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Extra 3.3 The Melancholy of Rose Garden

“Riol! We’re almost at the summit, please do your best to hold on a little more!”

“Miss, this is bad, the face of Botchan is as blue as the sea.”

On the other hand, two days after the discussion of the Rose Garden, Sharina and the others were on a journey in the sky.

“I’m sorry… before we get to my home… at the very least, I want to step on the ground and be refreshed by the wind…”

“Alright, once we get over the mountain, we’ll stop just a little away from Botchan’s house.”

They were flying at their highest altitude yet in order to cross the steep mountains that bordered the Glen’s territory.

“Look as far away as you can to reduce the motion sickness… Riol, do you want to stand? I can support you.”

“No, I’m fine… in truth, I can’t even feel my legs anymore…”

It was their last day of the air travel and they were about to reach the Glen’s territory. Riol, who was leaning back and forth in the corner of the gondola, was still suffering from motion sickness.

Apollo and Sharina were the type who didn’t get motion sickness at all, as such, they tended to forget that it was actually strange for people not to get motion sickness while being that high up at breakneck speed.

However, it was also strange for people to be so under motion sickness, they would be on the brink of death just after a few minutes of departure…

“Botchan! Don’t die—! Ah… there are bags under his eyes, as I thought, he didn’t get much sleep yesterday…”

“Apollo! Riol says that he always has bags under his eyes—it’s not just because he can’t sleep or is sick—but because he’s always studying late into night! Behold, the proof of his effort—!!”

“Miss, stop talking please, your voice is making it more unbearable for his head…”

Apollo took control of the situation and stopped Sharina who started to talk like a waterfall.

It was unusual for Sharina to stop talking when it came to Riol, but at the sight of how sick he was, she managed to stop herself.

“I shall keep in mind to not select too distant of a place for our next honeymoon.”

“…What are you talking about, Miss…?”

“What? So this isn’t a honeymoon…?”

Sharina, who tried to alleviate the mood by joking, jumped up when she heard Riol muttered this “—eh!? Obviously, that’s what I have in mind—!?”

What she had once planned to leave as a joke had now turned into a real intention.

“What, could it be, Riol shares the same thought as me? Oh, my, Riol~”


“Ah, no good, Miss, Botchan has lost consciousness.”

“Eeeh!? No way, Riol—!”

Apparently, such were his last words before losing consciousness in a stunned state.

Sharina screamed his name while supporting his body, which had completely lost its power and surrendered to gravity.

“Well, because Botchan has fainted, things will be easier for him from now on? After all, I will be raising the altitude further from here. Miss, I’m going to raise our altitude, now!”

“I understand. I’ll notify you when Riol wakes up.”

As soon as Apollo sent a signal, the gondola suddenly increased in altitude in a flap. Certainly, it would be tougher for Riol if he was conscious.

“Honeymoon …fufu, so it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this is a honeymoon…!”

“Miss, you’re exaggerating.”

Apollo had to retort in Riol’s stead.

By the way, when he heard about that at a later date, Riol had no recollection about it at all.

As such, Sharina was a little depressed.

***Author’s Note: Riol is quite dere when he’s on the verge of losing consciousness.

**T/N: It’s fine, Author-sama. We accept Riol for who he is, a 99% tsun and 1% dere–quickly whisper to the readers: QUICK! GIVE ME THE FRYING PAN, WE SHALL KNOCK THIS GUY SO HE’LL BE ON THE ~VERGE~ OF LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS! YES, I AM THAT DESPERATE FOR SHARIOL!!!!!

We shall be waiting for more extras, Author-sama.

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