I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

4. The Castle (Foreshadowing Rumor)

“A civil war broke out in the Kingdom of Dirlia.” A lady who elegantly drank tea uttered so. She was Mia Verana—a countess.

Today was a tea party consisting of her and the other lady that sat next to her—Duchess Amilia Svea.

Mia Verana—her character exuded gentleness. Her hair was light brown and her eyes green. Matching said appearance, her personality was very amiable.

By the way, she was a lady whom recently broke off her engagement. As anyone would’ve guessed, the prime cause was Baroness Schmia.

Duchess Amilia Svea, who sat beside her, had a very gorgeous aura. Her hair was red and her eyes deep green—however, she was also rather delicate.

Both of them were Tiarize’s best friends in the noble society.

By the way, Amilia was formerly the Second Prince’s fiancée—in short, her engagement had been dissolved.

This tea ceremony basically consisted of two ladies whom had broken off their engagements, and a lady that was planning to break off her engagement.

However, it was important to note that Amilia’s annulment happened not recently but a long time ago. It had been more than a decade now.

“Yes, so I’ve heard. I think it has something to do with the succession of the throne…?”

Amilia frowned, hiding her face behind a fan. A very delicate girl she was. She was probably hurt by even the mention of war.

“How strange, isn’t it? For a civil war to happen now, even though that kingdom is big, there hasn’t been something like this for hundreds of years…”

“What could be the cause?”

Amilia leant her ears and listened. Mia then proclaimed while hiding her mouth with her fan.

“The Second Prince bares his fangs on the First Prince. As of now, in that kingdom, it seems that those princes are rampaging.”

“The Second Prince…?”

Amilia said, sounding suspicious.

I also thought the same. The Kingdom of Dirlia was considered one of the biggest kingdoms on the continent—albeit not as big as this kingdom. It was important to maintain relations between the great nations. Once, I had even exchanged words with the royal family there.

Perhaps the same was true for Amilia, the Second Prince’s former fiancée.

“The Second Prince of Dirlia seemed to be sincere, albeit a bit sickly. I can’t imagine him as someone who will turn his fangs on his own elder brother…”

Towards my words, Amilia nodded.

“I was but a child when I exchanged words with him, but I agree with what Lady Tiarize said. If anything, he’s but a naïve, introverted person, who often hides himself behind the First Prince.”

Mia also supported Amilia’s and my words.

“I think the rumors are too far off… the rumors depict him as this narrow-minded, clingy, and would always quickly throw tantrums if things don’t go as he expected…”

…Are they seriously trying to depict him as a tyrant?

I didn’t know those kind of people existed in Dirlia Kingdom—people that wanted to defame such a person. I was terrified thinking that such power plays happened on a daily basis around me.

I became dizzy again when I imagined my own future.

In the not so distant future, would I be treated the same too?

“The Second Prince, surely his name is…”

“It’s Kaive Dirlia, Lady Amilia.”—came a voice from behind.

Precisely at that moment, my shoulders trembled. The other two seemed quite shocked as well, their tea cups shook slightly.

“Y, Your Highness…?”

Mia shrieked, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

I also tried to make sure that the figure in front of me was but an illusion—

—however, it turned out to be a real person. The person replied.

“If you’re going to discuss about Dirlia princes, I hope you wouldn’t talk about him, but me instead—Lyon Dirlia. How does that sound, beautiful lady?”

Before I knew it, the figure behind me stepped forward—

—he was the Crown Prince of Dirlia—Lyon Dirlia.

***T/N: OH MY GOD It feels like Tiarize has been brought up her entire life to become Queen without actually knowing what being Queen entails until yesterday–!!!

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