The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

36. The Returnee Noble Lady (35)

The flame that rose amidst the town could be seen in the distance. The red flame illuminated the darkness of the night.

The fire was so tall, it could be seen from below the walls of the naval port. It shocked Camila to no end, while Zeke could only scratch the back of his head while muttering;

“…I think Captain mentioned something like this, how it’s an excerpt of a book she once read, or something…”

“Really~ that little girl, I wonder who she really is~”

To ask such question about someone they already considered their Master, it could be considered as profanity. However, that kind of question was also inevitable.

This evening, their Captain was attacked by a strange spear. After that, instead of scolding or increasing her escorts, she only asked Camila and Zeke a few questions.

“If someone were to turn the water city into a sea of fire, where would be the most strategic location? Therefore, surely, Jill-chan isn’t the mastermind~”

“If she indeed were, do you think His Majesty would stay silent and let us wander as we please?”

“—yo, you guys are the knights of that Chibi Monster-chan, right?”

It was Hugo. He was climbing up one of the wall’s while shouting so in the air. He was now part of the Northern Division.

“The fire is concerning, but the culprit has otherwise been caught. As promised, give us the credit.”

“What credit? You failed to prevent the fire!”

“Don’t say that. They were all launched simultaneously, you know? But, compared to the alternative draft of the assault proposed by Marquis Veil for us to execute, this fire was executed poorly. It’s exactly as Chibi-chan said; he’s alive.”

“Marquis Veil might have planned to start a fire. Hugo might know something about it.”—Jill had said so.

“Only one of our team experienced delay in initiating the first move. Since the wind is behaving like this, the fire will turn brisk. I think we can extinguish the fire, however, the rioting and panicking people are making the situation even more troublesome.”

Camila nodded at Hugo’s explanation. That fire was certainly troublesome.

It was probably set aflame for the purpose of not only intensifying the people’s fear, but also to openly express their dissatisfaction towards the Emperor.

“Did you find the instigator?”

“Yes, and as promised, I let them go. Those guys are wearing black hoods, and they’re heading towards here. Until this point, the Northern Division has done a great job. However, the townspeople are heading towards the castle, carrying axes and knives—I have to protect the Emperor.”

“You’re being awfully calm. You’re not going to betray us, right?”

Accused by Zeke, Hugo only shrugged his shoulders lightly.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I’m quite used to walking on tightrope and experiencing shambles. The Emperor has helped us, too, something that I won’t forget for a while. It was only after I’ve joined the Northern Division that I realized how idiotic our Emperor is. No matter how you think about it, he only has us.”

At heart, Camila was surprised.

The aristocrats quickly forsook their promises, while the commoners forgot about them.

Despite so, the most important figure in that kingdom kept his promise.

“He paid my wage. Even without the Emperor telling me, my intuition says it’s better for me to stay away from Chibi-chan. I mean, if a girl started spouting that there would be a riot, and the city is about to become a sea of fire, anyone would be scared, right? Too scary, can she foretell the future or something…?”

“In the end, she spoke true~”

The riot had just begun, while the fire hadn’t ended.

Hugo nodded at Camila’s words.

“Yeah. But stopping the riot doesn’t mean that the city will be safe. If the Emperor were to stop the riot by himself, he’ll stop being the ‘Cursed Emperor’ and end up being a mere tyrant. Man, I can’t wait to see how things will turn out…”

“You are in the Northern Division, right~? Believe in the Emperor!”

“On the other hand, what happened to that Prince of Kratos?”

In response to Zeke’s question, Hugo’s expression changed.

“There hasn’t been any movement from him, yet. I also can’t confirm whether or not the black spear is currently in his hand. However, I’ve manage to secure all the witnesses concerning the death of Marquis Veil.”

“Got it~ from this point, the order from Her Royal Highness The Dragon Princess shall be entrusted to us. The Northern Division will protect the city.”

“Understood. Even though back then we were attacking the city, now we are protecting it. Life sure is interesting.”

“Don’t ever think of betraying us—!”

In the wake of Zeke, Hugo redirected his gaze.

There would be those who attempt to put out the spreading fires. There would also be those who were going to gather in the castle to extinguish their own fear rather than the fire.

“His Majesty probably won’t back down, either. All that effort to protect the city ended up backfiring…”

“…Uh-huh~ I’m withholding some curse words right now.”

“But, who knows? If this situation is able to be reversed, the same might happen to his bad reputation. Perhaps, this is the moment when history changes. I’ll keep watching how things will turns out as long as I’m still breathing.”

Hugo, whom was summoned by his subordinates, returned after saying everything he wanted to say.

It was Zeke who opened his mouth first after silently seeing him off.

“Surely, the Emperor isn’t thinking that far… but, the moment when history changes, huh?”

“Only a person whose actually seen the original outcome could decide that kind of thing, right~?”

Zeke simply muttered, “That’s true.” Seeing his gaze suddenly sharpening, Camila also became alert.

On the other side of the naval port was a ship anchored by the Prince of Kratos.

Those instigators would surely escape.

Following them, Camila and Zeke climbed onto the ship, the exact ship from another kingdom where the Prince was once on board.

It was actually a ridiculous, plain reckless, strategy. However, the other side of the city should be preoccupied by the riot and escorting the Prince. In the meantime, they shall hijack the ship. This ship would surely aid that Prince’s escape later.

“We’re onboard. We’ve accomplished Captain’s aim.”

“Ah~ again, I’m truly stupefied to who Jill-chan truly—?!”

There were shadows approaching from the direction of the city.

Exactly as Hugo had put it, it was an intimidating group of hooded people. They were trying to obscure their identities.

The two of them shall look for that figure the Dragon Princess seeks. They absolutely mustn’t miss that figure.

“—there he is, our beloved Marquis Veil.”

“I couldn’t believe the Captain was saying the truth—he’s been alive all along.”

Camila readied her bow, and frowned.

“—That Prince is also present with him—? This is the absolute worst…”

“Quite a hard worker, that Prince. They’re going to set the port ablaze.”

The group of hooded people had begun preparing oil and torches. This was to keep the townspeople from escaping through the port. In the meantime, that group would escape—that was probably their plan.

“The Prince is a part of this… Well, the point is, our Dragon Princess’ wish to resurrect Marquis Veil has been granted.” Zeke drew his great sword while muttering. Camila was amazed by how happy he sounded.

“Don’t hurt the Prince, kay~? Our objectives are to capture the town’s instigators and their chief, Marquis Veil. That Crown Prince is deceiving him, therefore, Marquis Veil will protect the Prince with his utmost. Don’t be too harsh on him.”

“Let’s go! Before they light the fire!”

“Listen to me…”

While complaining, Camila kept watch on Zeke.

When the fire was lit, it was already decided beforehand that the Knights of Dragon would arrive to stop the pirates ransacking the town. Then, the perpetrator would be arrested.

However, additional conflicts would be inevitable. After all, the Crown Prince was also involved . Despite so, the fact that that girl readily issued that order, that alone spelled her readiness to take responsibility.

This is just the best.

“That Prince is an enemy—my intuition has been saying so since the start.”

“How unusual~ that is so not the usual you~”

“Dunno. Maybe he killed me in my previous life or something.”

What kind of nonsense is he rambling about? Camila’s eyes never let go of the Prince.

She pulled the bowstring, and along with it, her lips drew an arc.

“What a coincidence—I too, feel the same~


Huh???? Geraldouche and Marquis Veil–two things I hate the most in this story–is at the same spot together!? WE CALL FOR THE NUKE!!!!

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