I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

60.1 The Witch’s Dwelling is Floating on a Puddle (4)

It’s only after late at night when the rain stops.

No carriage would be operating during that hour. As such, if they want to return to the Azm mansion, they will have to walk.

While she’s wondering whether or not to walk through the forest in the dark and after the rain, she hears the bell ringing.

Safina, who came to pick her up, carries a large lantern. To come all the way there, he must’ve been quite worried. He stands behind the pier and waves. It seems that in order to make some noise, he’s hitting the metal on the edge of the lantern.

Roze and Harij ride the small boat together.

After their previous conversation, neither of them could sleep. As such, neither Roze nor Harij slept that night.

Roze feels drowsy, her feet falter.

“Sleepy? You should get a good rest once we’ve returned home.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Why would you apologize?”

“…it’s because I can get a rest, meanwhile Harij-san, you…”

need to go to work soon, even though you had such a sleepless night.

Roze murmurs, thinking about Harij, who has to go to work again that afternoon.

“Don’t worry, this night, I’ve received something better than a good night’s sleep.”

Inside the carriage, Harij pats Roze’s head. When he said ‘something better’, what was it, she wonders? Roze can’t figure out the answer no matter what she thinks.

As the carriage begins to move, Roze fishes out something from her robe.

“Coincidentally, because I’ve just made them back in the dwelling, I’ve especially brought these potions for you—‘Potion for Drowsiness’. There are also other potions, which will help you feel better. These will be more effective than any pharmacist’s medicine.”

“Thank you.”

Harij gladly receives the vial that Roze offers. As such, Roze is served to his twinkling handsome aura—not to mention, at a close distance! Roze has to turn her face away.

“Harij-san, as of now, you’ve become round, huh?”


Harij unconsciously touches his cheeks.

Roze shakes her head, since she doesn’t mean it physically.

“Your behavior, I mean.”

“I don’t think I’ve changed, though?”

“Yes, you have. In the past, you’re more… self-centered.”

He wouldn’t even try to listen to other’s opinions—well, she didn’t mean it in a bad way, per see. But maybe, in a way, there’s no difference. Harij’s mouth is bent.

“…If we’re going to speak about attitude—you, weren’t you awful too when we first met?”

“What, how?”

“…Should I remind you what did I had go through just to procure all those unknown ingredients for you? Maybe it would refresh your memory if I were to mention those ingredients one by one—“


Remembering her black history, Roze crouches immediately.

“…what’s with your reaction?”

As if she would let it be known to him that she did it on purpose just to keep meeting him—!!

Roze shakes her head vigorously.

“…’Round’, you say… well, maybe there’s truth to that.”

Harij looks away from the strangely behaving Roze and stares out the window.

Roze also sits back again and stares in the same direction as him.

Because it’s dark in the forest, she can’t make out anything. However, Harij seems to see something…

“…I do what I think is right. I grew up in that kind of environment, such is the reason behind my mindset. That can no longer be changed. However… I’ve begun to see that what I deem as right might not be the right thing for you.”

Roze nods slightly, prompting him to continue talking.

“I bear the responsibility of a knight, the obligations of a man, and also the confidence that I’m in love with you. That’s why, there’s no way I could impose my own idea of what’s right on you. In fact, I’m ready to move in that dwelling of yours until you’re ready to move in with me.”

The entire time he’s saying that, there are some moments where he speaks so fast, Roze can barely catch up with what he’s saying. Roze can only purse her lips.

“But, I also realized… your way of thinking, your judgments—those are what I’m obliged to respect.”

Harij mutters, staring at his own reflection with pain on his face—as if loathing how foolish he was before.

“…what’s wrong?”

“…You called me ‘Harij-san’.”

Roze tilts her neck to see what that mean.

“If you were forced to call my name, you would’ve referred to me as ‘Harij-sama’ instead of that.”

Harij smiles happily, and in turn, Roze turns red.

“T-that’s because the townsfolk referred to you as that…! I’m just imitating them…!”

“Is that so? Well, even if you were to call me ‘Lord’, ‘You’, ‘Sir’—I would still be happy. Because in the end, it’s something you decided to do for my sake.”

“I see…”

then what are you complaining about—!?

Roze balls her fist. His following words might kill her. No, if by any chance he were to see her current face, she might fall apart right there and then.

“…there are also other things—your way of life, your way of thinking… it was only a bit later that I recognized those… I must’ve been arrogant to you at first. Since I’m a man and familiar with the way of the world, I thought I would have to guide and protect you. In order to do so, I wanted to make you adapt to your new surroundings, which means you’d have had to endure a little bit of hardship—but, I’m glad I didn’t put you through that. Listening to your story today, I’ve reflected. From the bottom of my heart, I thought of this—

“—even if our way of walking is different, we’re threading towards the same direction—no—

“—I want to thread towards the same direction as you,

“We have our differences, but I want to be married to you and live with those differences.”

His honesty makes Roze understand how much she’s cherished.

Harij’s eyes glow, it’s as if the small lantern’s light suspended in the carriage is gathering there. His eyes, which are staring at Roze, narrow gently.

How unbearable, Roze thinks—and pulls his cheeks with her hands.

“…What are you doing?”

“—it’s dangerous, I thought. At this rate, I might fall apart. As such, I decided to literally take the problem into my own hands.”


“It’s your face, Harij-san.”

“You, when I’m talking like this, what are you doing…?”

“You’re not to blame, Harij-san. So you don’t know, huh? The destructive power of your beautiful face when you’re talking like this. It’s a miracle how my nerves are still intact. The brilliance of your face…”

“Ah, I see. I got it, already. I know how much you like my face.”

With that being said, Roze can’t say anything back.

Such a tremendous truth it was! She has to clench her teeth despite her desire to refute him.

***T/N: Here I thought they’re going to have their first ever couple argument BUT WE GET SOMETHING BETTER THAN THAT, HARIJ, HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG


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