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Extra 2: Letter From the Glen Family

After returning from the Glen territory, Riol exchanged letters with his family.

To my Little Brother, Riol.

It has been two days since you guys returned home using the Gigan Eagle. Is it possible that even now, you’re still flying? As of now, I’m writing this letter in my room while picturing you flying in the sky.

Oh, right. On a side note, Luce used the momentary gap to slip out and follow you—however, using the triangle formation—Father, Dolly, and I managed to capture him. So don’t worry about it. It’s kind of a daily routine, anyway.

Well, there’s a reason I, who usually won’t approach a table more than three times a day, and that is just to eat rice—went through such length to write up this thing.

Because this is a very important matter for us to discuss. Truly, truly important. It’s a matter that’ll determine the future of the Glen Family. Be utterly discreet. Do not leak this matter to anyone. Please commit the contents of this letter to your memory because this letter is rigged to explode when you finish reading it.

Just kidding. It won’t explode. I just wanted to try saying that.

That is but the introductory part. Now, we shall get to the main subject—

—Riol. If you wish for it, I’ll hereby pass down the title of ‘successor’ to you. After all, I’m already this old, and yet I’m still unmarried. I’m also not good at paper work. The only reason I’m the successor is because I’m the eldest son.

Since the time I was six years old, I always thought you were more suitable for the role than me. That was around the time you often helped me with my homework. I also thought that school wasn’t for me. I’m much better off hacking and slashing a bear than running a pen on paper… well, I’m sorry for going off tangent.

I actually meant to bring this up after you graduated, but things have changed. Because Riol brought home a girl—!! Moreover, a really cute girl—!! Well done, Riol—!! Don’t ever let go of her—!! Because if you do, she’ll surely be snatched by other guys—!!

Sharina is the daughter of a Count, isn’t she? If you want to get engaged with her, you have to at least be the successor to the Baron.

Well, if they’re willing to accept Riol as their son-in-law, that’s another story. But Mother really liked her, so if the two of you were to move out, I’m sure she would be sad.

…But, but still, that Riol, that Riol whose friend and lover from a very small age was books… that Riol whom on a rainy day slept while snuggling with not doll but a book… I’m really glad the future bride you brought home is a human girl…

…right? She’s a human, right? She’s really, really a human girl, right—!? How did you guys meet—? Do you have proper conversations with her? Or do you just read books when you’re together? Do you just talk about books all the time without delivering even a single pick-up line? This might sound mean, but I can’t picture you without your books.

Moreover, it’s me who always had to tell you to put down your books and eat, you bookworm! Such a prodigy! What a diligent person!

…I’m going off tangent again. Okay, let’s talk about the successor thing.

Yeah, for the sake of Sharina and Riol, I’m willing to give up the successor title. I’ve already conveyed this to Father and Mother. The rest depends on your feelings.

Well, but I’m not so friendly as to just give it away easily. I have only one condition—the so-called price. It’s nothing difficult nor expensive—it’s actually very easy.

Reply to this letter with the story about the beginning of your relationship with Sharina! It doesn’t even have to be very detailed that it consumes two to three pages, just one is fine, too. I just hope that you don’t miss anything. The paper should be packed from top to bottom. That’s all.

Father, Mother, Dolly, and I are looking forward to it. I’m really expecting it, you know.

Yes, the Flappy Bird postal service is cheap, but please don’t use it this time. After all, the last time I used it, the invitation to dine on bear turned into Father’s dying message.

From your Older Brother, Cloud.

Dear Older Brother.

Today, as I try to shield myself from the dazzling sunlight under the grove of trees, I understood that my Older Brother has survived the heat of this day.

The ever changing sky was the witness to the changing of time.

That day when I left the Royal Capital to return to my hometown, the rainy season had started. When I finally stepped back onto the soil under the sky of the Royal City, I received a letter from my Older Brother. The letter was covered with the scatterings of forget-me-nots. Thus, from that summer until today, the letter stayed there—left to oblivion. I have to apologize profusely.

I don’t mean that I was purposefully not replying to it. The memory had been swept away by busy days, and even such an important promise had been pushed into the deepest corner of my memory.

The other day, when I arrived at the Royal Capital, I found a postcard with a scenery that resembled my hometown, thus, I finally recalled it.

Please, forgive my infidelity.

With this reply, I shall also send you that postcard—that postcard that reminded me to make amends.

I have wrote and wrote until all the space in the paper had all been filled up—I apologize again, and because of paying for this postcard and postage fee, I will be almost forced to go without food this month. As such, I probably won’t contact you again for a while.

From Riol.

To my Redundant Little Brother, Riol.

Right, you had this side to your personality, didn’t you? …Well, I did say to fill the paper up… and that one page was fine… but I did state my request, right? Why did you go against it, I wonder… and, you almost go without food due to replying to this? That means, if I asked anymore question, you’d have be forced to go on a hunger strike! I’m sorry, but this is just too amusing.

Well, you needn’t apologize! It’s me who should apologize to you. After all, when I was expecting for your reply detailing the story, the idea flashed in my mind—I wanted to frame that letter! Coming from Riol, it must be truly brilliant! After all, you’re a bright Little Brother, unlike me.

From the Older Brother who is Always Defeated.

Author Note: Everyone often ask questions about when Riol was aware of his love, so I’m going to answer it here;

From the first time they met, Riol has been fascinated with Sharina. However, because he’s unfamiliar with romance, he’s been quite unaware of it for a long time.

After the dance party, he realized he didn’t want to lose her. He no longer considered it as an obligation—as a form of thank you because she always brought him lunch, but because he genuinely wanted to protect her—albeit not knowing why he didn’t want to lose her so much.

The realization finally hit him in full throttle when Sharina was taken away after that declaration of duel. To get her back, he continued to write hundreds and hundreds of amulets day and night until the day of the duel—that was when he realized; this was love.

No matter who was going to be his enemy, or whatever danger might be waiting, he finally realized love was the driving force that kept his body moving, despite all the fatigue and pain.

So, when his brother wrote that first letter, Riol was still unaware of his feelings.


Seriously tho, when you’re too much of a classic tsundere to the point the author has to step up to explain about your feelings… thats our Riol. OMG, so those amulets he scattered at the duel aint things he accumulated since childhood!!!! Again, this guy is just TOO dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

on a side note, i started watching ‘Coffee and Vanilla’, do any of you dear readers know that show? I was cringing all the time and was like GOD GIVE THIS WOMAN A PAIR OF BRAIN.

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