Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

54.2 Nymia’s Melancholy

Even though Nymia is also a combat dragon, she’s timid. She might have been so terrified of fighting that she ran away from home.

“That isn’t it, nyan. It was because mother is scary, nyan~”

Furu furu, Nymia quivers in Asher-san’s grip.

“What’s that you say? How is your mother scary?”

Asher-san glares at Nymia.

No wonder, that level of intensity must be too much for a kid.

“Keep from sticking your head into the affairs of a dragon tribe family, humanoid. Go too far and you’ll get eaten.”

Asher-san moves closer to me and threatens me with a roar.

Priscilla-chan is so surprised, she crouches down and begins to cry. It doesn’t matter how much she covers her ears, there’s no blocking a roar from that close.

Even though I was only shocked by that roar, Priscilla-chan is just a small child. Is there really any need to scare her like this?

I hug Priscilla-chan and rub her back. She hugs me back and, “Wan wan,” begins to wail.

“What’s the point of scaring a little kid? Is this something mothers of the ancient dragon tribe do? Isn’t that just pathetic?”

I glare at Asher-san as I speak those words.

Nununu, a humanoid is preaching to me?”

Asher-san thrusts her face at me.

“This has nothing to do with humans or dragons. Mothers are supposed to protect children. Scaring them is absolutely wrong.”

Even Nymia, her actual daughter, is crying from fear. It doesn’t matter if she claims to be a combat dragon or not. Intimidating and scaring others for the sake of having your way in a conversation is no good.

Kakaka, Asher. As Ernea says, thy should behave a bit more motherly.”

Right, not that there’s any need to voice that out loud.

I really wish Old Sleigstar and Asher-san wouldn’t read my mind at their own convenience. Even this thought is being made under the premise that it will be read.

Fuun, if a human male like you were to tread a single step into my domain of protection, I’d kill you without hesitation.”
“How regretful that this place is under this one’s protection. Regardless of how much thy desires it, needless killing will not be tolerated here.”

Majesty brims from Old Sleigstar’s words as he talks down to Asher-san from a much higher position.

Regardless, Ashler-san remains in place to glare at me for a moment longer. She then draws her neck back as though giving up on the issue.

Fuun, there’s nothing to be gained from disputing with humanoids in such a place as this. I came searching for my daughter and found her. I am returning.”

Funn, Asher-san removes her gaze from me as she turns away.

“No, nyan. I don’t want to return, nyan~”

Nymia struggles from within Asher-san’s hold. She really doesn’t want to go back home. She’s so frantic about breaking free, tears are flowing from her eyes. Unfortunately, Asher-san’s grip is tight. Nymia can’t get out of it.

I wonder if Nymia is unable to grow larger and return to her gigantic form.

Nymia’s is much too small for her desperate struggle to be noticed within Asher-san’s enormous hand.

“No, nyo! Don’t take Nymia!”

Priscilla-chan, perhaps hearing Asher-san, cries out as she slips underneath Asher-san’s legs. Then, while pleading, she pulls on Asher-san’s long hair with all her might.

Dangerous. With that thought in mind, I rush over to Priscilla-chan. Should Asher-san feel like it, she could easily crush Priscilla-chan underfoot.

I try to pull Priscilla-chan away, but she refuses to let go.

“Be good and don’t take Nymia!”

Priscilla-chan’s like a kid demanding for her toy. She’s desperate to get Nymia back. No, now isn’t the time to be making demands!

Priscilla-chan pleads over and over. She’s fussing harder than the time she threw a tantrum in the vice-capital for Mistral to buy her a toy.

This is because Priscilla-chan and Nymia have a strong bond with one another. Priscilla-chan wouldn’t be able to stand Nymia no longer being here.

“I also ask this. Please don’t take Nymia away.”

I am Priscilla-chan’s friend. If it’s for something she desires, I’ll do my best for her.

I too grab Asher-san’s fur and make a request.

“For the ancient dragon tribe who live for close to a thousand years, a child of about one hundred years is like an infant. Please allow her to play for a little longer.”

Kids learn various things by playing. I don’t know if the same applies to dragons but being with Priscilla-chan now might be beneficial for Nymia’s future.

“Enough, quit hindering me! There’s nothing to learn from being with humans. Release me or be crushed.”

Asher-san threatens us, but it has no effect. Neither of us listen to anything she says.

“Nymia too wants to be together with Priscilla, nyan. And with onii-chan, nyan. And to be brushed by Mist-onee-chan and Ruiseine-onee-chan, nyan~”

Nymia too desperately appeals to her.

“This disobedient daughter. Is running away not enough for you? Now you claim you want to stay together with humans?”
“I want to stay, nyan. I love them, nyan. I don’t want to leave, nyan~

Following along with Priscilla-chan, Nymia cries out, “NiaaAniaAh!”

Nna!? What sort of combat dragon is this? Crying out so shamefully!”

Asher-san is appalled by Nymia’s weeping.

“Don’t take!”
“Please, I beg you, don’t separate Priscilla-chan and Nymia.”
“I don’t want to go back, nyan~”

Asher-san’s expression twists with bafflement at our frantic petitions. Even though her instinctual reaction is to quickly crush us under foot and leave, killing has been forbidden by Old Sleigstar. She’s probably troubled over being unable to force a solution.

Fumu, Asher.”

Old Sleigstar, who has been watching over the situation, lowers his head and returns to his usual relaxed posture.

“When thy was a youngling, thy often shrieked thine’s duties and absconded to this forest.”
“I did that in search of a worthy rival. My wandering was for the purpose of gaining strength.”
Hou, a worthy rival, thy says. Then, wouldn’t the ideal prey have been found by facing the rotted dragon king?”
Gununu, that’s…”

Old Sleigstar looks over us with a warm gaze before then turning to Asher-san.

“The daughter of a lass who ran away from home will run away from home. Myself would say thy are truly mother and daughter.”
“Except I wasn’t running away.”
“From how myself views it, such is the case the moment thy separates from thine’s place of protection, regardless of any justifications.”

Old Sleigstar’s words, as someone who has watched over Dragon Forest for two thousand years, carry a heavy weight. Asher-san can’t refute them.

“There was a time a friendship thy developed with a beast of the forest ended after it passed of old age.”
“When did this tale happen?”
“At that time, thine’s eyes were swollen with grief. Parting with your friend was a bitter experience.”
“Those days were long ago. I no longer remember them.”
“Right now, by separated Nymia and Priscilla, thine’s own daughter will be made to wallow in the same sorrow. Does thou wish to impart the same bitter separation thy felt onto an infant?”

Asher-san hesitates over what to say.

“Allow your child to play just as thyself did as a child.”

If an elder familiar with your childhood says that, saying anything back isn’t really possible. Asher-san is dissatisfied, but unable to do anything about it, she releases Nymia.

Nymia flies straight towards Priscilla-chan. The two then cry from delight as they embrace each other.

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