The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

37. The Returnee Noble Lady (36)

She could hear a sound. She could also touch the floor and the door, however, no one could see nor hear Jill.

Of course, she couldn’t use magic, either.

It was only around Jill, but she felt like she was encased in a thin film, one that separated her from reality.

Rave didn’t stop Jill when she headed towards the castle’s balcony.

The town’s fire gradually spread. The city was died crimson. She could hear the echoes of blood-curdling screams. It was a signal that the struggle had begun.

“Rave-sama! Please, let me out!”

When Jill turned around, Rave was floating a distance from her.

“No can do.”

“But, at this rate, His Majesty will—!”

“You needn’t worry about him. If he deems it necessary, this city would be reduced to ashes in an instant—”

“—and if that happens, His Majesty would be even more despised than before, is that okay with you—!?”

Rave didn’t answer. Jill bit her lips and placed her hand on her forehead.

Calm down…! Rave probably already knows what Hadith is up to! On top of that, I’m trapped here! If I persuade him, then he might…!

Surely, there would be a way.

After all, Rave kept trying to make Jill and Hadith get along with each other.

She was sure it was done out of a genuine intention of not letting Hadith end up alone.

“—I tasked Camila and Zeke to look for Marquis Veil.”

Pachiri—Rave blinked his little eyes. He didn’t expect that.

Jill persisted.

“The curse won’t activate—after all, aren’t I here? Above all, this timing is too coincidental. That black spear, even if that thing is responsible, it can only possess women. It shouldn’t be able to control Marquis Veil to commit suicide. Judging from why Hiadth told Sufia to identify Marquis Veil, he already suspected there was foul play—some kind of impersonation…”

“You’re doing well with such a limited amount of information.”

“I know Prince Geraldo is up to something. In this confusion, Marquis Veil will either be eliminated or flee. If we can prove that Marquis Veil is alive, we can also prove that this entire uproar was planned beforehand—and not because of His Majesty’s curse.”

“Even if you convince me with your explanation, I don’t think I will let you go. As long as that spear is here, something akin to the incident with Lady Sufia will happen. I can’t let that thing touch you.”

Rave entered the room, leaving the terrace. Jill chased him.

“Then, please explain everything to me! That black spear, is that the Holy Spear of the Goddess Kratos?”

“Exactly. To be more precise, it’s part of the Goddess. The same as me. After Little Miss became Hadith’s bride, his protection strengthened—thus she became impatient. She came here to exert her dominance.”

Jill stopped at the unexpected reply. Kururi—Rave turned around.

“The story about the magical barrier on top of the Rakia Mountains, did it extend to Kratos?”

“I’ve only heard of it from Camila and the others.”

“Then I can cut straight to the point. Goddess Kratos, who can no longer return to her original form, is trying to revive herself by searching for a fitting vessel. The most vital requirement is a woman over 14 years of age. But, even if they aren’t qualified, as long as they’re over 14 years old, they can be controlled by her. Sufia-chan is the latter. In short, Little Miss is a magical shield that protects Hadith from the love of Goddess Kratos.”

Nn… unconsciously, her eyebrows fell.


“Yes. Love. Kratos is the Goddess of Love. Her way of thinking is that of ‘as long as you do it in the name of love, none of your actions will be considered wrong, you can do anything.’—while I’m the dragon of reason. I don’t think just because you’re in love, you’re excused to do anything.”

Rave sat on a chair.

“Goddess Kratos’ aim is to become a couple with the Dragon Emperor.”

With her finger in the middle of her eyebrows, Jill thought for a moment.

“In other words, if Rave marries that spear-thing, would everything be solved?”

Ooh, trying to sell me off brilliantly like that… Unfortunately, it’s the Dragon Emperor; in other words—Hadith. I’m a Dragon God, and also a guardian of a human-being—basically, a weapon.”

“T-then, how about marrying Hadith off to that spear—!? So a plain spear isn’t good enough—!? Fine then, let’s decorate it, shall we—!?”

Rave smiled at Jill’s cathartic solution.

“That won’t be enough. Kratos is the definition of jealousy. She wants all of Hadith. Not only would the Rave Empire be destroyed, all the women would be wiped off.”

“It’s that extreme—!?”

“Didn’t I say that she thinks everything is absolutely fine when it’s done under the word ‘love’—? Her current appearance already tells you how low she has fallen… By the way, if Hadith accepts the Goddess, you too, would die, you know? Do you think she would let his ex-wife life?”

Nope. She already knew how ruthless some of those godly beings were.

“…I agree that no persuasion will work on you. But what does locking me here accomplish?”

“…Huh, yeah, you right.”


Rave went from laughing to an abrupt expression change. Jill solidified.

“…I’m the Dragon God. I’m also the God of Reason. I won’t make the same mistake. But right now, it’s different—I’m sure Hadith is aware of that, too. Little Miss, it’s time for a brief history lesson—do you know how to defeat the Goddess that has assumed the form of the black spear?”

“How, you ask… I recall the Dragon Princess sealing the Goddess in her body… or something…”

“The Goddess of Kratos will absolutely target Little Miss. She’s that kind of goddess. She absolutely won’t overlook Little Miss, who wears the ring of the Dragon Princess.”

She involuntarily glanced at the golden ring.

So that what he means by ‘marked’ back then—!!

The outline of Rave’s body suddenly unraveled. Jill gasped when she noticed that his sleek limbs had transformed into a white, gleaming, silver blade.

—the sword of the Dragon Emperor. The one and only sacred weapon that could rival the Holy Spear of the Goddess.

“It’s a one-in-thousand chance of meeting a Dragon Princess like you, you also know that right?”

Rave’s voice echoed in her head. She could see his small eyes no longer, but the tip of the silver sword was aimed straight at her throat.


Geez, Rave’s concept is so cool, that principle of his basically slays all those shoujo cliches to the ground. From now on I shall fight Thot under Rave!!!

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