I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

55. The Witch that Became a Mannequin (6)

Once Harij disappears as he sets of for work atop his horse, Roze returns to the salon where Tien is waiting.

“Welcome back. Your newlywed life seems to be more amusing than I expected—what a relief.”

“We’re not in our honeymoon yet.”


Tien wants to say something, but Roze crumples her face to tell him off. Instead of Safina, Mona is standing by the open door.

“You must be tired, right? Let’s take a break.”

“Tien, I’ve changed my mind about you—you’re amazing!”

Roze is naturally exhausted because the entire time, she had been doing something she usually doesn’t. Her current worn out state makes her picture Tien as some kind of angel.

Mona responds to the word ‘break’ and soon prepares tea for them.

Some tea sweets are served—either they had been prepared before-hand or brought by Tien. They’re muffins encrusted with apple slices.

She imagines the muffin crumbling the moment she bites into one—the crispiness of the texture while surely spread across her entire mouth.

Before putting it in her mouth, Roze examines it—Roze is fascinated by the sponginess. If pulled by hand, the soft texture crumbles finely. She stares at the broken-off portion and gulps—

—it looks so inviting…

Whether to crumble it off into pieces or munch it as it is—Roze is unsure what to do. She feels as though she’s having the time of her life.

Sweet, seasoned, golden-colored apple slices peek out through the muffin. Both from a mere glance and the feel from her fingers, Roze can already guess how crunchy it would be—

—finally losing to temptation, Roze stuffs her mouth.

This time, she can also taste the crunchiness of the fruit. The crunchiness attacks Roze’s mouth. The smell of the butter spoils Roze’s nose, mixed with the sourness of the apple—this is like a dream come true.

“I never knew you liked sweets this much.”

Tien, who has been watching Roze for a while, looks surprised. Roze ponders while filling her cheeks like a squirrel.

…Perhaps, Harij might be the reason why she’s come to like sweets and generally enjoy eating.

“Now that you’re happy, let’s continue our discussion.”

Until now, her life as a witch has been devoid of joy.

She would get up in the morning, take care of the fields, go into the woods, gather ingredients, make the witch’s secret potions—basically, instead of living, she was just existing. She did what she needed to do, and that was basically it.

Because that was how she was taught to live—because that was how the life of a Witch should be. To Roze, to be the Good Witch, she had to live that way.

Tien seems to be very pleased with Harij, who has changed Roze. Originally a man with sleek eyes, his eyes narrow even more.

Roze finishes eating her muffin and carefully cleans the crumbs off her fingers.

“I’m actually surprised you can actually eat this much. Originally, I thought I would be forced to stuff all the leftovers into my mouth—as such, I’m relieved.”

Seeing the munching Roze, Tien seems relieved.

Listening to Tien, she feels that something is amiss…

“…is there a problem?”

“Recently, some of my customers have fallen.”

“Illness? Poison?”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case. It always happens suddenly, when everyone is drinking wine or relaxing. Once the doctor rushes in, the symptoms would have already disappeared.”


Speaking of Tien’s customers, some of them are of the stature where they could easily change the fate of the Kingdom.

A hand stretches out next to Roze, who’s listening. Mona is trying to clean up the dishes.

Roze moves away so she doesn’t hamper Mona. But Mona pales instantly, before leaving the room with the dishes.

“She seems quite terrified of you.”

“People who aren’t scared of Witches are rare—but she does appear more scared than usual. Witches and merchants usually tag along to destroy kingdoms, right?”

As she shrugs, Roze picks up another muffin.

“It has become hotter lately, the heat might be getting to them.”

“Th, that’s just like apples!”

“In such a southern country, it should be common sense to not stay in the sun for too long.”

Roze’s eyes gleam. For Roze who never leaves her home, the knowledge bestowed by Tien is akin to a luxury. She appreciates it so very much.

“What are the symptoms again—“

“—alright then.”

Tien’s fox-like smile makes Roze shudder.

“It seems that you’re ready to partake in the second-half of the dress discussion.”

Roze can only reply with, “Yes.”

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