I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

9. The Sword Instructor (2)

“Nice to meet you, Duchess Tiarize Merfan. I’m Vioris Duchy.”

He was a beautiful young man with hair the color of silver and eyes the color of honey.

…huh? Didn’t I ask for a sword instructor?

I wondered if the person had been mistakenly switched…

I glanced at Marie, however, she only smiled at me while whispering.

“That’s indeed your sword instructor, Ms. Tia.”


Eh!? Such a good looking person is my sword instructor…!?

His arms are as thick as branches. They look so fragile, they might break…!?

Moreover, he’s of the same height as me—?!

Above all, he has such a delicate and fragile atmosphere, and despite so, he’s my sword instructor —!?

Towards me who staggered back involuntarily, Vioris chuckled.

“I am often misunderstood because of my appearance. Despite so, my swordsmanship is a certified first-class rank.”

When I heard the word, I blanked again—


There were seven classes to which the first-class was the highest. If someone wanted to become a swordsman, or a knight, or a warrior, it was mandatory to take the exam. There were only ten people in the kingdom who attained first-class…

Incidentally, most people were at fifth-class. The remaining minority would be at 3rd or 4th class. Those who sat at the 2nd class were already considered monsters, not to mention the 1st class…!!!

By the way, my brother was ranked 4th—he was still developing, after all.

No, more importantly, why was such a great person here—!? Why would he be willing to teach a mere noble lady like me—!?

Vioris laughed at the way my eyes bulged. If he hadn’t mention his rank, I would still be thinking of him as a youth.

“I’m indebted to the Duke of Merfan. I just want to repay it.”

Huh—?! Father went through such an extent just for me—!?

In just one day, in a matter of hours, my Father had managed to attain a first-class swordsman to teach me…!?

Certainly, I thought Father was a doting parent, but not to this extent…

My Father’s effort shan’t be wasted—and so won’t my Mother’s—I swore upon them.

“F, forgive me…! You must be busy, and yet, you came all the way here. You must be inconvenienced by the distance!”

“No, it’s not that far…”


“In fact, I had been asked to come to the Royal Capital just a few days ago. Then, I coincidentally ran onto the Duke and his offer…”

Vioris smiled cheerfully.

Seeing his carefree smile, my heart thumped.

Ha…! No, I can’t! I mustn’t!

Vioris was of the opposite gender! A man! His outer appearance was beautiful, but he was still a man! Besides, he was here to teach me!

However, his appearance was indeed beautiful—like that of a woman’s, his face petite and a narrow waist. Overall, his appearance was delicate.

It made me feel strange to react like that. I then stuttered a laugh.

“Then, Duchess, let’s start with basic body building.”

“Basic body building…?”

“One of the reasons I was chosen is probably because Lady Tiarize and I have similar physiques. There’s also the fact that I’m a man. But, the truth is, I’m weaker than most men. Despite so, I managed to climb to the highest postion with this constitution. Lady Tiarize would be better off learning to do it my way.”

“I, I see… and Lord Vioris? You can just refer to me using my name. You don’t need to use honorifics.”

“Is that so? But you’re the dignified Duke’s daughter…”

“Please, Teacher. I want to learn the sword seriously. I don’t want you to spoil me.”

“Okay, I understand. Tiarize, you sure are different from most people.”

Vioris laughed amusedly—he looked so beautiful, too beautiful he shouldn’t be considered a man.

Is he really a first-class swordsman?

I didn’t want to doubt him, but I also wanted proof. Otherwise, my brain would refuse to accept it.

***T/N: It took just one laugh for our Heroine to start considering him as a possible love interest… yeah what happen in that ten years you spend with the Prince indeed. Did he cryogenicaly sleep inside some kind of pod or sth.

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