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27. Cream Pig

“That said, it’s a tool that lets you to call on wallabies to fight when you hold it up, right?”


I raise the medal again, but nothing happens. When I try again, an hourglass appears. 

“Seems like it can’t be used consecutively.”

I take the gloves off and go back to the kitchen knife. It seems like a piece of unique equipment specifically for me, but unfortunately, I have no interest in boxing. 

“Still… what a strange piece of equipment.”
“It’s a unique piece of equipment after all.”
“You fought the strawberry wallaby barehanded without using your ability?”
“That might be the condition. The player group use their abilities and I had a kitchen knife, but in the actual battle, my weapon was knocked away.”

After that, since I fought the strawberry wallaby boss bare handed, it decided to entrust me with the gloves?

“I really can’t understand mamono ecology.”

Did I defeat the king of the wallabies? If this were a game, there would still be others. I don’t get what this means. 

“For now, should I transport the body?”
“Yeah, we had consecutive battles in a short period of time, but it worked out somehow.”
“I just want to forget about that now.”

If we use items, we might draw out mamono… I suppose we could just crush them quickly for materials?

After Minori-san’s healing is finished, we continue moving… and are seen by wallabies who flee immediately. Well, they’re not that strong to begin with, and don’t give much experience either, so it’s a good outcome if we can avoid unnecessary battles. It’s probably because of those gloves I obtained. 

Like those feelings, we press deeper into the forest. In doing so, we discover a place with stone ruins. However, with the trees having encroached the area the ruins seem to be from long ago. It would have been great if the natives were still around… but there’s nobody here. 

“Isn’t it interesting…? No matter where people live, they leave traces of civilization.”
“That’s true, if finding any was our goal, we’d have accomplished it with this.”

As I respond back to Meguru-san, a new mamono appears. I can hear it grumbling. 

“They look like mamono with good meat.”

Three Cream Pigs appear, they’re running towards us. They look like…pigs. Rather than a boar, they’re best described as large pigs. They’re also named pigs after all.

“This is…”
“This is what Taniizumi and the others have been eating.”

Is that so?
I look towards Meguru-san.

“It’s a mamono that Taniizumi-kun and the others like to hunt.”
“Ah, it’s a meaty mamono that only those of the battle group are allowed to eat.”

We’re already speaking as if our victory is assured. It seems that raising our Lv somewhat has given us breathing room.

Everything of the Cream Pigs look delicious. Are they mamono that can be eaten without using the cooking skill? The battle group didn’t return to the base camp after tasting one. Also, the cook, barrier maintainer, and carpenter got to eat some. The rest of the base group was really frustrated with them.

“All right, let’s defeat them without losing focus!”

Then, I charge a Cream Pig with my kitchen knife in hand.


With all my strength, I slash at the Cream Pig’s throat. With a slightly unpleasant sensation, blood spurts out from where I slashed. 


Minori-san hits another Cream Pig’s in the head with her crowbar before Shigenobu follows up with a bash. 

Tei tei tei!

Gosugosugosu! Although Minori-san keeps hitting the Cream Pig until it dies with a cry… somehow that scene terrifies me. I’ve seen characters who wield such weapons  in games, but… actually seeing it…


She wipes the sweat off her face, looking as though she just finished working hard. However, then the blood soaked crowbar clutched in her hand breaks that illusion. Yeah. Minori-san’s not bad at this. 


Was that high spirited cry Meguru-san just now? It’s as if she’s dancing, she slices the third Cream Pig with her metal turtle sword as she passes by it. 

“Again, I cut something… worthless.”

As Meguru-san makes a sharp turn to pursue, the Cream Pig falls crumbles to pieces. Hm… it feels like she just displayed an amazing amount of composure. It’s probably because of the sharpness of her weapon.

“Seems like Rock Lizards are the strongest around here.”
“That’s right. With that in mind, I can fight with ease.”
“We fought steadily until we reached Lv 5, it makes me feel alive.”
“I need to find mamono with better supplies so we can catch up to Taniizumi-kun and the others faster.”

That’s right. Our goal is for the base group to be able to fight, but before that, we need to survive, show our strength, and break free from control. There’s no need for us to stay here, and if we can relocate to a better place to the trouble of the player group, all the better. That’s why we’re searching, coming out into the forest… there’s still much to do. Still, it’s better to fight the mamono little by little.

“So, what should we do with the pork?”
“It’s tough… we can eat it, but there’s more than we can eat.”
“That said, we can’t take it back to the base either.”
“The pelt is also worse than our current equipment… unfortunately we can only leave it behind.”
“That said, let’s take a bit with us. Once we go back, we can cook it in the furnace.”
“Be careful not to get exposed by the smell.”
“Of course, we’ll mix it up with other stuff.”

Shigenobu and I think as one. Our idea came at the same time.

“Although we’ve done this before, to keep from make Taniizumi suspicious, we can have an anonymous good willed fighting group member give the food to Shigenobu with the purpose of sharing it with the people of the base group.”

Everyone nods in response to my words. At present, high quality food should be shared with everyone. I have to think up various solutions in order to keep Taniizumi and the others from becoming suspicious of me. 

“Well, let’s start searching again.”

I get the feeling we’re getting overeager in defeating mamono. How about finishing our investigation? The types of trees around us seem to have changed.

“Some dangerous mamono might appear. Please be careful.”
“Got it!”

Then, we encounter creatures that seem to come straight from fantasy.


Two Sky Green Mini Dragons appear. They… look like lizards that have grown bat wings. They are small mamono about the size of our chests. Their lizard faces are unique in that they have horns and ferocious looking fangs. 

“…Isn’t this pretty bad? The king of fantasy mamono has appeared in a mini form!”
“Are you saying we should run away?”
“Maybe teleport away?”
“How about we try attacking it first? Appearances can be deceiving, maybe we can defeat it.”
“Understood, be sure to fight with as much caution as possible.”

Then, as decided before, I pair up with Meguru-san while Shigenobu and Minori-san will fight together. As we approach, I hear the sound of the Sky Green Mini Dragon loudly breathing in.

What… should I do? I’m heading forth with the decision to attack, but I’m starting to hesitate. Should I just land a blow on it for now?


Somehow, I approach it without attacking…mu, it’s already preparing to spit out something from its mouth. I immediately dodge to the side. As I do that…


A mass of air is fired with an explosive roar. Fortunately, I avoid it, but the rock that was behind me shatters. This guy breathes air? The air is vibrating with such intensity that my eardrums might burst. It’s making me a bit dizzy. 

“—san. Go!”

I signal Meguru-san with my gaze and go left while she wraps around to the right. I strike at the tail and Meguru-san goes for the throat. As expected, though there is some difficulty, the kitchen knife is able to cut the tail in half.

Still, if it’s to this degree!

With a solid sound, Meguru-san’s diagonal cut clips the wings of the Sky Green Mini Dragon.


We headed towards the Shigenobu and Minori-san who seem to be struggling, and successfully kill the Sky Green Mini Dragon as a group. It seems that Sky Green Mini Dragon that are made incapable of moving can easily be knocked around.


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
Kitchen knife, boxing gloves, wallaby coin

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black smith
2) Mining Correction

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify

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