The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 3.1 The Melancholy of Rose Garden

  • This happened during the time Sharina and Riol went to the Glen Territory with the Gigan Eagle. The members of Rose Garden are talking about their recollections.


“What a terrible predicament we are in…”

After just one sip, Rosalind placed her tea cup back down on the saucer. Her beautiful, doll-like, face was slightly distorted.

“I still can’t believe it. There’s no way in the world His Highness Leonardo would favor such a girl! Such a pompous, airhead, uncouth noble girl—she’s way ahead of herself!”

Violet Rodriguez, who sat at the same table as Rosalind, shrieked. She could no longer contain her overflowing irritation.

“You’re right, indeed, Violet. That noble girl is by far the worst ever candidate to be the nation’s mother to grace this Earth…”

“Woe is me, how could this happen…”

Camilla Garry and Imelda Campbell nodded simultaneously—sharing the same feelings.

At of the moment, Rosalind and the others were on the rooftop of the Fala Rubia Academy. It was a greenhouse where only the Prince of Elgacia and Rose Garden members were allowed to enter. Such was the custom of the school for generations.

This was a place for the future king and his fiancée candidates to interact regularly and deepen their bonds. But, indeed, the figure that played the main role in deciding his future Queen and concubines—Leonardo—was nowhere to be seen.

He was probably having lunch with his Beloved Cat under the grooves in that courtyard… He would be eating the amateurish handmade sandwiches and cookies prepared by that girl.

Inside Rosalind’s mind, the terrible thing that had just happened the other day was conjured up vividly.

Her right hand, which was holding the teacup on the saucer, trembled with anger.


Time wound to the next day. It was just after one of the annual events of Fala Rubia Academy—the freshman welcome party.

“Good morning, Your Highness Leonardo. I hope your day goes well.”

Rosalind, who arrived much earlier than usual, snuck in to the corner of the hallway overlooking the classroom entrance. Then, pretending she was happening to pass by, she greeted Leonardo.

Yesterday, at the dance party, she had advised Sharina, who left the venue with Leonardo.

However, that senseless girl, who dared to approach the Prince even after knowing he had fiancées, would most likely not give up merely because of such advice.

Then, if Sharina didn’t intent to stop approaching Leonardo, the least Rosalind could do was prevent Leonardo from approaching Sharina. Rosalind had been devising a plan on how to monopolize Leonardo’s attention and time all for herself.

Fuun. Just by seeing your irritating face, my day is already ruined. Go back to your class.”


However, as soon as Leonardo saw Rosalind, his face immediately scrunched up—as if he was ready to throw up at any given moment.

“Y-Your Highness, please don’t say such a thing… Isn’t this the time for your weekly luncheon with us—the Rose Garden—on the rooftop greenhouse? I’m here to remind you of the invitation…”

Even though Rosalind was frightened by Leonardo’s cold tone—which was the exact opposite of the sweet voice he would use when he was with his Beloved Cat—she immediately recovered and resumed her talk.

It was already a usual thing for her. Indeed, when he was with his fiancée candidates, he was always cold. She was already used to that—there was no use getting hurt, now.

Despite so, when Rosalind thought about that girl, who could extort the words of love from Leonardo with ease, as if she could calm down—!

Fuun. That kind of meritless, valueless, thing is undeserving of my time. There are four of you, what’s wrong with the four of you just eating together as it is?”

“B-but that doesn’t make any sense. Wasn’t this dictated by the King? For us to share a meal to deepen our fellowship with Your Highness once every week?”

Leonardo didn’t even bother mask his unhappiness towards Rosalind, who was suddenly persistent. Usually, Rosalind would relent and leave the issue. However, today, she didn’t seem keen on doing so.

Until now, no matter how cold Leonardo behaved towards the Rose Garden, Rosalind was fine with it. Because he treated every women like that. Because he preferred to not give any special treatment to anyone—or so she thought.

If until the end, Leonardo’s heart was unmoved, per the law of the houses, he would still have to oblige and decide on a Princess. Objectively speaking, Rosalind, the eldest daughter of the Duke Ariarose, who was the second most powerful family after the royalty, was the best candidate for a Princess.

That was why Rosalind couldn’t keep her calm when a mere nobody of a girl suddenly appeared and threatened not only her status, but the Rose Garden’s as whole.

It was the first time such had ever happened.

“How many times do I have to repeat myself—!? What an annoying woman—!! There’s no need to tell me twice—! I’m going back, now. Obviously, I won’t attend your worthless lunches—!”

Leonardo, who seemed to have given up on trying to turn Rosalind away, decided to ignore her completely and turned his back to her with a swift wave of his hand.

“Please wait, Your Highness—! Don’t say it’s worthless—! At today’s lunch party, we’ve prepared something that Your Highness would definitely like—!”

Rosalind desperately rushed to step in front of Leonardo. Once he entered the classroom, there was no way he would heed to anything she would say anymore. He spat out a little, offended, noise, however, he didn’t continue.

“…Ha? I wonder what the hell you’ve prepared. You better say it now. I absolutely won’t forgive you if it turns out to just be a waste of my time.”

He might had realized things would become progressively more troublesome if he ignored the adamant, noisy, Rosalind. Leonardo stopped—no, was forced to stop—and stared at Rosalind. His face was full of disgust.

“Well, we’ve prepared sandwiches… It’s a hearty sandwich, filled with hamburger, a sunny-side-up egg, and lettuce… There’s also a dessert called ‘Matcha’—cookies mixed with the exotic green tea; which is basically tea leaves steamed and turned into powder without being fermented.”

With her hands folded in front of her chest, she looked straight at her beloved Prince and appealed with a confident voice. The almighty, but also loveable, passionate figure of the lady praised as the ‘Ice Goddess’, was so attractive, the average men would have probably been enamored already.

“Kuh, …hahahahahaha—!! What, only that—!? And you dare act so confident about it—!? Rosalind Ariarose—!”

But, her charm didn’t work against her fiancé.

***T/N: YAYYY THE EXTRA’S HERE ///read that it’s about the two most annoying characters in the entire story/// …ugh, as much as I love you, Author, these two are uncalled-for… but yeah, I feel kinda sorry for Rosalind here. Such an asshole that ore-sama wannabe Prince is!

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