I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

54. The Witch that Became a Mannequin (5)

“…What is it?”

Harij, who notices that Roze has followed him, turns around with a concerned expression.

“Did you forget anything?”

“No, it’s just that I want to see you off.”

“I see…” Harij nods.

She has never seen Harij acting like that before.

For some reason, before she can process anything, her feet already move to see him off.

“It’s about the dress …do you have anything else in mind?”

“No, choose whatever you like.”

“Then, is there anything else that I should keep in mind?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, either. If something were to happen, Tien is there to help. If you’re uncomfortable with something, you shouldn’t force yourself to go along with it. After all, I’m not doing this for the purpose of exploiting your weakness.”

Actually, what Roze has in mind is his statement back then, that is, to never receive gifts from other men.

Since back then, that statement stemmed from a misunderstanding. She thinks that everything has been resolved now, but, just to make sure, she has to confirm something—

“You’re really okay with tasking Tien for this?”

“Yes. After all, he knows a lot more about fashion and design than me.”

“No, not that… Tien is a man…”

No matter how she phrases it, doesn’t she sound too over-conscious? Listening to herself, she feels embarrassed.

“—after making you decide to leave your home, which is the forest, I can’t make you abandon those you considered as family, too.”

Strictly speaking, Tien isn’t blood-related with her. But, seeing how convinced Harij is, Roze dares not interrupt.

“I understand. I’m also grateful for the help, because I can’t decide on that kind of thing by myself.”

“After becoming a knight, I’ve rarely socialized with others. I will only invite some relatives. It would be best if you don’t burden yourself with such thoughts.”

“Alright, then, have a nice day.”

As Roze waves her hand, Harij stops walking.

Right before the front door, he turns around again, and hugs Roze’s waist.

“…don’t you think your fiancé is entitled to a goodbye kiss at such time?”

That single word makes her recall that morning. Her face becomes warm immediately.

“A, after the wedding ceremony, sure, after the ceremony—!”

Roze answer to Harij, who has his alluring side switched on. She waves her hands in a frantic, dubious, manners.

When she was pushed down earlier, the reality became apparent to Roze—she was weak to Harij, in all kind of manners. She couldn’t resist him at all.

But still, she shouldn’t be swept away by the mood.

Towards the stubborn Roze, Harij clicks his tongue as if he has swallowed something bitter.

“…you better remember this.”

“That’s the line someone says to somebody they have unfinished business with, and not what you should say to your beloved fiancée at all…”

Well, at the very least, Harij is no longer attempting to kiss her. He gently takes Roze’s hand, and intertwines his fingers with her own.

He does it in such a motion that Roze can feel the overlapping of each finger…

“W, what are you…”

“As long as it’s not the lips, it’s okay, right?”

He suddenly pushes off her hood, then, his lips land on top of her head.

In the meantime, his thumb caresses her palm. Unable to endure the sensation, Roze utters his name.



“Your hand…”

“I’m just intertwining our fingers together, isn’t it normal?”

Is that so? So this kind of thing is actually common?

As Roze ponders in her mind, she starts worrying because her fiancé still hasn’t departed for work.

Safina even returns to see why his Master hasn’t joined him.

Seeing Harij successfully embracing Roze causes the butler to retreat to the side of the front gate with a flat expression.

This butler is reading too deep into the situation, I think.

“Ha, Harij-san!”

“Not yet.”

“J, just now, Safina, Safina—!!”

“It’s probably just your imagination.”

As if—!! Roze clearly just saw him—!!

Harij finally releases his embrace. Probably because Roze had started hitting him in the back.

“Then, how about some words instead of a kiss? What do you say when you’re about to see off your dear fiancé?”

I’ve forgotten. This guy is a scummy bastard.

Roze clenches her teeth, she can barely utter a word. She glares at Harij. While Roze tries her best to present him her most terrifying face, he doesn’t seem to share the thought.

“Don’t you understand? Or, should I teach you?”

Realizing she’s the defeated side, Roze relents.

She opens her mouth.



“I look forward to your most awaited return.”

Roze pulls down her hood until only her chin can be seen.

The next moment, she’s caught within his arms again.

It seems that her answer was correct. Roze inadvertently inhales Harij’s scent.

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