I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

56. The Witch that Became a Mannequin (7)

A month has passed since Tien came with a large number of products.

As it turned out, the dress, the veil, the shoes, and the jewelry were all decided that day.

What was worth mentioning was how, despite his numerous suggestions, Roze was always the one with the final voice in the end. As such, Roze wasn’t unsatisfied. Everything ended up being in accordance to her tastes.

The measurement stage has been completed, and the tailoring of the dress seems to be progressing steadily.

After thoroughly learning the culture of weddings, Roze realizes that by the end of winter, she would be more pitiful than a sheep that’s auctioned off.

To dress up a witch only to have her squirm around in front of people, not to mention, receiving the blessing of God—it’s like a scene out of a satire.

However, it’s not all bad—

—at the very least, she gets to see Harij in his full knightly attire.

A banging sound can be heard as she closes the door of the fence.

She then locks the door of the fence with the key hanging from her neck. Then, using a small boat, she goes to her dwelling.

Just as Roze is about to open the door, a letter falls out.


The sender’s name only consists of an initial. However, coming from a customer, it isn’t all that strange.

No one is stupid enough to write their full name when they’re about to deal with the Witch.

Ignoring how lacking in manner it would seem, Roze closes the door with her foot and cuts open the letter.

…For a letter addressed to a Witch, the envelope sure is cute…

The envelope has fine cuts, with the edge trimmed like lace. It also has a sweet and refreshing scent.

On the back of the envelope, flowers are delicately painted—they are all summer blossoms. Despite so, they aren’t the wild flowers Roze usually encounters in the forest, but flowers that usually bloom in the well-tended gardens of a noblemen.

—what kind of person would spray perfume on a letter addressed to a witch, moreover, also using a super-high-quality paper stationery?

Roze, who has taken out the content while feeling seriously disturbed, begins to part her lips when she starts reading the letter.


—The Noble Witch of the Lake,

Flowers that dye the garden are swaying under the gentle caress of the breeze.

How are you doing, Beautiful Witch of the Lake?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help the other day.

Please forgive me for not thanking you in person, but through letter instead.

Due to unforeseeable circumstance, I had no choice but to refrain from visiting you. We shall meet again—for sure—but for now, I would like to deliver my greeting to you.

I showed you such an embarrassing sight of me, however, I couldn’t thank the Goddess enough because it’s also the start of our friendship.

Every time I caught a glimpse of the clear moon, my mind returned to that day—that day where I met the beautiful Witch for the first time. My heart burns inside my chest.

It’s the most joyous, wonderful, and fantastic moment of my life.

The dignified appearance of the witch—each of your thoughtful actions, every time I closed my eyes, I could recall them vividly.

If the Witch is the shining moon, then I want to be the stars that shine alongside you.

If such a thing were to come true, nothing would make me happier.

The Witch is the radiance that illuminates the darkness, the umbrella of the paradise that blocks the rain and the wind, the sea of fervent charity, the mellow spring ice—


Roze gently closes the letter, her gaze hollow.

After that, a poem that has never in the Witches’ history ever addressed to a witch is repeated five more times.

‘Chunibyou’—the name of a terrible disease originating from a very distant land flashes in Roze’s mind.

The symptoms were—suddenly having multiple personalities, left hand tingling, and the growth of a third leg—it was said to be a terrible disease that only a handful children of a certain age suffer.

“…is it from that girl?”

She concludes the identity of the sender. It must be the girl who fell into the muddy pit the other day.

After reopening the letter and confirming that it isn’t a request letter, Roze slips the letter into a gap in the bookshelf.

***T/N: LOLOLOLOL it’s official! This little girl is Harij’s rival! What if she crash-course Roze’s wedding later–!?!?!?!

If the Witch is the shining moon, then I want to be the stars that shine alongside you.

///Translator secretly wants someone to declare this to her, doesn’t matter how corny/cheesy it is…///

///disclaimer: In the raw, the initial was ‘R’ instead of ‘L’, so her name in Japanese was basically ‘Ruru’–but for consistency issues, I opted to change it to L.

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