I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

58. The Witch’s Dwelling is Floating on a Puddle (2)

After they finish eating, Roze leaves her chair to wash the dishes. She needs to wash them because in the evening, she will be going to the Azm Mansion. She can’t be as lazy as before.

“Fu~ this should be clean enough, right…?”

Roze turns around to show the dishes, which she has cleaned to a level that Harij wouldn’t complain about—and is surprised.

“…he’s sleeping?”

She has a nagging feeling that it has been too quiet, but never would she have guessed that he fell asleep.

As to not wake him up, she tiptoes towards him and peers at his face.

“…he’s asleep.”

Harij is sleeping on the chair—what dexterity!

Although he’s asleep, his posture is as firm as ever—perhaps it’s because he folded both his arms.

The look on his face is far from restful. Must’ve been tiring to keep up that stern appearance, to the point that he fell asleep.

Roze squats and gazes at Harij’s face, which stays beautiful even when he’s tired and asleep.

Harij keeps paying close attention to Roze, he ensured that she could blend into his mansion despite the new, unfamiliar, workload he has been tasked with. In addition, he seems to also have been working on the wedding procedure that is completely out of Roze’s expertise.

The opportunities for them to eat together has also been decreasing in frequency. Harij has been very busy these days. After finishing such a huge task and returning home after a while, it must’ve been overwhelming for him.

He said that he finally had time today, hence he brought the pastries.

However, he also said that he had to return to the castle tomorrow afternoon. He really doesn’t have much time to relax.

Anyway, it would be better if he could rest on the bed, despite how impossible it is for Roze to carry Harij herself. It’s also impossible to roll him around—he’s not a log. If he wakes up, he surely wouldn’t even consider sleeping again.

Roze is surprised that instead of worrying that she would have to touch Harij, she’s more worried about his condition. It seems that she has become accustomed to being near him.

“…Good night.”

Roze whispers, and leans on his chair leg. She stretches out her arm and picks up the book that has fallen to the floor. Then, she gently opens it on top of her knees.

Rain is pelting the surface of the lake. Heavy rain shakes the flowers and bounces off the ground. The Witch’s dwelling seems to be afloat on top of a giant puddle.

In the cool air, the dry sound of paper rolling is echoing.

Roze is reading with her knees up and a book on top of them.

Her nose is close enough to rub against the paper. Unless she does so, the characters would be incoherent due to the dimness of the room.


She hears her name being called.

When the ambiguous sound reaches her ears, Roze rises.

Her gaze wanders, only to find a bewildered gaze. In the dim room, Harij, who sits down and looks at her, is akin to the brightest star.

“It seems that I fell asleep.”

“I’m sorry, I thought about waking you up before it got this dark…”

“No. I fell asleep—my bad.”

Roze looks outside of the window and is appalled. Behind the window is a downpour that classifies as storm. She was too immersed in reading to be aware of it.

“The rain…”

“In this rain, the boat is rendered unusable. We have to wait until it stops.”

It’s very dark because rain clouds cover the sky.

It’s as if the night has descended, already. Since there’s no fine clock there like in Azm mansion, the exact time is not known.

Luckily, there would be no carriage to pick them up today since Harij had refused it. Otherwise, they would also be trapped in the rain.

There’s the sound of the rain hitting the thin roof. It has never been that loud before. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising for the roof to be blown away.

“…I wouldn’t be surprised if the lake became a sea…”

“The lake couldn’t do that.”

“I know.”

Roze plans to light up a lamp, thus heads towards the kitchen.

Due to it being summer, Roze spares herself from the trouble of buying those she deems unnecessary. Unsurprisingly, there’s also no food in that house because there’s no means to preserve it.

The rain will probably continue for a while. She regrets not leaving half of the pie. It’s not like Roze is hungry or anything, but she feels bad about the other party that won’t be able to eat.

Speaking of which, she received brandy from a customer before which hasn’t been opened yet. When she picked up the brandy, the letter from ‘L’ fell. After she had picked the letter up, she inserted it within the shelf again. That way, it won’t add to the clutter of the room.

She manages to locate the brandy. She dusts it off using her robe.

Roze carries the lamp to the table, and asks Harij.

“Want some?”


She pours the brandy into a plain cup for everyday use and serves it on the table. It can’t be helped that she doesn’t have a refined glass or a luxurious sofa.

Because the dwelling is small and messy, the only other place to sit is the bed.

“It doesn’t seem that the rain will stop soon…”

“It seems so.”

Roze starts getting anxious. Not only does she worry about leaking, there’s also the possibility that the roof will be blown off. Other than that, if the rain doesn’t stop, she won’t be able to go to the Azm mansion.

If it keeps raining, Roze and Harij will have no choice but to spend the night in that narrow place.

A similar thing had only happened once before—

—however, at that time, Harij was gentleman-like. At that time, she was the unknown witch and him, the noble knight.

But what about now? Harij no longer hesitated to touch Roze, and so is the opposite—


“What happen?”

“Because of my ignorance, I feel it necessary to research further about marriage.”

First things first, she has to divert her thoughts.

Roze slams the cup of brandy to the table and heads to the place where she had recently stored her books. Then, she returns with three books.

***T/N: Ya… this entire scene, atmosphere, dim lighting, two people with brandy, in a super small secluded space, talking about marriage… THIS WILL END WELL.

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