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59. The Witch’s Dwelling is Floating on a Puddle (3)

“In this kingdom, marriage is done with the consent of two people. Later, they would be married in God’s name, while also abiding to the law. A couple is united in both social and economical senses, and the husband and wife each have their own obligations and rights.”

“Yes, that’s about it.”

Harij once said this to her: “—marriage is an everlasting promise.”

When Roze heard it at that time, she still didn’t know much about marriage, as such, she could only nod to it. Now, she fully comprehends the meaning.

Roze turns to the page about bereavement. When she saw it for the first time, she was so surprised, she had to re-read the same line several times.

The book says, if one of the couple dies, the marriage remains.

Forest animals do not mourn for their dead spouses. If their mate dies, they shall find a new one and mate with them. Naturally, nothing is done about the corpse, either.

Nevertheless, the book says something about how people who are left behind shall continue to devote themselves towards a better future through fulfilling their responsibilities and remain as the deceased’s spouse.

An everlasting promise. A promise that will never change.

For years and decades, that’s what Harij has promised her—an everlasting bond.

Roze is happy—even happier than when she was first proposed to by him.

“—I finally learned of the true concepts behind marriage and the laws associated with it, but I also want to know about people’s opinions regarding it. All the married people I know are only the morally problematic ones who frequently ask for ‘witch secrets’ even after they are married. Hence, I thought of asking other people. The people in the mansion—”

“—they would be reliable for that.”

“I think so, too—want another cup?”

Realizing that Harij’s cup is empty, Roze offers. However, Harij only shakes his head.

“No, it’s enough.”

If it’s the usual Harij, he usually would have two more cups. Roze answers, “Is that so?” And continues to talk.

“So first, I asked Mona.”

Mona hasn’t open up to her as of yet. However, recently, even when they meet face-to-face in the mansion, her expression is no longer as tense as before.

Even though Mona’s fear of the witch still lingers, her unease may have lessened.

As evidence, to Roze who asked so out of the blue, Mona answered seriously through her puzzlement.

“In her opinion, marriage is a ‘future stability’.”

“I see.”

“Next, I asked Safina.”

Chirari—Roze glances at Harij.

After all, he did say that, ‘tomorrow, even the day after tomorrow—‘ —he didn’t want to hear her talk about another man.

Harij shows no reaction, so Roze continues.

“He said that marriage is the ‘soil of love’.”

She also asked the footmen, but she forgot what they said, as such, there’s probably no need to bring it up.

“Finally, I asked Tara. She said marriage is to ‘keep threading’.”

“After you heard all that, what do you think?”

“Their answers vary, but I don’t think any of them are wrong. After all, I do think that marriage is something that should be built by the two of us… that’s why… ”

Roze grabs the cup containing the brandy and murmurs.

She stares at the bottom of the cup—it seems that she doesn’t have the courage to continue speaking.

“This… kind of marriage talk, I deem it important for us… who’re about to get married… therefore, please teach me about everything you know, too…”

Ever since when, Roze is no longer reluctant and even willing to exchange words with Harij, even those that she deems really embarrassing, for the sake of understanding each other.

Roze thinks of Harij, and is convinced that Harij also thinks about her.

“I see.”

He speaks in a very gentle voice, like a warm cup of cocoa.

Harij probably helps more often than she’s aware of.

Roze, who has lived her entire life in that dwelling, knows little to nothing about the outside world. There’s almost no way for her to learn more about the kingdom, the knights, the nobles, etc.

It would be impossible to master all that knowledge in one day, unless Harij uses magic—but…

“Teach me everything, please. I don’t know much about the people, much else about the world you live in, but I don’t want to stay ignorant forever.”

Unless she gains some understanding about those, she would never be able to stand beside Harij.

If she were to learn about those, she surely would be able to share a goal with Harij, support Harij, and understand what Harij feels.

“Even if we started from two different places, as long as we keep threading towards the same destination, then that surely is ‘marriage’, I think…”

Roze, who has lived like a plant without roots until now, is serious about deciding the outcome of her future for once.

Harij, who has been listening to Roze, never answers.

The silence is suffocating.

The aroma of brandy wafts. Roze is upset, wondering if she instead derived the wrong conclusion and has a completely different opinion than Harij.

But Harij’s eyes are gentle.

His gaze locks with Roze, watching her as if the sound of the rain outside never existed.

It’s a face full of compassion, deep with affection that Roze has never perceived before.

“What’s wrong…?” She asks, a little sullen.

“I want to hug you.”

Roze wonders why would he restrain himself today—when he usually would embrace her without permission.

He must’ve guessed what Roze is thinking. Harij’s lips curve with a smile as he shakes his head.

“There’s no one else here.”


“Once I embrace you, I will have no self-control left.”

His eyes, which reflect the glow of the lamp, shine brilliantly. The shine is ferociously hot. His ultramarine blue eyes are full of heat and are fascinatingly gleaming.

Even though there shouldn’t have been one, it’s as if there’s small fire kindling behind those eyes of his.

“I’ve never loved someone this much before.”

Even though he didn’t take a Love Potion, the heat of his love is transmitted and thereby absorbed by her.

She can’t breathe well.

Harij says in a low, inviting, and seductive voice.

“…we should advance the wedding ceremony.”


Hey—Roze mutters once again.

She can no longer afford to look at Harij’s face.

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