wouldn’t leave your mind.”

“Where do I start… first, how did Noin come to such a conclusion? My engagement with Richardo was but a contract to tie me down. Also, the entire time I’ve been in the Royal Palace, he has acted as my guardian. Regarding my own feelings, I can’t say that I despise him from the bottom of my heart, but that’s due to my gratefulness to him as his step cousin…”

Due to oppressiveness of the serious situation, and because she felt as if she were being hunted by an uncertain sense of crisis, Dia inadvertently spilled her own feelings.

After she had finished talking, she thought back to what the fFairy had told her—

—it couldn’t be that he also thought that she loved that fairy tale-hating First Prince, right!?

However, because he was a fairy, she readily forgave him.

Suddenly, she remembered that one of fairy’s skill was hypnotism, or charming people.

“…Then, who’s the prince that you’ve been crazy about since childhood?”

“Well, since it’s a little personal and also a delicate problem for a maiden’s heart, I choose to refrain from replying.”

“Please ignore those—who is it?”

Gununu, how could you cast aside a maiden’s sentimental feelings like this!?”

“You mentioned earlier about the prince in a picture book… Noin himself also said that you were in tears when you were told you can’t marry said prince… therefore, it’s only natural to assume that that prince is a real person.”


Once again, she was stunned when he pointed out things she had forgotten.

Aside from Richardo’s misunderstanding, she should had never told those things to Noin.

Rather, why would she tell him of such things?

“Wait, wait, tell me what he told you in detail, please!? I don’t remember that at all, there’s a lot of misunderstandings in there!”

“…The picture book in your story, it’s the one mentioned by the Second Prince, right? The book that contained something about the King of the Night Kingdom, which was kept in the house of the Gilasfi…?”

“…Mu, mugu, at that time, Dilvier wasn’t in the room, but why do you know of my conversation with the Second Prince…?”

“I was there. To be exact, I erased my presence. I was watching the entire scene.”

Dia suddenly grew uneasy at the words of Dilvier.

Did these non-humans know how scary it was for a human to be spied on from the shadows?!

However… Dilvier, who realized she was shaking in fear, loosened his expression and smiled—as if taking pity on that little maiden.


Was it strange to say that there were wings even if they were hidden?

Acting like the wings were there all along, he acted as if he had spread them. His hair gently swayed. Standing firmly, Dilvier stared at Dia.

“Lady Dia, won’t you answer my question?”

“…It’s a maiden’s secret…”

“How about this? In return, I’ll answer one of your questions. It can be about the antidote for the snow daffodil’s nectar, or even why Noin had injured his arm. Or do you want a special dessert for today’s supper?”

“De, dessert!”

The beautiful fFairy let out a lustrous but annoying grin as he watched a foolish human gleamed.

“Okay then. Not only will I answer one of Lady Dia’s questions, I’ll also prepare a special dessert for supper.”

Alright—! …Mugu—!?”

“What a good responce, therefore, proceed with your decision.”

Dia had nodded instinctively, betraying her heart. She was now stunned—what just happened?

Answering Dilvier’s question at this point wouldn’t do any good for Dia.

Someone who admitted their love for someone who was encouraging her to die would only weaken themselves.

However, the other party was a fairy who had lived for a long time, while Dia was merely a human.

“Lady Dia, who is the prince that you yearn for?”

Mugu… gugigigi…”

“Not answering is bad, you know? Shall I tell you what happens when you break your promise to a fairy?”

“Your ‘children’ will eat me from the inside out?”

“Not really. That’s just a measure to empty the inside of a prey. Those who break their promises with a fairies will be torn apart, each part of them will be keep alive, before being stuffed into a small box, and being dragged by a fairy carriage.”

“…I won’t break my promise.”

“Or we might turn your body into a bed for an apple fairy. For about 100 years, you will be slowly ripped apart by the seedling and root of the apple fairy.”

“I promise to respond honestly.”


Dia, who realized that man must never be disobeyed, wanted to get ahold of her past-self who dared to grab that fairy’s wings with both hands and shake her.

Now she had to confess about something that she never wanted anyone else to know.

“…It’s, Noin… back when I was still a child, my parents took me to the castle of the Night King. Then, I danced with Noin, who was still a prince back then.”

“…I see.”


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