I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

8. The Sword Instructor

The moment I got home, I appealed to my parents—“I want to learn the way of sword!”

My parents, especially my Father, looked absolutely unnerved.

As both a father and a Duke, there was no way he could rejoice at the prospect of his only daughter swinging a sword.

However, I persisted. I couldn’t go back anymore.

Mother was like, “well, well… well, well…” like broken machinery. It must be beyond the scope of her understanding as a mother.

My Father finally relented after hearing rounds after rounds of my meaningless excuses—“—in this age, a lady should know how to protect herself. Otherwise, she will be destroyed.”

“But, a noble lady, holding a sword…”

“Father, how can you be so sure of the strength of an escort? What if I meet a dubious man in a city and am overtaken by his unexpected skill? In the unlikely event of my encountering such man, if I end up succumbing to my fear instead, that would be the end of me.”


“Even a little is fine. I want to learn how to protect myself. I’m not just an object to be protected. In the unlikely event of it happening, I don’t want to be a sitting duck!”

After insisting so with a strong resolve, my Father finally arranged for a sword instructor.

Yay! Victory!

Meanwhile my Mother, “Well, well… huh, wait, what?” Her face was pale. she probably still couldn’t comprehend anything at all.

Then, I told my Mother this;

“Mother, it might sound strange of me coming up with the idea of protecting myself when I’m about to marry a nobleman… but, I’m the fiancée of the Prince. A recent incident worries me, what if something terrible were to befall me? There’s also that story in literature… the Queen in her most magnificent garment, so pretty, but can’t manage to escape in time, and ends up becoming the victim…”

By the way, what actually happened in said literature was the Queen being captured due to being evil followed by her execution…

…what I told her was very different, but in a sense, it wasn’t.

Because the Queen was a person who dressed in splendid, heavy, garments, and only ever learned how to behave gracefully during her entire life, her capture was easy. Even if she ran away, I doubted the result would had been different.

…it was really different from what I rehashed, but the point stayed the same. A noble lady would be an easy target if such things were to happen. Even without reading such literature, I could already conclude so.

I also had a strong reason to back me up—that was, because I was the fiancée of the Prince, as such, I was different from other ladies.

I couldn’t let my Mother meddle after I had painstakingly managed to make Father consent.

I couldn’t help but feel that I had spoken too much—but, as I had said, there was no going back.

Whatever the cost, I had to free myself.

If I learned the sword, then society might reduce my engagement to nothing because I was unbefitting of a lady.

Then I could safely travel around the world as an adventurer. Finally, I would be able to catch a glimpse of the outside world. Even if the engagement was dissolved, the name of my house wouldn’t be damaged, and nobody else would be harmed.

…isn’t this a pretty good plan—!?

When I mentioned the current state of the kingdom, Father noticeably stiffened. The more I went on with my convoluted explanation, his face became more and more similar to that of a dried plum.

Finally, both my parents consented.

I felt like I had just done a presentation—

—indeed, now that I thought about it, that certainly was a presentation.

I was exhausted. The moment I arrived at my room, I fell on top of my bed. There was a single maid in my room.

Ara, Milady, that’s bad manners!”

“Marie, please overlook this. I’m really tired today…”

“That’s still no good. You’ll wrinkle your dress.”

Marie was my personal maid. Her full name was Rosemary. Her hair was brown and wavy, while her eyes were peach-colored. Her eyes had a really kind glimmer—like a saint.

In fact, she was very kind and would often go along with my selfishness and recklessness. She was nineteen years older than me.

She was a cute woman rather than an elegant one, with her hair loosely tied, reaching down half of her back.

Marie put her hand on my back and forcibly pushed me up. “Pardon me, Milady.” She helped me take off my dress. She was surprisingly adamant today…

I was a little surprised at how strong she was.

The next day.

The Sword Intructor that Father had arranged for immediately came to my house.

Speaking of which, it seemed that His Highness truly left the castle today. Then… what about Baroness Schmia?

—I remembered such a trivial, meaningless, thing during breakfast. Soon, I forgot about it.

The Ywar pound cake served as dessert was truly delicious. Ywar was the famous fruit of the Kingdom of Dirlia where His Highness Lyon lived. In short, I could only get it from there.

I really wanted to visit the Kingdom of Dirlia and have a banquet full of them… but, I recalled that the kingdom was in civil war. Too bad, it seemed that I couldn’t go.

I was a little discouraged because even after I had planned to become an adventurer, I still couldn’t visit that place.

The fruit was sweet, crunchy, and had a tangy scent. Once bitten, the juice spread inside my mouth—it also went along well with the pound cake.

While eating the dessert, I also drank a chamomile tea—how scrumptious!

The tea was refreshing and matched the flavor of Ywar.

Father and Mother were visiting their territory in the morning, while my brother went to the castle. As such, I was the only noble in my house.

“Milady, the Sword Instructor has arrived.”

“Thank you for the information, Marie.”

After breakfast, Marie told me to head to the guestroom because the Sword Instructor had come.

Alright! My first step towards becoming an adventurer therefore shall begin!

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