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Extra 3.2 The Melancholy of Rose Garden

“…D, don’t be like that. I’m sure you’ll like it! Both the sandwiches and cookies were prepared using the finest ingredients…”

“How tedious. I don’t know how you managed to look into my relationship and my Cat, but, plain imitating such superficial parts is very hideous of you! Rosalind Ariarose, you don’t understand about what’s beneath—about what truly matters!”

Tsktsktsk… such was the sound Leonardo made with his mouth as he pointed his index finger at Rosalind. If Sharina were there, Rosalind would have passed that insult to her, saying “you’re the one who doesn’t understand—!”

“Do you think you can ensnare me just by preparing cookies made using a few unusual ingredients, or a sandwich whose volume is increased with meat and eggs—? Just so you know, with just a single request of mine, be it rare cuisine, overseas’ delicacies as well as domestic—or even a whole dragon roasted, would be prepared in an instant—! Because I’m the Prince of the great Kingdom Elgacia—!”

Unlike his terrible face up until this point, Leonardo started to smile in good mood and began talking with exaggerated gestures. However, his smile was very unpleasant to see. It was plain as day, he was taunting a person he hated.

“It’s not the rare ingredients, or the chunks of meat I’m attracted to. It’s the intention, the process, and the sincerity of wanting to please the person who eats it that I favor. You, who has spent her entire life drowning in superficial things such as status and wealth would never understand that.”

Good grief—he shook his head, sighing in amazement.

There was no single excerpt in the past, present, or the future of Sharina acting with the sincerity of wanting to please Leonardo, but Leonardo would never understand that.

“But that’s—! If it’s about to please your Highness, we absolutely won’t lose to that girl—! Both the cookies and sandwiches we prepared, our number one intention is to make Your Highness happy—!”

’Prepared’—more like, ‘task my servants to prepare’, right?”

This time, Rosalind couldn’t say anything back. Indeed, she had copied everything—the dishes, but with better ingredients—except the ‘homemade’ part.

In fact, she actually knew that was the biggest reason Leonardo was attracted to that girl.

Fuun—as expected, and you expect me to attend such a stiff luncheon, eating savory sandwiches prepared by your chef? She’s waiting for me today under the shades of trees in that courtyard. She has prepared for me a homemade dish that is so much more valuable than that.”

The homemade cooking Sharina prepared was never meant to be put into that man’s mouth, no matter how offensive that would be. In fact, she found such a Narcisstalker absolutely uncalled-for.

Unfortunately, there was no one to point out such sad facts there.

The Narcissist, who was completely in the dark about reality, then muttered to no one in particular. “Before the dance party, I couldn’t meet her for a while… I’ve must made her lonely…”

“Alright, that’s it, don’t waste my precious time anymore.”

Looking down at Rosalind, Leonardo snorted in triumph. Then, he returned to his classroom without ever looking back.

Rosalind was left alone in the hall.

“Ugh, even though she’s just an airheaded, clueless, girl—!!!”

She muttered so in hatred after Leonardo had vanished within the class.

In her deep blue eyes, which were akin to midwinter, a fiery flame of intense anger was burning—to the point that they could melt even ice of absolute zero temperature.

“I can’t let everything proceeds as it is…!”

That girl obviously wouldn’t heed Rosalind’s advice.

That girl with light, refreshing, blue eyes and fluffy strawberry blonde hair. That girl, whom Leonardo lovingly referred to as his ‘Cat’, whom was adored by him—

—indeed, she certainly was cute. She exuded that aura of fragility, which attracted men to protect her.

However, beneath all of that was a slutty cat who tried to wrap fiancé of others around her little finger.

It was unbearable. Rosalind couldn’t overlook that girl anymore.

That was right—! Her fiancé would head to that courtyard to meet that girl today—!

Rosalind rushed in search of her colleagues, trying her utmost to prevent said meeting.


While remembering the events of that day—

“—we didn’t say anything wrong at that time! In fact, everything we said was the truth!”

Rosalind trembled in anger as she placed the teacup on the table. She looked over the Rose Garden members and proclaimed in a dignified voice.

The events of that day happened because Rosalind went to see Sharina Clydea, who had ignored her advice after the welcome party, and planned a lunch date with Leonardo. That time, she brought along all the members of the Rose Garden.

“You’re right! You’re very right! In front of His Highness, she plays the victim!”

Violet Rodriguez agreed immediately.

“But, His Highness is also in the wrong—! Holding that girl’s shoulder… in the first place, he already has us, his fiancée candidates, how can he overlook us for that girl—!”

Camilla Garry inadvertently arrived at the actual truth while she was fuming in anger.

“Sshhh! When you think about it, it’s only natural, Lady Camilla! That Earl’s daughter is the one who’s at fault, here! In an imperceptible manner, she has confused His Highness! Don’t transfer the responsibility to His Highness, he’s not at fault, he’s also the victim of this situation!”

Imelda Campbell scolded her, while trying to control her own rage.

“Please calm down, everyone. We mustn’t argue anymore about the past. What should be discussed now is the future. What shall our next move be?”

It was Rosalind—who until a second ago, was shaking in anger—who calmed everyone down.

In fact, she now acted like the calmest amongst everyone.

“…Our next move? Well, there’s obviously no use in trying to advise that inquisitive Earl’s daughter, anymore…”

Violet also calmed down and uttered while tilting her head.

“That’s obvious… but, I’m talking about a more specific problem. An invitation to His Highness’ coming of age party will be sent to the House of Clydea next week. My brother-in-law, Edward, told me so.”

“W-wha—!? At such a time—!? What is she plotting this time—!?”

“How, how shameless of her—!!”

The information provided by Rosalind made Camilla and Imelda tremble in a mix of anger and surprise.

It was exactly as she had said. Next week, Leonardo’s coming of age celebration party would be held. The preparation to select and invite which guests had been underway for months.

Even if it was due to some mistake, in such a nick of time, there was no way a Countess of a countryside would be allowed to join the party.

“W, what kind of evil method did she use this time—!?”

“I don’t know. But I take it that she’s finally on the attack. Everyone, please keep this in mind for the party next week. She’s probably planning something extreme.”

Due to the newly acquired information and the serious voice of Rosalind, the Rose Garden’s members had renewed their attitudes.

…No one knew Sharina was on a Gigant Eagle because she didn’t want to take any part in the party, that she was currently flying to the Glen Territory, far away from the Royal Capital.

***T/N: Keep in mind I don’t come up with that ‘Narcisstalker’–nor did the Author. Google did–when I tried to find a befitting title for him. So I take it even Google hate his ass.

Rosalind Ariarose, you don’t understand about what’s beneath—about what truly matters!”

You mean feelings? Those things you keep failing to take into account?

Guys guys, wait for the next part of this extra, the final part–it has Riol and Sharina!

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