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25. Wallaby


The khaki rock lizard, which had become the only one remaining in no time at all, restlessly looks around. 

“If it runs away, should we chase it?”
“We should avoid chasing it too far. It might retaliate.”

As we were speaking, the last rock lizard chooses not to escape. It springs forward and attacks. How courageous.


I slash the arm, Shigenobu the torso, and Meguru-san slides her blade along its neck.

“Seeing it continue to move without realizing it died… is pitiable.”

Minori-san hits it on the head with her crowbar and it falls. Its head drops with a plop and the last creature dies.

“N-nice! Victory!”
“That struggle before this almost feels like a lie in compared to this easy victory.”
“That’s…right. But to be honest, this seems a bit too strong…?”

Meguru-san answers while looking at the metal turtle sword’s blade.

“It has a lot of attack power. I think we can keep going.”

I wonder, can we go even deeper into this forest?

“I didn’t feel any resistance when cutting. I’m not sure, but it should be fine.”
“I sure made a reliable and amazing weapon.”

If it’s myconids, rock lizards would be preferable. How powerful is it? It’s scary enough to think that if you touch the blade by accident, your finger might just get cut off. Although, I don’t think it’s that extreme of an item.

“That’s right. It’s definitely a much stronger than what Taniizumi and the others are using.”

If the quality is this good, it might be worth converting everyone’s savings for more.

“I understand that it’s dangerous, but it might be more efficient to head deeper despite the danger.”
“Considering that the purpose is to suppress the violence of Taniizumi and the others, should this danger be tolerated?”
“By the way, Shigenobu, how much more until you reach Lv 5?”
“Ah, speaking of that, I just got it. Too much was going on, so I forgot about it.”

Well, it was an easy victory. It’s a weapon that even Meguru-san is surprised by. If we were to compare this to an RPG, would this be like suddenly obtaining a powerful weapon from a casino despite being at a low level? Internet games have restrictions on equipment, but what about the standards of this world? Maybe there are, but they doesn’t seem to be effective.

“So, what’s Shigenobu’s new expansion ability? You’re a blacksmith, so maybe something like armor enchantment?”
“That would be scary. At any rate, it seems to be mining correction.”
“Mining correction?”

Everyone can mine on their own. All you have to do is find good ore in a place like this one and mine it. Still, I am interested in the correction part.

“It’s your long awaited ability. Why not try it out and experiment on the ores here?”

Minori-san’s suggestion is reasonable.

“That’s right, etto…”

Shigenobu’s gaze wanders around, and he adjusts some item entries.

“Ah, some spots are glowing red…”
“I wish I had a pickaxe or something.”

Maybe I should buy one later? I should be able to buy one from a mountaineering shop or something.

“Can you use a crowbar as a substitute?”

Minori-san holds out the crowbar. Well, it seems like it’s doable. It’s iron and has been supplemented with magical power. It might be more usable compared to Japanese items. 

“I’ll try it.”

Shigenobu receives the crowbar and holds it over to the rock fault. With a, “katsu,” the spot Shigenobu strikes cracks and breaks apart. 

“Here, here, and here?”

Each strike rattles the rock with a, “gatsun gatsun,” and those section mysteriously crumble off. The sight is pretty spectacular. 

“Oh? This, this, and this.”

Shigenobu examines the collapsed faults and finds several ore-like stones. 

“Copper ore…bronze ore…a fossilized rooted obsidian? They look to be of good quality. At the very least, they’re higher quality than what Taniizumi and the others bring. “

Shigenobu says while showing me the copper ore. Certainly, the color is better than the copper ore that Taniizumi and his group had forced Shigenobu to use. Is this the difference in quality? 

“You can do this easily.”
“Except, doing this reduces my magical power.”

Ah, it’s an ability that consumes magical power with use? If that’s so, then we can just dig up these ores for the time being, and leave it at that. That said, it’s a pretty versatile ability.

“Mining correction…isn’t it a pretty good ability? “
“Procuring materials has become easier. But, with just the ores we have on hand, isn’t it a bit tough to overcome the current situation…?”
“Although our weapons are fine, there’s a problem with the armor. Can you make improvements there?”

Shigenobu nods in response. Our weapons for now, next is our armor. 

“Yeah. Yukinari, can I get a transfer?”

With that, I send the newly discovered ore back to the workshop. Yeah, not having to carry around any baggage makes moving around pretty easy. This is a good setup.

“Alright, how about we keep going while searching for places we can get good experience.”
“Sounds good.”
“It’s scary how sharp this sword is.”

Meguru-san mutters while looking at the sword. True, if it’s this sharp, accidently hitting an ally in the midst of battle wouldn’t be a joke. It really might be an overpowered weapon unsuited for this point. 

“If it was a game, what point would this sword show up?”
“No, no.”

I don’t want the materials for a good weapon showing up so easily here. Even though the required points came from piles of monsters, I don’t want to accept it. I don’t know why, but I really just don’t want to admit it either. 

“It’s better than what Taniizumi and the others are using. Either way, there’s no doubt that it’s the best weapon we have at the moment.”
“As such, Meguru-san has an important responsibility.”
Ugh… can’t Yukinari-kun use it?”
“The order is by Lv. Also, it’s better for Meguru-san to have it so you can protect yourself.”

It can strike down enemies in one blow and provide protection. Not to mention, it’s light. I think it’s appropriate for someone like Meguru-san to use it.

“Well, I think I’ll be able to make a second one if we keep fighting. So, let’s move on.”

We put the problem on hold for the time at Shigenobu’s words and search for mamono at a quick pace. Is finding a mamono that’s easy to fight even a problem anymore?

As we progress, the area gradually changes into one filled with Japanese cedar trees. Is being able to see between the trees more easily now an advantage? There aren’t many bushes, so it’s harder to hide. We don’t need to hide since we’re moving in a group, so it works out for us. Our formation has Meguru-san and me leading, Shigenobu in the middle, and Minori-san in the rear.

“Even though we should be attentive to gathering, knowing what to collect without Hagisawa around is tough.”
“Well… it’s possible to cut down a tree and make armor from it, but it won’t be as good coming someone with the carpentry ability.”

Shigenobu seems to be troubled. Could he be bad at woodworking?

“I think we can make glue and syrup using tree sap, but thanks to Yukinari-kun, there’s no real need for that.”

If needed, I can just buy it from Japan.

“Hagisawa can use medicinal plants and herbs to make medicine…”
“I’m examining my current combat ability.”

As if we were overheard talking, mamono appear… mamono called the Strawberry Wallaby. Though they are called wallaby, they are as huge as a kangaroo. Also, as though it were some kind of weird joke, they’re wearing boxing gloves. The whole image is completed with all of them in boxing positions.

The three of them hop towards us.


There’s nothing more terrifying than watching your opponent slowly approach, hopping side to side, while shadow boxing with obvious hostility. It’s an amazingly warlike creature. 

“Are they natives or something?”
“We’re in another world, so it’s possible…”

However, they’re jumping with hostility and killing intent, they seriously intend to kill us. One Strawberry Wallaby throws itself at us and Meguru-san turns her blade at it while its in midair. Meanwhile, Shigenobu and I each face the other two.

…Somehow, it’s beckoning and provoking me with its glove. This wallaby is larger than the other two. Meguru-san will defeat her opponent and join me soon. Here, I should draw the largest one to me and stall for time.

Let’s do it!


The Strawberry Wallaby jabs with a hook! If this was boxing, I’d focus my attention on evading. Except, there aren’t any rules here. I crouch to avoid the hook, and at the same time the punch gets pulled back… the other hand is already thrusting forward.


A loud thump echoes out as the Strawberry Wallaby’s fist strikes my chest. It seriously hurts! A, air… but I can’t give up here!


I latch onto the arm that punched me to make sure it can’t escape, and stab at the Strawberry Wallaby’s side using my kitchen knife with all of my strength. I just flicked my hand, but the knife flew out!

“There’s more than just a knife!”

I hit the Wallaby’s face with my fist.


While the Strawberry Wallaby is startled by my unexpected counterattack, I turn my feet towards it and thrust out with a kick.


Like that, it somehow or another stumbles but manage to endure while I give pursuit.


The Strawberry Wallaby begins begging for its life, shaking its eyes like a Chihuahua.

“What’s that? You get a good hook on my chest and think that I’ll let that pass?”

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